Latest AMD Chipset Drivers Released  

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    Wrong link Redneck. That is for the Catalyst suite, but it doesn't contain the chipset drivers. This is the one for the 13.4 chipset driver,

    AMD Chipset Drivers

    and the release notes for the updated AHCI driver,

      Revision History
      -          Fix: Device Sleep bug
      -          Fix: 4K native sector size support
      -          Fix: System hang-up on some BIOS implementations (BUG323874)
      -          Win7 to Win8 update failure fix (BSOD 0x BE)
      -          Fix: READ NATIVE MAX ADDRESS EXT failure - 48 bit ATA pass thru fix (PreviousTaskFile was not propagated upon completion) (Topic 42688: failed to get HDD real size by the commands when AMD AHCI driver used)
      -          TRIM fix (BSOD 0x44)
      -          Win8 SCSI fuzz test BSOD fix
      -          ZPODD hot swap support added; an updated BIOS is needed to have hot swap fully functional; 5 sec delay should be observed between device un-plug and hot-plug
      -          Fix to fit DELL new requirements the ODD is required to have the tray eject started within 1000mS (1 Second) after the eject button has been pressed.  (Meaning that you have 1000 mS plus the normal amount of time to eject the tray accommodated for)) - some drives eject functionality (triggered by an eject button and/or the SW command) might be influenced
      -          OBS285842 fix (IDE boot drive; nothing under AHCI HBA upon boot, connect a SATA device to the AHCI HBA while hibernated, resume - BSOD)
      -          IRP_MN_EJECT support added; the ACPI ODDZ._EJ0 method needs to be implemented – ZPODD will be shown under “Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media” applet then
      -          Roxio driver pings ZPODD w/ the GESN command preventing ZPODD to enter the ZP state; fix: GESN command response emulated when ZPODD is in the ZP state
      -          Port Multiplier support is enabled by default on eSATA ports; AmdSataPMDisabled = 0xFF line has been commented out in the inf files
      -          Fix: Roxio SW prevents ZPODD to enter the ZP mode
      -          Roxio media erase failure – the GESN command response fixed
      -          DVD region tab might be absent, when the “Properties” menu item is clicked in the Device Manager – fix: BUSY status returned upon the command failure w/ the status 2/4/1 causing the storport re-issue a failing command
      -          Potential BSOD upon Pioneer ZPODD wake up (it takes about 1 sec to get ready) – synchronization issue between re-enumeration and command completion fixed
      -          PM related registry overrides added to address enumeration failures on some PMs; defaults values are as hardcoded before.
      -          The sequence of operations (the PREVENT ALLOW MEDIUM REMOVAL (Prevent = 1) command, a pause longer than 1 min, the PREVENT ALLOW MEDIUM REMOVAL (Prevent = 0) command ) prevents a ZPODD to enter the ZP state
      -          The sequence of operations (the PREVENT ALLOW MEDIUM REMOVAL (Prevent = 1) command, Sleep, Resume) prevents a ZPODD to enter the ZP state
      -          Recovery procedure synchronization issue fix
      -          _SDD/_GTF methods evaluation added
      -          BUG256525 - Power DVD disk eject failure fix
      -          Device reset reconsidered: COMRESET is issued unconditionally (w/o waiting on DET=3  ) as a part of recovery procedure upon a device error
      -          ZPODD failure upon resume from S1-S3 fix
      -          1 sec delay introduced upon 2/4/1 SCSI status return
      -          BUG196436 regression fix
      -          OBS252513bug fix: S0 ->S3/S4 transition failure having ongoing ZPODD->HDD coping
      -          Device reset reconsidered: COMRESET is issued only upon an external device hot plug and as a part of recovery procedure
      -          _OSC method implementation according to MS ZPODD Platform Support Guideline
      -          WLK 1.6 : Snap2 : Read Capacity 16 Unit Test - SCSI Compliance Test (LOGO) fix
      -          The WRITE DMA command replaced w/ the FPDMA WRITE command when write cache is disabled to increase performance numbers
      -          Memory usage optimization – memory allocated according the PI register
      -          ZPODD power on incurred 10 sec delay workaround
      -          Code clean up
      -          Potential DMA overrun bug fix
      -          Flush optimization
      -          Boot optimization
      -          Code sync up w/ the MS Win8 drop
      -          TRIM enabled by default
      -          Staged drive enumeration introduced to meet Lenovo velocity requirements – drives to be skipped upon boot can be specified; disabled by default
      -          Zero Power ODD state machine re-implemented to be in compliance w/ the Appendix K of Mt.Fuji spec
      -          ZPODD is powered off after 60 Sec w/o media inside and tray closed (for tray type ZPODDs)
      -          BUG221779 fix
      1.      Niagara system fails to enter S3 while LightScribe media is inserted label side down - HP Super Multi DVD Rewriter. MODEL: GT30L (SO5CS)
      -          amdsata.inf -> amd_sata.inf
      - ->
      -          amdsata.sys -> amd_sata.sys
      -          amdxata.sys -> amd_xata.sys
      -          SSD TRIM support (disabled by default)
      -          Zero Power ODD support (if enabled in BIOS; Windows 7 only); by default the ZPODD is powered off only w/o media inside and tray closed (for tray type ZPODDs)
      -          DAPS support
      -          DIPM Setting Index 3 added to AHCI Link Power Management Settings (in addition to existing Active(0), HIPM(1) and HIPM+DIPM(2) ) and can be chosen to any Power Scheme using the inbox utility powercfg.exe
      -          IOCTL_SCSI_GET_INQUIRY_DATA – failed on 8 SATA port configuration
   – fixed:
      -          BUG196436 fix
      o   BSOD upon de-hibernation when a new device was added while the system was in hibernation and SATA port auto-detect enabled
      -          Hudson-2 support added, namely
      o   8 SATA ports
      o   EM SGPIO support
      -          BUG192267 fix
      -          BUG189991 fix
      o   BD-R Live File System formatting fix
      -          BUG190766 fix, namely
      o   The Port Multiplier support is disabled by default
      -          BUG185580 fix
      o   Secondary FDE disk access when Full Encryption engaged
      -          BUG185207 fix, namely
      o   A storport bug preventing the ACPI filter to be loaded into device stacks work around implemented
      -          Big sector bug fix
      -          FPDMA queue retry bug fix
      -          AN related, HP reported BSOD fix #2
      -          50 sec pause eliminated upon a device error during hibernation 
      -          [IMG]file:///C:\Users\Richard\AppData\Local\Temp\msohtmlclip1\01\clip_image002.png[/IMG]BUG171964 fix, namely
      o   FUA was re-enabled upon de-hibernation
      o   HDD / HBA errors during hibernation triggered a bug in the diskdump driver causing BSOD
     – fixed:
      -          OBS168384 fix: - device initialization commands time out introduced
      -          BUG169080 fix: D-Irp handling fixed in the amdxata
      -          pool leakage fix on WS03SP2
      -          AN related, HP reported BSOD fix
      -          MSI (MessageNumberLimit=1) related BSOD fix
                – fixed:
      -          FUA defaulted to 0
      -          NumberOfPhysicalBreaks fixed to be 33 resulting in single128K transfers on not page aligned data, so less CPU load
      -          Idle Power Management re-implemented to use storport support on Win7
    – fixed:
      -          SB700A12 byte injection issue;
      -          SB800A12 FBS mode SDE related issue;
      -          Port Multiplier connected devices enumeration; 
      -          Asus reported HDD password preservation upon warm reboot issue 
      -          Velocity boot test failure
      -          inf file per OS decoration
    – first release
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    Sorry, I meant to say Radeon Graphics Drivers.
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    Thank you Redneck and Stormy. First post updated. :)
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    Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit 7601 Multiprocessor Free Service Pack 1

    what about hp Model #: p6310f its a amd athelonx2 quadcore
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    Win 7 Ultimate x64

    Only thing is that it has a Nvidia chipset in it, so the AMD drivers won't work.
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    Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit 7601 Multiprocessor Free Service Pack 1

    where can i get the chipset drivers then
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    Win 7 Ultimate x64

    Might as well stick with what is available from HP,

    Software & Driver Downloads HP Pavilion p6310f Desktop PC | HP® Support

    as it looks like Nvidia has dropped support for the chipsets that they used to make.
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    Brink said:
    Latest AMD Chipset Drivers Released

    WHQL version: 13.4
    Release Date: April 24th 2013

    AMD Chipset Drivers Download
    So if i have a Asus AMD 890FX/SB850 CROSSHAIR IV FORMULA, then i should download this new driver and install it?
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    Hello Thomas, and welcome to Seven Forums. :)

    Your motherboard as a AMD 890FX/SB850 chipset, so yes you could download the latest AMD chipset driver for it.

    I would recommend to create a restore point before you install it. This way if you have any bad side effects, you could just quickly do a system restore with the restore point to undo the driver installation.
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    Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 32-bit 7601 Multiprocessor Free Service Pack 1

    Brink, can i submit my drivers into this forum with link?
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