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Windows 7: Need Windows 7 drivers for Aspire TC-780

12 Dec 2018   #31
Vineet Garg

Windows 7 Ultimate x32 With Sp1 + Vista Ultimate x32 with Sp1 & Sp2 !!

The zip file & link is all good. I have checked it with Kaspersky & inspected myself as well. It seems your AV!
Anyway, I will upload the zip to Google Drive & share the link with you. Are you able to extract .rar archive.
Do you have a good archiver ?

( If required, 7-zip x32 archiver is here : )

Are you easy with that ?

Edit : Try this if it works : Go to Wayback Machine yourself, enter the missing Intel link there half way down the page & create/get the link/download yourself.

Go to Wayback Machine : Internet Archive: Wayback Machine

The missing intel link :
Error: Page Not Found

Let me know if it works ?

Thanks & Regards. ...

My System SpecsSystem Spec
12 Dec 2018   #32

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

Never mind, I searched for and downloaded it from softpedia, switched the INFs as instructed and the driver installed without incident.
The only difference between the x64 and modded inf is the following line added:

%IKBLDTGT2%     = ISKLD_W7, PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_5912

Incidentally, the "%IKBLDTGT2%" is what appears in Device Manager instead of "Intel HD Graphics 630" when I use that other, ad-ware ridden installer. That's the only odd thing I'm noticing so far. I have Direct3D and everything is working smoothly.

The hardware ID is the same as before.

Thanks for this modded inf, Vineet. I'm confused how this just one line fixes everything.
Look how those idiots at Intel put the 64-bit exe and INF in the 32-bit driver and how they couldn't resolve this in over a year for this guy.

But if only the INF had to be modded to add that just one line, it's even more pathetic.

Thanks very much, my friend.

I'm not new to the forum but I'm not a regular, is there some kind of nomination I can give you so they can promote you?
My System SpecsSystem Spec
12 Dec 2018   #33
wither 2

Windows 7 Pro SP1 64 bit

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by BlueBonnett View Post
@wither 2,
It wasn't a GeForce 730, it was a 9500GT which I've had for 9 years before it died 2 weeks ago.

Also, in your defense, your question wasn't THAT stupid. I mean, I could've been using an adapter for the HDMI or something. Uncommon but not moronically rare. But yeah, we're all flawed human beings.

@Vineet Garg,
Thanks, friend.
Thanks for being so kind.

I mentioned the GT 730 because that was in the link for the specs posted by Vineet Garg in post 5. That's for Australia. I looked it up at the ACER site for UK and it shows a GTX 745.

No matter, you guys seem to be close to resolving the problem.
My System SpecsSystem Spec

12 Dec 2018   #34
Vineet Garg

Windows 7 Ultimate x32 With Sp1 + Vista Ultimate x32 with Sp1 & Sp2 !!

Hi BlueBonnett,
Glad to know that your problem is resolved.

1. Did you try 'HDMI' & other options ?
2. Do you have an utility installed to configure graphic cards settings now ?
3. Do you mean to say when you used that driver with adware, you got the device listed as ''Intel HD Graphics 630'? It's interesting! Actually that's the ideal. But now i think what is bad with the display name if everything is working well ? whether It's possible to just apply a filter in the middle to just show the device as 'Intel HD Graphics 630' ?
For eg. in the modded driver, we some where replace '%IKBLDTGT2%' with the one & it starts showing nice. If filter is the only thing, i am not interested but it is still good to show nice, isn't it ?
But to say truly, i don't know about it. I still feel that a good driver is better able to read the information from & recognize the chip well.
4. wither 2 has made a good point. I would like to mention & brief it.
5. 'Mark the thread as resolved' if you are satisfied.
6. Rest in 2-3 days if all is working well!

Just to Mention
(a) There is still a lot to explore & experiment with.
(b) Take notice of the 'Wayback Machine'. It's good a source for not working or taken down material/links & downloads. It worked for me in 80% cases.
(c) All the people told that it is still good to go for Win 7 x64 for what you are doing exactly now, even that VM thing. No body knows if some people are working to convert the x32 bit install in x64 without a reinstall.
(d) If the win 7 32 you are using, came preinstalled on a laptop, there are chances that you are having two licenses for Win 7, OEM & Retail, but you are using only one of them. The second one can be used to install & activate a second win 7, may be 64 bit version of the same edition.
(e) There are options to look into the matter for audio drivers as well if everything is not fine with it.
(f) You are using 'Linux 64' in a virtual machine & giving it 4-5 GB Ram to work with. Plan to make a multiboot, that way you give it full 8GB. You don't have to touch the present installation or internal hard disk for that as Linux can be well booted & maintained from/on a fast pen drive as well.

EDIT 1 : It's a thing of my own interest : when you use Speccy Portable how it shows for the Graphic adapter ? Speccy - Portable

EDIT 2 : Good Inputs dear! First try to answer 'EDIT 1'. Then you can try this. That driver except adware(s) seems better & proper Not Sure! I have made the changes & the new file is here :

( Difference : Two lines @ the same place! )

Let us know.

Thanks & Regards. ...

My System SpecsSystem Spec
13 Dec 2018   #35

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

That page shows the same PC with an NVIDIA card but the one I have didn't come with one (other than the onboard GPU).

1. The HDMI cable I have still gives me a banded picture. I tried it on Windows 10 x64 and it has the same problem (in spite of what I thought previously) so I'm thinking the problem is the cable itself, not the driver. No matter, I'll use the VGA port for now.

2. Yes.

3. Yes. I'm not noticing any problems besides that one odd factor, I'll try to just replace that string as you suggested.

a) Yup
b) I know, but I normally just use the wayback machine for web pages rather than downloads as I've had bad luck 80% of the time in the past. Perhaps things have improved today with larger servers and bandwidth so has more available.
c) Yeah, I'll be doing some preparation experiments when I have time. I don't mind doing a clean install, I just don't feel like reinstalling and reconfiguring all my programs. There's 15 years worth of baggage that I don't necessarily want gone. We'll see what happens.
I might appear stubborn but once upon a time my install got corrupted thanks to a windows update/system restore being interrupted by a power blackout and I couldn't boot. Every recovery/repair tool failed. Everybody told me it was unrecoverable and that I'd have to start fresh. They were wrong. I copied crucial files from a parallel clean install to the broken install until it was fixed. I only had outdated, 3-month-old registry hive backups to replace the corrupted ones so that was supposed to cause potential problems but nothing of the sort happened.
I'm convinced I can do a smooth transition to Win7 x64 too.

e) There is actually, the stereo mix (recording) isn't working.

f) No can do. Encoding videos with H.265 takes days and I want to be able to do other stuff while that task is finishing. VM makes it convenient, it's just that before with 4GB RAM I had to shut down almost everything just to have enough to run the Linux VM. This will no longer be an issue.

Speccy says the following:
Intel %IKBLDTGT2% (Acer Incorporated [ALI])

            Name    D2343 on %IKBLDTGT2%
            Current Resolution    1920x1080 pixels
            Work Resolution    1920x1050 pixels
            State    Enabled, Primary
            Monitor Width    1920
            Monitor Height    1080
            Monitor BPP    32 bits per pixel
            Monitor Frequency    60 Hz
            Device    \\.\DISPLAY1\Monitor0
        Intel %IKBLDTGT2%
            Manufacturer    Intel
            Model    %IKBLDTGT2%
            Device ID    8086-5912
            Revision    5
            Subvendor    Acer Incorporated [ALI] (1025)
            Current Performance Level    Level 0
            Current GPU Clock    0 MHz
            Driver version
                Count of performance levels : 1
                    Level 1 - "Perf Level 0"

The driver with adware was running smoothly. It does give you an option to disable all the other things it wants to install (it's not obvious but if you dig around you can figure it out) but that's never a guarantee that it doesn't install any adware at all. All the antiviruses detect only adware, but no spyware or viruses in that driver package. It's not TOO dangerous to install but IMO the fact that it bundles adware at all makes it untrustworthy.

I'll try the new modded inf again to fix the display name.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
14 Dec 2018   #36
Vineet Garg

Windows 7 Ultimate x32 With Sp1 + Vista Ultimate x32 with Sp1 & Sp2 !!

1. Thanks for sharing the valuable information, remarks & experiences.
As per the Speccy, It seems you are not using them @ optimum, Isn't it ?
2.Yes, the line is the all difference in that modded driver. But don't mix 32 & 64 bit drivers. 32 bit drivers can be run on x64 but not the other way. I always thought to mod a 32 bit driver so that it can be used on a x32 OS . Otherwise, the 64 bit driver was always there with the Win 7 Image Updater!
3.Specs : I found 2-3 listings of this same model with different specs. Even one shows with a 'i7-6700' a 6th gen Intel Processor. There were also two variants 'TC-780' & 'TC-780 A'. Updating specs came vital.
4. I offer to help with Audio driver as well. Win 7 Image Updater should have one. May be not a 32 bit driver here as well!
5. I have got & may work on 2-3 more links from 'Intel Support Community' if you are interested at all. It is purely your choice!
( need driver for intel uhd620 )

Anything else ?

Thanks & Regards. ...
My System SpecsSystem Spec
14 Dec 2018   #37

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

Not sure what you mean. You're saying my GPU is not working at its most optimum? I haven't benchmarked it so I don't know yet.

Hardware IDs for my audio hardware:

Also, your new modded inf failed. Setup halted. I guess that line you deleted was necessary for it to function. It also wasn't as easy as just replacing the gibberish with 'Intel HD graphics 630' because those % symbols are commands on what the installer should do. Somewhere in the script it's telling it to transcribe it literally on the display name which seems to be the issue.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
15 Dec 2018   #38
Vineet Garg

Windows 7 Ultimate x32 With Sp1 + Vista Ultimate x32 with Sp1 & Sp2 !!

(a) I suppose you are using the best of settings available with your graphics card & utility thereby using it at its optimum. I was interested in these BOLD lines & don't know exactly what it says :

Name D2343 on %IKBLDTGT2%
Current Resolution 1920x1080 pixels
Work Resolution 1920x1050 pixels
State Enabled, Primary
Monitor Width 1920
Monitor Height 1080

It probably says that the capacity is 1920x1080 but you are using 1920x1050 or the other way !?

(b) I think that you should benchmark it's working & compare on the net what its actual/standard capabilities are. What is actually expected of it ?
The installed configuration utility for graphics is a part of the driver. You should compare what are the best settings available with the utility & what are the things to actually expect from the card.
These things will help us to understand how the driver is working.

(c) Is everything well ? What about 'HDMI' ?

2. Hardware IDs for my audio hardware:

The bold items in the very first line are good enough to find & work with drivers.

3. Your efforts & inputs are helping me understand the things better, many thanks.
I think if converting/filtering is the only matter in between, we should not care about it, but who knows.
There is a last driver to test with : igdlh.txt

After its success/failure, i would be able to share some basic understandings to do the same for/with other graphic cards & devices .
( I hope if any driver(s) come after this, that would be foolproof )

Now, I am shifting my focus to the audio driver & will be back in one or two days.


4. Speccy now shows Graphic adapter as that! How is it shown by the one suggested to you by sir Paul Black : System Info - See Your System Specs

Thanks & Regards. ...

My System SpecsSystem Spec
15 Dec 2018   #39

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

I just wrote a reply and accidentally closed the browser before hitting send. Sigh.

Yes, I have adjusted all the settings. My resolution is 1920x1080, I have no idea why it says 1920x1050. This monitor only supports 1080p.

I benchmarked it and it's 85% of the average score on Passmark. Good enough for me.

I already said the HDMI cable is the problem, I'll have to get another one.

Your new INF did not fix the display name but it didn't crash in the middle of the installation this time.

SystemInfo shows the same gibberish as Speccy.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
17 Dec 2018   #40
Vineet Garg

Windows 7 Ultimate x32 With Sp1 + Vista Ultimate x32 with Sp1 & Sp2 !!

The driver package listed under 'Win 10 x64', includes driver for 'Win 7 x32' as well!
( Audio_Realtek_6.0.1.7954_W10x64 )
1. Download the Audio driver from Official Support Page & extract it to a folder :
Product support
You can use this Direct Download Link :
2. Uninstall your current audio driver from 'Installed programs' & 'Device Manager'.
3. From extracted driver folder, navigate to 'WIN32' folder & launch 'RtlUpd.exe' to install the driver.

Let me know.

Thanks & Regards. ...
My System SpecsSystem Spec

 Need Windows 7 drivers for Aspire TC-780

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