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Windows 7: Drivers laptop Killer Wireless-AC 1550 & USB 3 - Windows 7 64Bit Helps

07 Jan 2019   #21

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 - Windows 10 Pro x64 - Deepen OS - Zorin OS

Hi Vineet Garg,

I deleted 'Intel HECI' and restarted, and windows try to install it but cannot find the driver and everything stop without install it. I tried to install as Administrator the file but I get the same error. So, i tried in another way, because the pc insist that I don't have enough "Administrator Power" (even if I'm already Administrator I did as below:

1. I Used 7zip and WinRAR to extract from the .exe all the .msi files packaging.
2. Forced the installation in some ways as below:
a) Tried to install the .msi packages by right menu and run as Administrator and the PC tell me that I don't have enough privileges to install the package.
I forced this installation in another way as below:
* Add an sub key in: "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Msi.Package\shell" and rename in "runas"
** From "runas" (in Edit String dialog box) write “Install as &administrator” (all without the quotes and the & simbol included).
*** Under the "runas" I added the sub-key “command" and in Edit String dialog box i wrote msiexec /i “%1”.
b) I run the "cmd" as administrator, and run/start the .msi files (in extracted folder) by prompt and get the same error with not enough privilege.
c) The unique way and the one that it works without errors, for each single .msi packaging extensions is:
*to open the cmd by Administrator Privilege and to write this: msiexec /a and MSI file located folder - this function is connected under the a) point HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT key created. But even if doesn’t comes out any error when the green bar of the progress installation is completed, the green bar once arrive in the end of the bar the installation, will disappear. I believe, that there is some other driver installed inside the system, that doesn't permit/allows to keep going with the installation.

Thank you very much for the Antivirus, but don't worry I didn't installed anything, because we are testing the machine, and the Antivirus now or other things are my latest thoughts.

Do you have any idea?

What do you think to extract all the original drivers from the all original installations and create another .iso?

Do you know some software where can extract all the drivers from the original exe files and inject inside the iso or even manually by my self it's ok?

My System SpecsSystem Spec
07 Jan 2019   #22
Vineet Garg

Windows 7 Ultimate x32 With Sp1 + Vista Ultimate x32 with Sp1 & Sp2 !!

Hi Cris,
Good Stuff!
1. Actually when I went through the log file I suspected :
(a) Some problem with other drivers or chipset drivers.
(b) There was a section exactly before installation abortion. It was saying '' looking for win 10 or higher & finding OS lower than win 10.''
So, I thought some thing is integrated into the package to remove win7 support but there was a good support !?
Also I always wanted to know how you used 'win7 image updater' & 'Snappy driver installer'. I mean to say what extent. When you were mentioning about Image Updater, I could not make it 100% but i understood that there was an effort to actually upgrade the win 7 installer to win 8 or win 10 so that it can support those drivers. Did i understand it rightly ? Did you use it to that extent & it is causing problem ? I think the 'driver integration' is just enough, isn't it ?
There was another section under 'Resolving driver source' & it surprisingly says 'Section with the best match: Intel.NTamd64.6.2' for our device 'PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_A360&SUBSYS_121C1462&REV_10'. 'NTamd64.6.2' refers to win 8 64. Though it says that the driver was installed/upgraded.
Surprisingly, It doesn't find our device under win 7 section.
i also felt some admin problem but not sure ( will study further on weekend )
There may be some problem with NET. 4.7.2 as well i.e. some default MS problem (that we would look into a little later)
Normal Chipset driver installation does not change & install the already installed components. So, the right way to install is with '-overall' command switch. So, I was intending something else ( in point 2 & ahead : below )
2. To say again, get rid of 'Intel HECI or Intel Management engine interface' from installed programs & device manager. Then snap 'Device Manager'.
3. Then extract 'Intel Chipset' driver zip with 7zip into a folder. Go to that folder, Press 'Shift' & right click to access 'open command prompt here' from the context menu.
4. Type the command SetupChipset.exe -overall & press Enter.
5. If everything goes well, again snap 'Device Manager'
6. Now try installing 'Intel management engine interface' ( IMEI ) normally.
share the log & snap of Device Manager again.
7. If admin is a problem, try to execute from an elevated command prompt & see what happens. For that :
(a) Add the entry 'open elevated command prompt here' in the context menu.
Open Command Window Here as Administrator
(b) Go to the IMEI driver extracted folder where 'SetupME.exe' is there.
(c) Right click & select " open elevated command prompt here''
(d) Type SetupME.exe & press enter. Just see what happens, again share log files & snaps of Device Manager.

( There are normally two parts of any driver. First the dedicated driver which is very essential for functioning & the second Utility part which is for more control for those who want it! We will try to install both but even if we are able to install the dedicated driver, that's sufficient for a test install thinking that some config problem is there.
Actually, that's the utility part that needs 'vcredist' or 'net4.0' etc.

Yes that is on my mind. No drivers at all from snappy or Win 7 image updater. Even it seems two or three drivers would need mod that we both will do together. I am working parallel on getting all the needed drivers extracted & pointed out. For that i would like to try & point out all the drivers with your help.
Actually there is not a foolproof way to extract any driver but there is a group of practices & utilities which can prove helpful. I would like to share it soon.
There are better & simpler ways to integrate drivers & updates into an iso. It all should be done in one go because touching/modifying ISO again & again is always a problem.
Many other things to share. Probably more than one Weekends )

I am always there.

Let me know.

Thanks & Regards. ...
My System SpecsSystem Spec
07 Jan 2019   #23

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 - Windows 10 Pro x64 - Deepen OS - Zorin OS

Hi Vineet Garg,

Thanks, my friend, I will try these things tomorrow and slowly slowly we will do together, I know that will takes time from my side I already accepted the challenge on this Laptop. And, I believe that this thing will be helpful for so many people out there; because the newest laptop will use this hardware. Anyway, I will go back to you tomorrow.

Keep in touch soon,
My System SpecsSystem Spec

08 Jan 2019   #24

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 - Windows 10 Pro x64 - Deepen OS - Zorin OS

Hi Vineet Garg,

I'm here, so thanks to ask me again about "Win7 image updater" when you cannot understand me please feel free to ask me anything, because anyway the English language is not my mother tongue, and sometimes I could express myself with some other term that for someone else, will not be so much understandable. Anyhow, I try to explain you how I started to studied and arrived to making those testing on these iso Windows 7.

So, on my hand I have an Genuine Windows 7 iso, when I started to install at very beginning this Windows 7 iso, I noticed that I got many problems when I tried to do the install, and then I studied on it why these problems, and I discovered that in Windows 7 on the new machines with the new CPU(this I already knew about)/USB 3.0 and NVMe it's not supported at all.

With my little ignorance under this point, I started to study deeply on this case and get many many information about.

At the beginning I tried to find the easiest way to get an iso with the latest drivers from CPU,USB 3.0/3.1,NVMe and so on, and I found an interesting site (where others already tried the iso and scanned, and the iso is genuine without viruses but this iso doesn't contain my latest NVMe drivers SAMSUNG) I attach for you the link: Noticias - ISO Media Installation for Windows 7 SP1 x64 English/Spanish October 2018 with Coffee Lake, Skylake, NVMe, USB 3.0/3.1, Thunderbolt support and all updates until October 2018 (Slipstreamed) .

At the beginning, with this iso installation, I went ahead with the installation but I could not find any NVMe mounted inside the Win7 Installation and the unique hardware that can see was the 1TB HGST Hard Disk, because it is the unique mounted to the SATA 3 connection. 2 month ago, I didnít find any drivers NVMe compatible with my newest NVMe models 1 970 PRO and the 2 SAMSUNG MZVLB256HAHQ.
So, for this reason the unique way to force the installation was to create a little 25 GB Partition in the 1TB HDD and once I installed all the windows 7, from windows 10 I used Samsung Migration to install on my 970 NVMe. But the unique problem is that I have to create an dual boot from Windows 10 by EasyBCD 2.4 , otherwise from the bios magically the NVMe with the windows 7 installation always disappear like that you de-attach physically the NVMe. Once I arrived inside the Desktop Win7 environment I started to installed the drivers. The installation of the drivers, I started first from the original drivers of Windows 10,and then, where the drivers gave me the errors I tried to search in internet the compatible drivers by following the version from windows 10. After many tests, I understood that wasn't the right road and I Installed the well noted from my side "Snappy driver installer". Snappy driver is not like others "trash" software driver installations, but is a nice software created by a big community that inside of the database of Snappy software you can find the original drivers or the modded and everything is founded automatically by Snappy for your machine (continually upgraded by two community) can be the modded drivers as well, where the software try to get the best match for your hardware. So, when I saw that Snappy drivers installed all the drivers that I need it, I was happy but then I noticed that all USB,WIFI and back lights keyboard doesn't work.

So, after that I tried to find the way but was impossible also this iso from Spanish, the English version get some error that doesn't allow you to change the languages (in any way) probably it's because the iso it's a little bit corrupted, and in the way I gave-up and decided to go back to installed in my 970 PRO the Windows 10 (unfortunately), as principal OS. After a month, even if I forced myself to use windows 10, I decide that the unique NVMe unused inside my machine, I use as experimental NVme and I go back to install Windows 7. And, not happy, I started to take the original Windows 7 iso and injected the same versions of the drivers from the "Spanish site iso", and from Snappy drivers database I cancelled all the Windows versions drivers and kept only all the Windows 7 64 Bit drivers; and then injected all of them by DISM.GUI inside the new iso created by me. As you can understand I injected quietly a lot of drivers inside the iso.

Before install the new iso created by me, I found some modded driver for my NVMe 970PRO and for the 2 SAMSUNG MZVLB256HAHQ compatible, where I can see and management the NVMe as well during the installation of Windows 7. And the problem of one NVMe that disappeared from the bios, it' s still there once I installed Windows 7 (this I never understand why, so I cannot choose to start the OS directly but always by Windows 10 by dual boot (This happen only if you install first windows 10 and after Windows 7, in reverse story it is fine) ).

Now, this it is how I did my iso. For the iso that you suggested me to do from "Windows 7 Image Updater by Atak_Snajpera" in the end I didn't get any problems. What I tried to explain you last time is that Windows 7 Image Updater by Atak_Snajpera, scan the Windows 10 OS and download the best match drivers for your Windows 7 downgrade. But, for unknow reason, even if it seems that the software make some magical iso on the base of your Windows 10, the new iso Windows 7 that I tried to installed inside my machine, in my case doesn't work the installation, because when I try to install seems that to the iso still miss the right USB3.1/ Thunderbolt 3 and the NVMe drivers for my machine, and I must to inject other drivers from my side to go ahead with the installation. And is the one that now we are working on it (the same problems as the previous one installation).

In conclusion I followed all your latest suggestions and doesn't work. The suggestion to write in CMD about SetupChipset.exe -overall, this comes out a message and say that doesn't exist as command. Are you sure about this command?

My System SpecsSystem Spec
08 Jan 2019   #25
Vineet Garg

Windows 7 Ultimate x32 With Sp1 + Vista Ultimate x32 with Sp1 & Sp2 !!

Hi Cris,
1. I am going through your stuff.
2. You have to enter the folder where 'SetupChipset.exe' exists & from the folder you have to launch the CMD & then execute the command.
To do so : Go into the folder, press Shift & right click on the empty area in that folder. Then select 'Open command prompt here' from the context menu. Then in the command prompt you have to execute the command.
( Actually it's not a command but running 'SetupChipset.exe' with the command line switch '-overall' )

So ?
My System SpecsSystem Spec
08 Jan 2019   #26

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 - Windows 10 Pro x64 - Deepen OS - Zorin OS


Yes, I already follow exactly everything that you asked me I even installed the key to turn on the Administration CMD from the right click menu. So, Inside the folder, I making everything perfectly by shift and right click and so on to start the CMD by Administrator (I can even start the exe file), but the problem it is that the command -overall, once I write the exe name and add the command that you suggested me, the PC by a pop-up little window with an "RED X" , tell me that doesn't exist as command....
My System SpecsSystem Spec
08 Jan 2019   #27
Vineet Garg

Windows 7 Ultimate x32 With Sp1 + Vista Ultimate x32 with Sp1 & Sp2 !!


1. Even a small letter or space would matter!

2. I talked about two different options :
(a) 'Open elevated command prompt here' for that you have added the key in context menu & don't need to press shift key. Just right click on empty space.
(b) 'Open command prompt here' ( NORMAL ). To do that press shift & right click on empty space & select 'Open Command prompt here'.
If you want to add key for that also : Open Command Window Here - Add or Remove

3. Place this file in the folder & just double click it :
It will execute the command in normal command prompt.
( It's just nothing, to see inside just right click & select 'Edit' ) ( Don't modify & use! )

My System SpecsSystem Spec
08 Jan 2019   #28

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 - Windows 10 Pro x64 - Deepen OS - Zorin OS

Hi Vineet Garg,

my apologize, I'm silly, of course doesn't work I was insist to open this command inside the SetupME.exe folder, just then I realize that you asked me inside SetupChipset.exe . It's working now .......

So, I went back again to your previous posts, and repeated the steps that you asked me for.
Now, SetupChipset.exe by "-overall" command is working and installed the drivers as I installed few days ago, but this time I noticed that comes out more pop-up drivers to press "ok" during the installation to install, so seems that SetupChipset.exe installed more drivers. In fact now these drivers in Device Manager turn on all the chipset... Congratualtions !!!!! And the elctricity pass to all 5 USB, but still not working, because I think as you said miss the utility... We made a step forward.

I went back to install the SetupME.exe by Administrator and in normal User I get again the same error, I attached for you all the references.....


Attached Thumbnails
Drivers laptop Killer Wireless-AC 1550 & USB 3 - Windows 7 64Bit Helps-ok-chipset.png   Drivers laptop Killer Wireless-AC 1550 & USB 3 - Windows 7 64Bit Helps-new-system-devices.png  
Attached Files
File Type: log new IntelME.log (34.2 KB, 1 views)
File Type: log new IntelME_MSI.log (59.1 KB, 2 views)
My System SpecsSystem Spec
09 Jan 2019   #29
Vineet Garg

Windows 7 Ultimate x32 With Sp1 + Vista Ultimate x32 with Sp1 & Sp2 !!

Hi Cris,

1) Snappy is quite good . I had recommendation for that from a very senior person. It's just that they have not added the drivers for a very new device. That will happen with all those solutions. When they update their database, you should get everything there!

2) I don't know about that one but keep distance from such iso(s).
The latest Official release for EasyBCD is 2.3.

3) Before installing OS on a separate disk, one should always detach all the other disks to have a clean & tidy setup.

4) Chipset driver does not include any utility.
Only Chipset has direct bearing on other components/devices proper installation & so the working. Because it is very essential for OS to recognize the components properly. But after they get recognized well, they will need proper dedicated drivers for proper installation & functioning.

5) We are missing IMEI utility but we have successfully installed the functional driver. That utility is for advance control if one need!

6) I would like to have a snap from Device Manager for unknown/uninstalled devices.

7) Did you use 'WuaCpuFix' ? Was it an installer ? can it be removed completely ? It seems to create problems for IMEI Utility installation. It does not let the Windows Update find that CPU against win 7 & 8. The last line before installation abortion : looking for win 10 or higher & finding lower than win 10.
( Still to look on new log files )

8) 2-2 Snaps for Disk Management from win 7 & win 10 installation.
Disk Management - Post a Screen Capture Image
Disk Management - How to Post a Screenshot of | Tutorials

(a) Standard
(b) From the Disk Management window, Click from the menu bar ''View > Top >Disk List'' & take snap.

9) The two Nirsoft utilities which are good for accessing information & reporting purposes with no effort!
(a) 'DriverView' html report from win 7 & win 10 :
( The Utility : DriverView: Loaded Windows Drivers List )
Direct Download Link :
Launch the Tool from win 7 & win 10 installation, Go to 'View > Html Report -All Items'
(b) 'DevManView' html report from win 7 & win 10 : Same way
( The utility : Alternative to device manager of Windows )
Direct Download Link :

Let me know.

Thanks & Regards. ...
My System SpecsSystem Spec
10 Jan 2019   #30
Vineet Garg

Windows 7 Ultimate x32 With Sp1 + Vista Ultimate x32 with Sp1 & Sp2 !!
Extracting Drivers!

Drivers Extraction :

Driver Extractions : The objective is to get the folder with .inf file

I could not find an always working solution to extract drivers but some utilities & procedures come to my rescue. Sometimes a single utility or procedure does it all but sometimes multiple utilities and/or procedures do it for me.

(In some cases I got the .inf file in some initial steps but that was not the driver. When i double clicked the .inf file & read it to find the Device Hardware ID. It was not there. Then other procedure finally brought out the required .inf file folder & it was a totally different idea & location.)

The Utilities :

7-zip : 7-Zip
Universal Extractor : Universal Extractor - A Tool That Supports Extracting All Types of Archive Files • Raymond.CC
lessmsi : A tool to view and extract the contents of an msi file - lessmsi

The Procedures & Practices :

(a) Many times I had to keep extracting the things with 7zip one after other, & finally i got the .inf driver files. For eg. In some cases, i extracted the original driver with 7zip & after 3-4 extraction , i got a .cab file. When i extracted the .cab file with 7zip, the driver was extracted.

(b) Sometimes i needed to use multiple utilities to finally extract the driver. For eg. I extracted the driver with 7zip & got a .msi. Then i extracted .msi with LessMSI & got my driver.

2. Command Line For Extraction : Get hold to 'Readme' file for the driver. The file tells about extracting the driver without installation. This worked here for Chipset & IRST ( Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver )

The command line to extract Chipset : SetupChipset.exe -extract <PATH>
For eg. to extract it to a folder NEW ( Path 'C:\NEW' ) :
SetupChipset.exe -extract C:\NEW

The command line to extract IRST : SetupRST.exe -a -p <PATH>
For eg. to extract it to a folder NEW ( Path 'C:\NEW' )
SetupRST.exe -a -p C:\NEW

3. Make Out The Extraction Folder

Warning : Always make system restore point before trying this out!

When we execute a driver installer, it is extracted to a folder before installation. So, neither we have to complete the installation nor abort the installation, go to that location, copy the folder to a safe location & then abort the installation. In this way, we can extract the driver on any good OS without actually installing the driver.
In some cases, the installer itself tells/asks about the extraction folder. So, it becomes very easy.
In some cases, the driver is always extracted to a particular folder for eg. some Intel drivers.
In some cases, the readme file tells about the folder.
In some cases, the log file for the driver installation tells about it. As for IMEI.

In many cases, the driver is temporarily extracted to :
It was the case for IMEI driver & Killer Wireless AC 1550 driver (The Killer driver from the Killer site!)
(The Tip was Shared by sir Traveler99 )

4. Sometimes a procedure got me a file & then i extracted it with a utility & the driver was extracted. For eg. I got .msi file from the ''C:\Users\USER\AppData\Local\Temp\'' folder & then extracted it with LessMSI & the driver was extracted.

So. ...

Thanks & Regards. ...

Extras : For them who want to deeply indulge with .msi files :
6 Ways to View and Extract Content from an MSI File • Raymond.CC
My System SpecsSystem Spec

 Drivers laptop Killer Wireless-AC 1550 & USB 3 - Windows 7 64Bit Helps

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