Unknown ghost device in device manager  

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    Unknown ghost device in device manager

    Hi there it been a long while since I've been here,

    Around 3+ weeks ago I start getting annoying warnings that windows wasn't able to detect a "USB device" as it plays the disconnected and reconnected sounds, and as time moved on it kept increasing,

    Looking on the Device manager under Universal controller devices I found an Unknown Device that don't belong to anything, and removing it and its duplicates manually with "set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1" and Show hidden devices option in CMD/Device manager, didn't helped since the system will just scan for it again and readd it in less than 10 mins (and disabling it didn't helped ofc),

    From what I've read on similar cases it could be a driver that causes this issue but I have no clue what the driver or source in general is since I don't think I've done anything major around these weeks,
    Also exporting info with System Information didn't gave any error at the [Problem Devices] (Device PNP don't have any error code),

    And doing a system restore (or doing any system breaking things) is out of question at this point,

    All I need is help pinpointing the source of the issue so I could delete it for good.

    Just to note few things:

    1. I've checked all of my USB devices and pretty sure none of them are causing the issue,

    2. The System Information prints the log in my OS's lang (which is not Eng)

    Any help will be appreciated (that issue driving me nuts ;/)
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    Do you use a virtual CD drive or RAM drive? Any software like that installed?

    DO NOT remove things you know nothing about. If you do know about them, please type your four paragraph in depth explanation, as I would like to know.
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    I have DAEMON Tools installed if that what you mean,
    And it was my first suspect since it also added some unkown IDE controller that appeared on my Printers & Device and changed its ID every restart, so I've removed DT and reinstalled it and it solved the IDE issue, but to my surprised the Unknown Device kept being detected even after DT was removed,

    I even removed DT again to test it, so as long as I didn't missed some of its leftover files Idk if it the cause of the cuurent issue.

    As for the rest, I didn't removed anything aside the unknown device, it have no info and whatsoever (Event Log didn't showed anything specific when the issue happens too) and I made a system restore before point messing with it,
    I was too scared to remove anything else and it's not seems like any damage been done (yet) as it just keep reappearing after some time.

    Let me know if there's any info I can give you,
    The main issue is that System information and dxdiag will print all of the info in a different lang than Eng, and Idk if changing the OS to Eng temporarily will changed it~
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    DT is gonna be your source of the eject sound. I've read this countless times for years. Might be interested in WinCDEmu instead. YMMV.

    As to its driver, look for a SCSI type of driver under storage controllers or optical drives, I think. Pretty sure it'll be a SCSI interface.

    Or give Revouninstaller a shot. There's also Autoruns, but that's more advanced. There's also Device Remover but that's REALLY advanced. Download Device Remover - MajorGeeks
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    I think SCSI got removed alongside daemon tools since I didn't saw the SCSI Bus anymore in the device manger or anywhere else,

    I can try remove DT again but I want to know that I do it right,
    From all of the stuff you recommanded do you have any tool/instructions that will help me 100% remove all of DT leftover stuff so we can determine if it's really the issue?
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    Hi Egozi44,

    open device manager, hit the Unknown device... can we have the pci/ven info from the.. details tab.. scroll down to hardware id
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    torchwood said:
    Hi Egozi44,

    open device manager, hit the Unknown device... can we have the pci/ven info from the.. details tab.. scroll down to hardware id
    Hi torch,
    Unless I've got it wrong (due to the OS being in a different lang thingy),
    All there's there is just

    Here is more info from devmanview

    Unknown ghost device in device manager-dgdfgdf.png

    Full instance ID is USB\VID_0000&PID_0000\5&2fa0c562&0&3 btw

    And the funny thing is that in the Windows' device manger it sees the device as
    "USB\VID_0000&PID_0000\5&2fa0c562&0&4" which belongs to Port_#0004.Hub_#0001 instead of "0000\5&2fa0c562&0&3" and Port_#0003.Hub_#0001

    Also here some links to pepole with simialr issues in case it will give you a lead:



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