I dual boot win10, for personal use, and win7, for gaming. everything was going okay until i decided to install a different usb3 driver. everything was working fine with my old drivers but curiousity got the best of me. now my mouse and keyboard dont work. before i reinstall windows with the correct usb3 drivers slipped into the install, i was wondering if i could skip the hassle and figure out a way to roll back the drivers, i did not have a system restore point, or install new drivers without usb access. windows 7 loads up fine, but can't do anything without usb.

i thought maybe i could replace some files in the system drivers folders because i still have access to my win7 directory when i log into windows 10. tried to search online but could not find an answer which led me to these forums. im porbably an idiot and just need to reinstall but wanted to make sure there isn't an alternative way before i install a fresh copy of windows 7.