sorry for my bad english, I have a strange situation. I use windows 7, I have a system hdd, 2 partions C and D, in C is my windows 7. I put other hdd, attached via sata port on motherboard, system create partition G and H for that hdd, on that hdd, attached one was an old windows system, strange thing is when I start to delete files from attached files, like files from users and program files, was also deleted from my system windows And more wird, in attached hdd windows, in users, is also find my system user And when I delete for example, winrar from that old windows from attached hdd in program files, also my winrar from my original system, was also deleted. So whats happend with this link between them and how to recover that files and how can I delete that old windows and his files without continue to link and delete my system files from C windows, but not to format attached hdd, because I still want to save some files from that hdd and is in more folders, thank you dear :) I want to recover my deleted files from original hdd, what aditional informatio do you need? I cant do screenshot because I dont use system anymore, to evoid overwriting.