Installing video driver for Intel 855 Centrino Chipset  

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    exported drivers
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    hi! here is my exported folder of vista 855GME drivers.

    hope it helps

    some experience with this drivers for few days
    -in dxdiag seems that everything is ok but 3d acceleration not work absoloutely -for ex you cant enable hw acceleration in sketchup this option is disabled and cant be enabled grayed (works on same machine in xp without problem)
    -display rotation works perfectly
    -but most disturbing is that i got a graphics freeze, windows completely freeze and had to be reset im sure that is the problem with graphics drivers but a got just two in two days so its still ok

    conclusion is that is a big step from vga drivers but still not solving everthing
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    I'm afraid that hosting site has some problems...
    could you please upload the file to rapidshare or similar?
    thanks again!

    ps: I tried using the drivers in post 8 and forced the use of usigned drivers as hiukong said but only got BSOD. at least if you check display adapter properties it doesn't say it's going to uninstall the driver when you restart windows, but this driver is unusable.
    hope the drivermax version could be the good one
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    can anyone reupload itsomewhere else thx
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    Windows 7 Beta

    shiroko said:
    RapidShare: Easy Filehosting
    can anyone reupload itsomewhere else thx
    I get a black screen after installing these drivers and bsod after reboot on my dell 700m. I was really hoping for it to work... thanks for posting the drivers. At least now i won't have to wonder.
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    same here....the driver appear to seem the same there was on post 8 and it brings me to bsod....
    there's something I can't understand. some people got the same card working while some can't...
    anyway thanks for posting shiroko!
    ps are we all working on beta 7000?
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    i suggest you do whole procedure with exporting your own drivers from vista

    i have fujitsu-siemens P4 laptop so there can by something a bit changed in drivers its exported after instalation

    btw you can install vista without reinstalling windows 7
    you need around 30-25 gb free space maybe less

    -Control Panel > Administrative tools > Computer Management > Disk Management
    -*than right click on your partiton and choose "Shrink Volume" with this method you can make current partiton smaller
    -create new partiton in freed space atleast 15gb partition
    -mount vista iso or enter vista cd
    -start installation process from your windows7 not after reboot
    -install vista on new partition
    -export driver with drivermax and restart
    -import driver with drivermax in windows 7
    -Control Panel > Administrative tools > Computer Management > Disk Management
    -delete vista partition with "Delete Volume"
    -and at last make your Windows 7 partion to full size with "Extend Volume"

    * you have to disable paging file and system backup during this process
    if you have 25 gigs free but cannot shrink around 15gb it will need defrag your drive

    after this procedure you can enable paging and backup again

    maybe it seems scary but its realy easy

    EDIT: i have 7000 too
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    Windows 7 RC 7100

    I extracted the drivers from Vista on my Dell 700m with DriverMax. I installed them in safe mode and restarted with the driver signing disabled. Still BSOD'ing. Looks like we need a new driver.
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    this must be the third time I am attempting this with various versions of either vista or w7.
    Technically I could use this barely with the integrated standard vga compatible drivers coming with vista and w7.
    However, video acceleration, opengl, etc. are not available and make the whole windows experience much less enjoyable.
    The guides posted here have somewhat helped me so far.
    I am using a Dell latitude d505 with the troublesome 855gm/gme chipset. Now, with the help of this thread I managed
    to get the driver to stick somewhat. In safe mode for example the driver does show up as intel 855gm, however, booting
    w7 normally with or without driver signature enforcement does always cause a crashdump (bsod) referring to ialmnt5.sys.
    No matter what I do I cannot seem to get past this issue.
    Funnily enough I could even get the intel installer itself to execute under compatibility mode but this also just resulted in
    the same issue.
    I also tried disabling the integrity checks via elevated command prompt. Again, no change.
    It is starting to look next to impossible to get this to run properly here, in which case i would have to revert to XP
    Any ideas?
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    I have no idea what I did differently this time, however, my 855gme now shows up every time, along with the standard vga graphics adapter.
    Interestingly, windows only uses the standard vga adapter and stops the 855gme and puts the yellow triangle next to it. There does not seem to be a way that I can convince W7 to use the 855gme now that the driver actually sticks somewhat without bsod-ing everytime I install it.
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    Windows 7 Beta

    Try this:

    1. Go to the standard vga adapter and change the drivers to the built-in intel 945 driver using the "Pick from list" option (Remember to uncheck "Show compatible hardware" to see the list). OK through all error or compatibility prompts and reboot.

    2. Once rebooted you will see a yellow triangle on the new device. Proceed to update the driver using "Have disk" and install the signed 855gm XP drivers. Do not reboot...

    If your set up is similar to mine, you'll notice that you don't have to reboot after changing the drivers. You'll also notice that when you go to display properties, the intel drivers are somehow working and you can set your lcd to native resolution.

    Now to the bad news... after reboot, the standard vga adapter driver takes over again and all is lost This is where i am.. Hopefully somebody can figure out how to take this to the next step. There is no doubt the XP drivers work.. it's just Windows 7 has problems with it during boot-up.
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