Microsoft still doesn't 'Get It'  

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    Would you prefer that MS go the way of Apple. Support maybe 50 hardware vendors and tell the rest to bug off. This will of course make hardware much more expensive, because it is basically a monopoly. If you want that then why not buy a Mac. There is no way that MS can write the drivers for the thousands of hardware manufacturers out there. If I start a new company that makes printers and I come out with 5 new printers for sale is it my responsibility to make sure they work on PC's or Microsoft's. Ever try Linux on a state of the art machine. I did once. What a joke. Wouldn't recognize the modem among other things. This on an OS that brags how internet friendly it is.

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    No but if it has a windows Vista logo it should be supported by windows vista 64 bit or they should change the logo program.
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    Do you speak for every one when talk about people Hating Vista because of driver issues, because I'm sure there are allot of people that don't blame Microsoft. I would say that most people are very happy with Vista and most people have eventually got driver support for there hardware and the only reason some people haven't is because of manufactures being to lazy to do so or they have decided not to support 64bit drivers.

    That must be the fault of the OS, I guess it should just be able to magically create its own driver support for all the hardware out there.

    As for finding a product with a windows logo on it woop-de-do, good for you, was that the only one you could find, why not contact the manufacturer and get a explanation about it and report it to Microsoft, I have had 0 issues myself with drivers and I have been using 64bit since the beginning.

    Also if your that bothered about Finding 64bit drivers for your hardware and you hate Vista so much, why did you buy it and why not 32bit.

    I think the only one who Still Doesn't Get It is YOU!! (cough TROLL)
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    Windows 11 21H2 Current build

    *I* have driver issues with Vista 64bit - specifically, my own M$ Optical Desktop KB with FP Reader - no 64bit driver forthe FP reader.

    Guess what? I still love Vista - it cuts out 90% of the stupidity of the user that was there in XP running rampantly wild because users think that they should have all the access rights of god because they own the machine (and even in cases where they do not).

    You are completely wrong in assuming that it is M$'s need to maintain all drivers for hardware - *nix does not do it, Apple does not do it, Solaris does not do it, in fact, I cannot think of a modern OS that comes with all drivers on its own. Sorry, but that is how it is.
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    Vista and now 7 in 32 and 64 bit.

    "We all have devices that don't work" A broad remark to the many readers of these pages! I don,t. Admiitedly, well into the Vista beta releases, I made the decision to purchase a new machine to replace my "98 capable" computer,which, incidentally, ran Vista 32 bit without problems.
    My "new" (now coming up to three years old) computer, runs Vista without problems. It is a quite advanced laptop, with the usual features (card reader bluetooth.etc) I have installed 7 32 bit on it, which also runs without problems. 64 bit is, at the moment, giving me 64 bit problems and at this stage, as it is linked to an irreplaceable graphics chip, I doubt if it ever will. One day, budget permitting, I will upgrade once again to a "Windows 7 capable" computer.
    I could take the sensible alternative, an alternative which most complainers could heed, and stay with Vista or even go back to that superb, but dated, OS - Windows XP.Thank you for your exact quote from the Wikipedia definition of an OS. However, the portion quoted was similar to Microsoft's deceptive "Windows capable" stickers. You left out the portion further down, which sums up the thought processes of the author of the definition Quote "Linux is best. << if you dont agree then screw you."
    I cannot comment on your remarks concerning the FT8D91. I guess we could all find hardware somewhere which potentially gives trouble. Browsing only showed me a package which displayed, as you say, up to Vista. Unfortunately I could not find any comments on its 64 bit capability.
    It certainly appeared, from the comments, to be Vista capable, which, by my own interpretation, would mean that I would approach it with caution if I was using something a little more sophisticated than 32 bit, which was the mainstream OS at the time of that product.
    Fwiw. Off topic to lighten this thread!. My car was purchased, with a blurb, that it was "capable" of achieving 18 kms /litre. Over a two year period I have not yet managed 15. -lol
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    Windows 11 21H2 Current build

    I upgraded as well - from a P4 2.0(A) GHz machine with 1 GB RAM and dual CRTs to my present machine. It is more than capable but seeing as my KB was new I did not replace it - much to my chagrin. All the other functions / keys work fine, I just have no FP reader capability.

    Yet, I would not trade in 64bit Vista for 32bit Vista ever again.
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    Jeremy said:
    No but if it has a windows Vista logo it should be supported by windows vista 64 bit or they should change the logo program.
    The logo Requirement`s state these things, To have a Logo for Vista their driver must be compatible with 32bit and 64bit Vista/Windows 7 and must be displayed on the Box, If that company violates these rules they can be sued and fined by Microsoft for illegal use of their logo...So go report them (Windows Logo Program Requirements and Policies)

    Jeremy, you just completely disregarded my last reply and Plagiarizing reply`s from wikipedia and other websites is pathetic and just shows how little you know about Operating Systems in general, Give me a reason why I shouldn't lock this thread since your acting like a Troll?

    As I asked in my last reply, Can you find one driver for Windows 98 that works on XP?

    Win98 was a very popular OS at its time and XP was a popular OS, Yet not one driver for Win98 works on XP...(XP turned 10 years old this year, doesnt support HDMI, USB3. SLI or other new technology)

    Same thing...Not one XP driver works on Vista because new technology requires a new driver framework to support that new technology and intern requires a new driver for the new framework supporting that new technology, Linux did the same thing when they switched to the 2.6 kernel and forced everyone to write new drivers(Three years ago) and Apple did the same thing with OSX 10.5 requiring new drivers for everything(Three Years ago)...

    Every newly released operating system needs a new driver because each manufacturer (Linux, Apple, Windows) upgrades their driver framework to support new technology and that means a new driver, The responsibility of driver support is the maker/manufacturer of that technology and this will never change. EVER!

    If you buy a product that has the Windows Vista logo and doesnt work with Vista 32bit or 64bit, you report them so they can be sued and you get your money back...That however is a completly differrent subject from the one you where originally discussing.
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