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    W7 Ultimate x64/W10 Pro x64/W11 Pro Triple Boot - Main PC W7 Remote PC Micro ATX W7 Pro x64/W11 Pro

    The same here here since the Asus support site never came out with any Vista updates for the present board in use. The fresh install will see 5 items for chipset, sata/Raid controllers, Soundmax onboard, and such unless going direct to NVidia.

    For the IE connection that was easy enough by simply replacing the ISP provided pece of work with a good modem without the need for any drivers! I simply click the home network item as any 7 installation completes or evern when booting into ubuntu or Knoppix the connection is instant.
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    Win7 7100 / WinXP SP2

    Does ASUS EVER come out with any updated drivers?
    the Last driver they made for their Onboard Sound was years ago.
    But anyways it should recognize a solid line right away since that's about all it asks for unless you tell it otherwise.
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    W7 Ultimate x64/W10 Pro x64/W11 Pro Triple Boot - Main PC W7 Remote PC Micro ATX W7 Pro x64/W11 Pro

    To answer that question I looked up what they had for the older AM2 model board in use here when first never finding Vista drivers. For a period of time I had to go the NVidia site for chipset, Soundmax for the onboard audio not used but to have onhand, and allow the Windows Update option in the Control Panel to find the rest except for one addon device.
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    Windows 7 Ultimate RC 64-bit RC

    Netgear SC101 NAS Drives missing

    After installing Windows 7 Ultimate RC, I could not see my 2 NAS Drives which use the SAN driver services for my Netgear SC101 NAS Drives. I found the solution on And it now works fine after performing the 11 step solution posted there. The main problem was the key in the registry for HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Zetera\Client

    Also I had to do a custom installation, mainly changing the installation folder because the default long path gave problems.
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    Windows 7 RC 32-bit


    my first post so here goes.

    i've read just this one thread so i ask for your patience if i might be out of place.

    i just setup Win7 RC in both my netbook and my desktop. all is well with the netbook but the desktop has some bugs in it...
    1. dlink airplus g+ dwl-g520+ pci card - no Win7 nor Vista driver
    2. "?" for pci simple communications controller - have no idea what this is
    3. sound is ok from the back panel for the speakers, but none from the front panel for my headset.

    all these were ok or non-existent when i was using winxp. for the wifi card, i've checked with a lot of dlink's sites and no luck. actually, the wifi card was pre-owned (and a bit old i suppose) & it didn't come with the xp drivers so had to find it on my own. luckily, i found them here...
    Download D-Link DWL-G520+ RevA Wireless Driver/Utility 2.04 Windows 2000/XP

    i read here i can do "compatibility mode" with the drivers... am just not sure how to do it... or if i can do it with xp drivers. also, my experience with my dlink wifi card, wifi router and modem is to follow these steps...
    1. install the software/drivers first
    2. shutdown
    3. install the card or connect the router
    4. reboot
    5. continue/finish installing the software once the OS detects the new hardware

    ... so, am i supposed to follow these steps too once i figure out/find the drivers for the wifi card?

    sorry... i don't have the hardware ids since i already took out the card from the mobo. i hope the name and model of the card is sufficient.

    as for the "pci simple communications controller" this is all i have from device manager...

    everything is working fine, except for the sound up front (and wifi, of course). internet i hardwired since my mobo has lan built in, so now my desktop is tied to the router literally.

    for audio, i checked w/ intel's site for an updated driver for audio... what they have is for win 7 beta... so this is for build 7000, right? can i use this? should i just try installing this or no? i ask because i noticed, most especially on my netbook, win7 had almost everything running well after installation... and if there were any drivers left, it followed via Windows Update (i.e., driver for GPU)... so am not sure if i am to install whatever win7 drivers i can get for my mobo, dvd, etc. since i think win7 or microsof have the drivers already, or at least most of it.

    other specs are:
    intel c2d e6750 proc
    intel dp35dp mobo
    2gb pc2-6400 ddr2 memory (1 stick)
    inno3d gf8600gt 1gb ddr2 128-bit pci-e gpu
    2 units seagate 160gb sata hdds
    samsung sh-s203n dvd
    generic psu from the casing (astone enforcer II)

    hope you guys can help. and thank you for your patience in reading this.


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    Windows® 7 Ultimate x64 SP1

    You need to install all the latest drivers from INTEL

    Hey jackhammer & Welcome to the Seven Forums!

    You need to install all the latest drivers & bios for your board from Intel & it will solve a bunch of problems.
    This is the first thing I always do after installing W7!
    The Vista drivers work perfectly on W7 so that's what I use instead of the "Alpha" drivers just released by Intel for Windows 7 because they are more stable than the Alpha drivers.
    (They even tell you to use at your own risk in the readme)

    When installing the chipset drivers make sure to use the
    -overall command line so it overwrites the W7 drivers otherwise it won't.
    To do this create a shortcut of the chipset drivers, then click properties & at the end of the Target line add -overall.

    Example of mine-Screenshot below
    "H:\Intel D975XBX2 Chipset Drivers" -overall

    Also, if you want the front audio panel to work correctly use the latest audio driver if you are using the onboard audio chipset like I am. After I did this my headset worked fine including the mic.
    Hope this also helps you some...
    You can download all the drivers for your board here...
    Download Search Results!
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    Windows 7 RC 32-bit

    wow! that was quick!

    thanks. hmmm... so i take it i should use 32-bit vista drivers for the mobo, right?

    ok... i'll post results once am done installing the drivers.

    thanks again.
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    Windows® 7 Ultimate x64 SP1

    jackhammer said:
    wow! that was quick!

    thanks. hmmm... so i take it i should use 32-bit vista drivers for the mobo, right?

    ok... i'll post results once am done installing the drivers.

    thanks again.
    Since you are running Windows 7 32bit OS, YES!
    Not only did installing the newest drivers using the -overall
    command line solve a bunch of problems for me, it also really
    improved the performance of my system!
    The chipset drivers alone increase my memory throughput by 1000mbs!

    Yea, this is a great forum for Windows 7 info!!!
    Enjoy your stay & learn tons more like I have about this new OS!
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    Windows 7 RC 32-bit

    thanks so much for the very warm welcome.

    yes... i do agree very much about this new OS. i've used vista once with my laptop before my netbook now... and comparing both i must say i like 7 a lot, lot more.

    anyway... i won't be able to update the bios though. i've been updating, at least tried to once i had internet late last year... and it just can't get updated. i've tried both express and the CD method (linux something, i think)... and it just says updating was successful... but when i check it, it's still the old bios. well, that's another problem not of 7 so i'll just leave it at that.

    am downloading the drivers now... and might be doing so for my netbook as well.

    thanks again and i think am gonna like this place, too.
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    thx alot dear.
    actually ,i m running xp now and i already have driver on cd but i think these driver for xp so can driver max find drivers after installing win7?
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