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Windows 7: Acer Aspire 5942g powersmart management problem.

06 May 2010   #1

Windows 7 Ultimate
Acer Aspire 5942g powersmart management problem.

Hello guys....
Great forum here, great job.
Unfortunately, my first post is about a problem i am having.
I have this acer Aspire 5942g.
The power management button on the upper right or the program or both (?) does not seem to work.
I have of course launch manager and power management programs installed.
When i press the button, it does light up green, but i have no indication on the screen like i have when i activate wlan or bluetooth.
When the drivers of the powersmart manager are uninstalled the button does not light up green when i press it, so it seems that the drivers partially work.
Also, nothing changes in my power settings nor the screen brightens down, no sign that it works.
Actions i took so far:
I uninstalled and installed both programs, and i run them as admin.
I installed first the launch manager and then the power management and the opposite.
Nothing changed.
I go to c: program files:acer:acer powersmart manager and try to open the right exe file which i think is ePowerMsg but then i get an error message saying that the element ePowerMsg stopped working.
The window is this:
Is this the right exe?
I tried with ac only, ac and battery, battery only, same results.
What can i do now?
Please some help...

My System SpecsSystem Spec
06 May 2010   #2

Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit / XP Home sp3

Welcome to Seven Forums. If you get a stop error I think it's an error code 10, you might want to zip up the minidump file so those members that are really good at reading them might be able to help. At this point my only other suggestion is to contact Acer support and see if they have any ideas. Fabe
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06 May 2010   #3

Windows 7 Ultimate

Thank you for your answer.
How can i take the minidump file to zip it?
I really dont have the knowledge.
My System SpecsSystem Spec

06 May 2010   #4

Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit / XP Home sp3

Right click on the dump file>select send to> zip (compressed) folder>click on the paper clip icon above>browse your computer for where you put the zipped folder and select it> then upload> then atttach it.Acer Aspire 5942g powersmart management problem.-paperclip.png

My System SpecsSystem Spec
06 May 2010   #5

Windows 7 Ultimate

I am sorry but i can not see the option dump file.
Should i have any special program to have this option?
I dont know how to create one file like this.

Also, something new.
I found something that may help members that have the knowledge.
I go to c: ProgramData: OEM: Power Management: Log
There i found a notepad file which had these written:

04122010_141310 | DefaultPowerOption | info | CheckTrayReg() - BEGIN
04122010_141310 | DefaultPowerOption | info | CheckTrayReg() - END
04122010_141310 | DefaultPowerOption | info | Battery button supported
04122010_141312 | DefaultPowerOption | error | PowerWriteACValueIndex(NULL,&GUID_MIN_POWER_SAVINGS,&GUID_SEARCH_INDEX_SUBGROUP,&GUID_SEARCH_INDEXER _SETTING, DEFAULT_MIN_AC_SEARCH_INDEXER_SETTING),The operation completed successfully.

04122010_141312 | DefaultPowerOption | error | PowerWriteDCValueIndex(NULL,&GUID_MIN_POWER_SAVINGS,&GUID_SEARCH_INDEX_SUBGROUP,&GUID_SEARCH_INDEXER _SETTING, DEFAULT_MIN_DC_SEARCH_INDEXER_SETTING),The operation completed successfully.

04122010_141312 | DefaultPowerOption | error | PowerWriteACValueIndex(NULL,&GUID_TYPICAL_POWER_SAVINGS,&GUID_SEARCH_INDEX_SUBGROUP,&GUID_SEARCH_IND EXER_SETTING, DEFAULT_TYPICAL_AC_SEARCH_INDEXER_SETTING),The operation completed successfully.

04122010_141312 | DefaultPowerOption | error | PowerWriteDCValueIndex(NULL,&GUID_TYPICAL_POWER_SAVINGS,&GUID_SEARCH_INDEX_SUBGROUP,&GUID_SEARCH_IND EXER_SETTING, DEFAULT_TYPICAL_DC_SEARCH_INDEXER_SETTING),The operation completed successfully.

04122010_141312 | DefaultPowerOption | error | PowerWriteACValueIndex(NULL,&GUID_MAX_POWER_SAVINGS,&GUID_SEARCH_INDEX_SUBGROUP,&GUID_SEARCH_INDEXER _SETTING, DEFAULT_MAX_AC_SEARCH_INDEXER_SETTING),The operation completed successfully.

04122010_141312 | DefaultPowerOption | error | PowerWriteDCValueIndex(NULL,&GUID_MAX_POWER_SAVINGS,&GUID_SEARCH_INDEX_SUBGROUP,&GUID_SEARCH_INDEXER _SETTING, DEFAULT_MAX_DC_SEARCH_INDEXER_SETTING),The operation completed successfully.

04122010_141312 | DefaultPowerOption | info | Intel VGA
05052010_131559 | DefaultPowerOption | info | CheckTrayReg() - BEGIN
05052010_131559 | DefaultPowerOption | info | CheckTrayReg() - END
05052010_131559 | DefaultPowerOption | info | Battery button supported
05052010_131600 | DefaultPowerOption | error | PowerWriteACValueIndex(NULL,&GUID_MIN_POWER_SAVINGS,&GUID_SEARCH_INDEX_SUBGROUP,&GUID_SEARCH_INDEXER _SETTING, DEFAULT_MIN_AC_SEARCH_INDEXER_SETTING),05052010_132854 | DefaultPowerOption | info | CheckTrayReg() - BEGIN
05052010_132854 | DefaultPowerOption | info | CheckTrayReg() - END
05052010_132854 | DefaultPowerOption | info | Battery button supported
05052010_132855 | DefaultPowerOption | error | PowerWriteACValueIndex(NULL,&GUID_MIN_POWER_SAVINGS,&GUID_SEARCH_INDEX_SUBGROUP,&GUID_SEARCH_INDEXER _SETTING, DEFAULT_MIN_AC_SEARCH_INDEXER_SETTING),05052010_164137 | DefaultPowerOption | info | CheckTrayReg() - BEGIN
05052010_164137 | DefaultPowerOption | info | CheckTrayReg() - END
05052010_164137 | DefaultPowerOption | info | Battery button supported
05052010_164138 | DefaultPowerOption | error | PowerWriteACValueIndex(NULL,&GUID_MIN_POWER_SAVINGS,&GUID_SEARCH_INDEX_SUBGROUP,&GUID_SEARCH_INDEXER _SETTING, DEFAULT_MIN_AC_SEARCH_INDEXER_SETTING),05052010_175926 | DefaultPowerOption | info | CheckTrayReg() - BEGIN
05052010_175926 | DefaultPowerOption | info | CheckTrayReg() - END
05052010_175926 | DefaultPowerOption | info | Battery button supported
05052010_175927 | DefaultPowerOption | error | PowerWriteACValueIndex(NULL,&GUID_MIN_POWER_SAVINGS,&GUID_SEARCH_INDEX_SUBGROUP,&GUID_SEARCH_INDEXER _SETTING, DEFAULT_MIN_AC_SEARCH_INDEXER_SETTING),05052010_183625 | DefaultPowerOption | info | CheckTrayReg() - BEGIN
05052010_183625 | DefaultPowerOption | info | CheckTrayReg() - END
05052010_183625 | DefaultPowerOption | info | Battery button supported
05052010_183626 | DefaultPowerOption | error | PowerWriteACValueIndex(NULL,&GUID_MIN_POWER_SAVINGS,&GUID_SEARCH_INDEX_SUBGROUP,&GUID_SEARCH_INDEXER _SETTING, DEFAULT_MIN_AC_SEARCH_INDEXER_SETTING),05052010_185323 | DefaultPowerOption | info | CheckTrayReg() - BEGIN
05052010_185323 | DefaultPowerOption | info | CheckTrayReg() - END
05052010_185323 | DefaultPowerOption | info | Battery button supported
05052010_185324 | DefaultPowerOption | error | PowerWriteACValueIndex(NULL,&GUID_MIN_POWER_SAVINGS,&GUID_SEARCH_INDEX_SUBGROUP,&GUID_SEARCH_INDEXER _SETTING, DEFAULT_MIN_AC_SEARCH_INDEXER_SETTING),05052010_192045 | DefaultPowerOption | info | Battery button NOT supported
05052010_192046 | DefaultPowerOption | error | PowerWriteACValueIndex(NULL,&GUID_MIN_POWER_SAVINGS,&GUID_SEARCH_INDEX_SUBGROUP,&GUID_SEARCH_INDEXER _SETTING, DEFAULT_MIN_AC_SEARCH_INDEXER_SETTING),05052010_192926 | DefaultPowerOption | info | CheckTrayReg() - BEGIN
05052010_192926 | DefaultPowerOption | info | CheckTrayReg() - END
05052010_192926 | DefaultPowerOption | info | Battery button supported
05052010_192927 | DefaultPowerOption | error | PowerWriteACValueIndex(NULL,&GUID_MIN_POWER_SAVINGS,&GUID_SEARCH_INDEX_SUBGROUP,&GUID_SEARCH_INDEXER _SETTING, DEFAULT_MIN_AC_SEARCH_INDEXER_SETTING),05052010_203551 | DefaultPowerOption | info | CheckTrayReg() - BEGIN
05052010_203552 | DefaultPowerOption | info | CheckTrayReg() - END
05052010_203552 | DefaultPowerOption | info | Battery button supported
05052010_203553 | DefaultPowerOption | error | PowerWriteACValueIndex(NULL,&GUID_MIN_POWER_SAVINGS,&GUID_SEARCH_INDEX_SUBGROUP,&GUID_SEARCH_INDEXER _SETTING, DEFAULT_MIN_AC_SEARCH_INDEXER_SETTING),05052010_225224 | DefaultPowerOption | info | CheckTrayReg() - BEGIN
05052010_225224 | DefaultPowerOption | info | CheckTrayReg() - END
05052010_225224 | DefaultPowerOption | info | Battery button supported
05052010_225225 | DefaultPowerOption | error | PowerWriteACValueIndex(NULL,&GUID_MIN_POWER_SAVINGS,&GUID_SEARCH_INDEX_SUBGROUP,&GUID_SEARCH_INDEXER _SETTING, DEFAULT_MIN_AC_SEARCH_INDEXER_SETTING),05062010_004748 | DefaultPowerOption | info | CheckTrayReg() - BEGIN
05062010_004748 | DefaultPowerOption | info | CheckTrayReg() - END
05062010_004748 | DefaultPowerOption | info | Battery button supported
05062010_004749 | DefaultPowerOption | error | PowerWriteACValueIndex(NULL,&GUID_MIN_POWER_SAVINGS,&GUID_SEARCH_INDEX_SUBGROUP,&GUID_SEARCH_INDEXER _SETTING, DEFAULT_MIN_AC_SEARCH_INDEXER_SETTING),05062010_163716 | DefaultPowerOption | info | CheckTrayReg() - BEGIN
05062010_163716 | DefaultPowerOption | info | CheckTrayReg() - END
05062010_163716 | DefaultPowerOption | info | Battery button supported

And here is a print screen because it is not very well written in the post.

If someone knows what to do....
My System SpecsSystem Spec
06 May 2010   #6

Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit / XP Home sp3

Let me see if I can find you some help. Fabe
My System SpecsSystem Spec
06 May 2010   #7

Windows 7 Ultimate

I really appreciate it.
I am fighting to see how dump files work to give you the info.
I dont know nothing about these files.
I downladed microsoft debugger and i think i created a file.
I will see.

edit: I got it i think
But i am having difficulties to create the dump file.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
06 May 2010   #8

Windows 7 ultimate 64 bit / XP Home sp3

You should be able to type in the search box C:\ Windows\Minidump and if a dump file was created it should show up their. Fabe
My System SpecsSystem Spec
06 May 2010   #9

Windows 7 Professional x64

Here are instructions for uploading the dmp file:

Go ahead and just upload the zip folder to this thread.

I'm not sure how much we need it though. It is obvious the problem is with the Acer ePower Management program. If you have uninstalled and reinstalled the program from Acer (Direct link here), I wonder if it is a hardware problem.

Tell us more about the problem. When did this arise? Could a system restore possibly help? I see the machine must be pretty new; if it's still under warranty, you may consider sending the machine into be repaired or replaced.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
06 May 2010   #10

Windows 7 Ultimate

I did it but i get an error:

Symbols can not be loaded because symbol path is not initialized. *
* *
* The Symbol Path can be set by: *
* using the _NT_SYMBOL_PATH environment variable. *
* using the -y <symbol_path> argument when starting the debugger. *
* using .sympath and .sympath+ *
Unable to load image \SystemRoot\system32\ntoskrnl.exe, Win32 error 0n2
*** WARNING: Unable to verify timestamp for ntoskrnl.exe
*** ERROR: Module load completed but symbols could not be loaded for ntoskrnl.exe
Windows 7 Kernel Version 7600 MP (8 procs) Free x64
Product: WinNt, suite: TerminalServer SingleUserTS
Built by: 7600.16539.amd64fre.win7_gdr.100226-1909
Machine Name:
Kernel base = 0xfffff800`0305e000 PsLoadedModuleList = 0xfffff800`0329be50
Debug session time: Tue May 4 19:04:43.429 2010 (UTC + 3:00)
System Uptime: 0 days 0:10:34.615

If i just upload the file here, can you open it?
My System SpecsSystem Spec

 Acer Aspire 5942g powersmart management problem.

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