ShellFolderFix - Manage folder window positions/size

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    win7 pro 32+64

    Draper said:
    Did you increase the memory from the default of 500 folders?
    I set mine at the max 10,000, and I never have that happen.

    Thank you draper, iI will test, observe and report.
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    Windows 7 Professional

    Can someone help me out with a correct description....

    I'm starting to work with a new program that I think I'll like once they've had a chance to tweak it a bit (DejaOffice PC CRM - desktop companion to their phone App.) But the program does not allow SFF to remember the position I've closed it in. One of only a handful of programs I use that does not seem to work.

    So the question is, can someone give me a more technically correct description of what may be going on where SFF cannot remember the window placement. I'd really like to see if they'll take the suggestion and get it working "correctly" (IMHO) in the future.

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    Windows 7 - 64, Windows XP

    A ling time ago the author of the SFF wrote that it remembers size and position of the folder (explorer) windows only. Some people reported it working for application windows, but it's not possible, unless your program's name is "Explorer.exe". Some programs remember their window positions internally, and I suspect that may be the case for you. I.e. SFF not remembering the application windows positions is the correct behavior. On the other hand, I haven't used SFF for several years now, and all my Windows (Windowses?) remember their opened folders, while others say they still have to use SFF for that. I suppose with Windows anything can happen.
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    Windows 7 Professional

    I always thought the issue was if the program used a "standard" MS Windows protocol then it would be remembered. Which is why some non MS programs remember their location while others do not. It may just be that they just actually use Explorer to create their program windows.

    And I've not heard of anyone with Windows 7 or later where there program windows will reopen in the position where they were last closed. Or on the correct screen in a multi-monitor setup. So is there something specific that you've done?

    I have heard of lots of tricks to get the Internet Explorer window to be remembered, but that's not much help with all the Windows windows or the various programs.
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    Windows 7 - 64, Windows XP

    As far as I know there is no such thing as "standard MS Windows protocol" for remembering the window position and size. Using Explorer to create own program window doesn't make much sense too. Explorer is just a program, like any other. It's like a program used MS Paint to create it's window. I don't think that's even possible. A program may use Explorer to run another program (or another copy of itself), but that wouldn't make its window remembered either. Some programs remember their window position and size simply because their authors implemented such feature. That's all there is to it. I am a programmer myself, and I've done it many times. A long time ago I also played with catching other programs' windows and forcing them to resize (I had a program that didn't allow to resize its window, but I wanted it to resize, so I wrote a little tool for that). The right windows are found by the window title or by executable name. I think SFF does the latter, and catches all windows that belong to the explorer.exe program. It wouldn't work, by definition, on any other program, unless it's named explorer.exe. And if SFF also checks the file path, that wouldn't work too. I have genuinely no idea what is going on with my Windows folders. I use some helper programs, like Classic Shell and 7+tt, so maybe one of them does that as a side-feature. Next time I do a reinstall I will have to check at which point of system setup the folders start being remembered. P.S. This post system is horrible. How do you split the paragraph here?
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    Windows 7 Home Premium x64

    does this support automatic workspace load on start?
    so we can portabily start same windows on multiple computers in the same postion only by opening the app?
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    Windows 8 64 bit

    since the latest windows OS update, Ive found that SFF now longer remembers folder updates in a long time so Im guessing the latest windows changes have brokjen something....anyone else seeing the same
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    Windows 10 Pro x64 ver 1803

    jouster said:
    since the latest windows OS update, Ive found that SFF now longer remembers folder updates in a long time so Im guessing the latest windows changes have brokjen something....anyone else seeing the same
    Can you be a little more specific? What exact Windows 10 version and OS build?

    ie. ver 1803 build 17134.984

    That is my current version/build and I have no issues other than the occasional failure of ShellFolderFix... quitting and restarting SFF usually fixes it.

    You can find the Windows 10 version/build info in settings/system/about.
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    Windows 7 Professional 64 bit SP1

    I hope you don't mind a newbie question (if a grateful user of many years can be a newbie).

    I keep five folders of program icons permanently open on my desktop, and Shellfolderfix restores them on restart. Occasionally Windows 10 closes them, and they reopen in different sizes and positions. Sometimes running Shellfolderfix repairs that; sometimes it just brings up the options dialog box and nothing changes.

    Is there a way I can save a copy of the database so that if this happens I can manually reinstall that copy and restore the folders' sizes and positions?

    Where is the database stored?

    Thanks for the program and any help you may give.
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    W7 Pro x64

    I'm experiencing a similar problem with regularly lost folder configurations, on wake up after hybernation.
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