Know of any good modern day fighter pilot games ?

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    Windows 7 baby ! : D

    Know of any good modern day fighter pilot games ?

    I just watched TopGun last night lol a classic indeed, and that movie inspired me to get back into Flight simulation. However I don't know of any MODERN fighter pilot games ?

    I don't mean HAWX or HAWX 2, from what I gather those games are too arcady and not realistic. I'm looking for something modern and realistic.

    Do you know of any good fighter pilot simulation games ?



    I love MS Flight Simulator but that's obviously not a fighter game.
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    I'm a pretty hardcore gamer, and sadly all the decent ones I know are WWI or WWII based. I know of a couple of more modern helicopter combat sims, but I have not seen anything in the way of modern jet fighters that were any good in quite some time.
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    There was a great one, Jane's ATF, back in the Win95 days, but I haven't seen a decent one since.
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    I can relate; enjoyed Silent Hunter III & IV (modded sub sims) but ubisoft launched a turd with SH V.
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    Ubisoft is so proud of their new DRM that punishes legitimate users for piracy committed by others. I am currently boycotting all their releases, no matter how good they seem.

    However, on the bright side I was able to find this
    Lock On: Modern Air Combat for PC - GameSpot
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    Flying and I don't get along even though I enjoy the hell out of it... I really suck at it and every time I play and FPS game that has flying on it (Crysis, etc), I have a hard time in those levels or maps.

    I did play F16 Falcon back in the day and I quit doing so ever since... it appears that, the same thing that is happening with the FPS games is happening with fighter flying games... they have been dumb down for the masses or made into arcade type games.

    I can only imagine if Ubisoft was making a Jet Fighter Game... they would have you looking for Diamonds in the clouds to be able to buy more ammo or better turbines for your planes
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    The Crysis section flying is generally considered to be the worst part of the game, and wasn't easy for anyone I know of. It would seem they intentionally made the (forget what they call the craft in game) difficult to pilot, and slow to maneuver. Battle field 2 has jets and helos you could always give it a shot, of course they aren't the primary interface for the game, and you'll often find yourself standing around waiting if you want a chance to fly.
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    yes, it's a sadly neglected genre.

    it's been a long time since i've had fun with my joystick.
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    mickey megabyte said:
    it's been a long time since i've had fun with my joystick.
    No comment

    Can't answer the question unfortunately, but I used to love playing Eurofighter 2000 on Win 98 (I think) fantastic game.
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    Windows 7 baby ! : D
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    well I'm just playing Flight Simulator X I'm online now would anyone care to fly with me ?
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