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Windows 7: Games won't run on Win7 x64 ANY of them

28 Feb 2011   #21


I think the main part of the point I was trying to make- his cpu is 2gig most games are 2.4 or above- turbo says 2.6 but again best I understand it is a kick in feature- w7 some way or his lap top someway might only see his standard 2gig cpu and may not be enough for the game to start- seems like common sense to me- I can be wrong. Maybe w7 some way needs some fix that shows its self in games or system specs as in this case 2.6 and the game what ever would be happy- I am just trying to think out of the box maybe

Seems like most every one is having same probs with lap tops and no real help and not from us not trying to help them. I have no use for a lap top like I have no need to a phone or cell phone- I would not game on a phone either. I am not trying to start anti lap top wars- they are not gaming machine and they seem aggravating if you ask me. I can not ever see owning one my self- maybe if I go back to school maybe- but would be for only that- I have my main rig for gaming.

I would also think out of the box he should be able to plug that thing in or put the battery in and it works- should have all drivers installed and ready to go out of the box- sure some drivers might have updates but like any other it might not be necessary to update drivers just because they are out said new- new drivers does not mean better or needed. It is also fact some drivers make hardware run more hot than others.

I hope these folks fix um, get it worked out..

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28 Feb 2011   #22

Windows 10 Pro

I don't know. I'm thinking he can get by with the CPU. Is the system ready to play Crysis on high... no, but I'm thinking he can get way with the games he's trying now with that CPU. I just think he needs to get the drivers for his video card sorted and all will be well.

My two cents.
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28 Feb 2011   #23


Being disabled I can go to school pretty much for free- I guess these days I would need a lap top. Again I would use it just for school stuff or surfing checking email type stuff- I would not try and work it to death trying to play games on it.

I might even get a free lap top if I go back to school- I do not know. The more I read of lap top probs- the less I care to ever own one for sure. Being I will not game on my lap top it should be ok I guess.

Sorry a lil off topic. Either way- I am learning a lil about lap tops tho I do not have one.

Things I will think about in the future for sure.
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28 Feb 2011   #24

Windows 7 Home Premium x64 SP1

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by ezeht View Post

Have you tried maybe a valave game like hl2- it has low system specs- you can try it just to see if it works- Maybe you can lower game quality settings in them games- Google- maybe you can start the games in dx9 just to see if they work. I am not sure if you can right click the game exe' or not and get them to start in dx9 maybe- but you can google or some here might know.

Maybe you can tweak the game' from its main file before trying to run it. Check for some tweak guides for the games- might be the best for fastest way to find to the right files and line to change with note pad what ever. Lower shadows to medium lower other settings to medium if need be. It might not start at all if your cpu is not powerful enough?

It could be as simple as your cpu is not enough for the games- maybe turbo does not kick in or count until after the game has started- maybe it is seeing just 2gig and does not even try- I dont know. I would also guess drivers- chip set- or sound maybe.
Thanks for the reply, I don't think that the problem is the CPU not being enough to run my games, I know that the processor just runs at 2.0 Ghz (I think they call the automatic 2.6Ghz kick in a "turbo boost" so the don't have to cover it with the warranty after some years or so) yet it seems to always run at that frequency (the notebook came with an application that gives you the supposed frequency of the CPU). Still, we should keep in mind that it is a quad core, I'm not sure what the equivalence is in a dual core or single core, but I'm positive that it's not the same to have a 2.0Ghz quad core than having a 2.0Ghz single or dual core ... right?

For an instance, Resident Evil 5 runs fine (only for some minutes though) with solid 50 to 60 fps, with all the texture settings maxed, resolution at the display's native 1366x768 and motion blur, yet I deactivate anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering since they steal FPS from me without really giving me a substantial visual improvement (that's my own personal opinion about AA). So yeah, I'd still like to believe that the driver is faulty, not the notebook specs or cooling whatsoever ... ^^ but who knows I still can't solve the issue ...

And btw, I'm a student too that's why I want a notebook, I study engineering so I need a working GPU not only for gaming but for design software (SolidWorks) and CPU for matlab but that's about it, still, I'm sure it's not about this notebook underperforming, I also have a Dell Inspiron from 2006 (Intel Centrino @ 1.73Ghz, 1Gb RAM, ATI Radeon x300 128Mb) now THAT is an underperforming notebook, I know I know it's offtopic, but that's why I want such an upgrade... that actually works

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by kemical View Post
Lastly, if this machine is only two weeks old I would ask if it has a warranty? If so, why not return it and let them sort it out... After all you've paid good money for what should be a working machine.
You know what? you're right!, I've been hesitating about giving my notebook back since I won't find any other with these specs and still within my budget, but this is the same as if I bought one with no gaming capabilities at all, I'm calling acer this week and passing my problem to them, I'll have to save some more to afford something else though, in case that they couldn't solve the ... issue.

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by sygnus21 View Post
I don't know. I'm thinking he can get by with the CPU. Is the system ready to play Crysis on high... no, but I'm thinking he can get way with the games he's trying now with that CPU. I just think he needs to get the drivers for his video card sorted and all will be well.
My two cents.
And it seems like it's gonna be the acer staff who will sort it out, but yeah thanks for your advice and everything, I appreciate it :)

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28 Feb 2011   #25

Windows 10 Pro

Looking at your system specs again, there's nothing wrong with your processor. It also appears that that notebook was built to run games. You just need to get the video card driver issue sorted and you should be fine.

Good luck.
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28 Feb 2011   #26

Windows 7 x64 (Ultimate)

According to the Acer Page, here are the drivers for your HD

If this link does not work, I got it from here...

Check the Attachments as well.

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28 Feb 2011   #27


Ya I do not mean to sound negative- I am trying to learn a lil too. I hope you get it all worked out.

Most games use only 2 cpu's tops and about 4 gigs of memory- As far as games go it does not see or use or care about the extra you have in reserve- so again I am not sure a dual core of 2 gigs each is enough from some games..

I do not know but amd had a hot fix it tricks windows into thinking say take your 2gig each quad- it makes windows think you have just 1 large 8 gig single core. I do not think amd can really do multi threading- or in windows anyway- and seems intel has a ton of its own problems..

I think intel needs some hot fix type deally. They seem- my own mobo seems to have troubles with some games- I have to go into program files and manually tweak the game to work with my multi core cpu- It can be aggravating- The crap is supposed to work as advertised- it does not..

I wish ya the best.. See ya..
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28 Feb 2011   #28

Windows 10 Pro

Gaming is largely dependent on GPU power as opposed to CPU power. No matter how powerful your CPU is, if the video card can't handle the graphics the game(s) struggle(s).

That being said, there’s nothing wrong with his Intel CPU. In fact the processor he has (Sandy Bridge) is plenty powerful. I might add that his laptop is quite impressive as well given the system specs listed. If I were going for a gaming laptop this would be one to look at.

Acer Aspire 5950G and Acer 8950G multi featured notebook: Price and Review
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28 Feb 2011   #29


Hmm I wonder if the sandy bridge set up is the prob- they are being recalled- normal system atx mobos anyway- best I know it is no replacements yet- Intel got over and sold defective junk and seems they are trying to put the extra costs over on the mobo making companies-

Maybe lap tops do not have the same probs- maybe they do- and they are still selling defective junk and let you pull out your hair until replacements- I do not know.

I do know I would never buy anything p67 I think it is or sandy bridge- if I did buy it before I knew of the probs- I would insist on a full refund and buy another lap top or mobo and cpu that is not sandy bridge period- and even if said the new fixed stuff is the best the gods ever made- I would not buy it and maybe never buy anything else intel again- It is not right how they do or done these things- they should suffer- maybe even go under for such things.

Just me tho..
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28 Feb 2011   #30


I think the sandy bridge stuff came out like 2 or 3 weeks after I built my new rig and my buds near same exact rig- I was reading specs on the sandy bridge and was like dang- Maybe I made a mistake- had I known or waited I might have done better with a sandy bridge set up and fore same prices it seems.

Then I noticed all the bug complaints and then how intel got over and how they are going about things- I was glad I bought the p55 set ups- I would be having fits had I bought sandy bridge- I would turn it off and not use it at all until I got a full refund or said new fixed stuff I would hate it and never really trust it If I was stuck with it- I would be highly pissed.. I might not ever buy anything intel again.

Only the computer industry can get away with such things and do it everyday buggy games all of it. And because of paid high reviews and fan boys they stay in business and continue to sell us half working junk. If it was jeans sneakers or a car or anything else it would be courts and maybe they would go under. Not so for anything computer related- They can pretty much state anything and sell defective half working junk and get away with it.. Its not right IMO.

* Again- I do not know if different for laptops- but you can see here at msi forums- and is the same at asus or any others, the sticky thread talking about p67 recalls and nothing but thread after thread after thread of complaints since the first day the p67's came out- it is sickening..

It is not beyond Mirosoft intel or msi asus acer who ever to sell defective stuff- hook ya- then fix it as they go- They get paid- you have head akes maybe depression and always uncertainty- it is not right..

Naturally msi or the forum moderators are trying to down play the problems- When it seems from all the bug reports the problems are greater than say msi or intel would have you think- use it until we replace it what ever- ya right..>
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 Games won't run on Win7 x64 ANY of them

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