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Windows 7: So I was looking for a new FPS Game to play

28 Feb 2011   #11


Cool maybe rage will be great- I hope so..

" No changes will be made to the operations of id Software and the development of its games, according ZeniMax. And all the key figures, such as John Carmack and Todd Hollenshead, will remain in place."

We will see..

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01 Mar 2011   #12
Lava King

Windows 7 Home Premium x64

Looks like the new games just aren't "all that."

Also, not many of them play in a co-op mode. My friends and I have played Borderlands (and all the dlc) multiple times.

To keep us going until the next great game comes along, we continue to play Borderlands but with self-imposed rules such as:

1. No elemental weapons (except grenades and "special skill")
2. No ammo regen
3. No vehicle use unless required for the mission (well, and all through General Knoxx)
4. Occasionally, we'll use pistols and shotguns only

Anyone have any additional suggestions for rules?

My System SpecsSystem Spec
01 Mar 2011   #13


Hm, Guess I have some rules- most of the fun or hunting good stuff is gone or of no use in your game.

My only real rule's as host is-

1- do not try and raid my boxes. I do not pick up much at all from boxes or after I have lev up- I do like to look tho.

2- Or try and spawn us out of a map unless we are all ready-

Oh ya- 3 and 4 are rules I like most.

3- in my game I kick ban folks from gearbox borderlands forums if using same screen name in the forums- I would perm ban them if I can.

4- I will kick purists if they have probs with mods or duping- see ya. I will not give them the chance to try and run off with my gear to destroy it. It is threads on the net folks talking about doing just that and many are from gb borderlands forum. I hate fan boys and many at gb forums are butts and attack folks if complaining etc like on all product site forums or most- and it is the fan boys which are a minority try and get the devs to make patches to suit them- try and get all mods ban or fix the armory glitch what ever- get sick of them folks I wish I could perm ban them and never have to be bothered by them again- it is many other folks I can play with.. I posted at gb forums and told them I started a kick um for the hell of it list and have all their forum names and all said purists- And encourage others to kick them and keep asking gb to give us a perm ban option. Fight fire with fire- I do not talk to any of them do not talk to treat them any kind of way or cuss them- I can ask folks like me to do like I ask they have the options not too is on them- most of the borderlands world is in my camp. Or out side of gb forums anyway. GB fan boys do not run me or my game..

5- Being host I have first options but will gladly drop dupe anything for others if they want or need a copy of something I like have or will use.

6- I like to know of rules before duels start- are we using mod stuff or not- are we going to use our special powers or not- a hunter with his bird can have an advantage if using special powers or what ever you call it.

Most I play with or my self we do not use mod stuff often or for normal play- we will use mod stuff to farm craw as fast as we can as many times as we can upto say 7x or the game might crash if much after that. Or if others in duels are using mod stuff or some are trying to fast lev up a character for storage etc- if they have mod stuff they do not have to lay back- Some times it can be fun for us to pit our mod stuff against each others in duels etc- or use a mod rose shield to just melee everything trying to build up melee skills- I never much melee so it does not matter to me if it levs up or not.

Some mod stuff or weapons fx can crash my game- But I do not complain about it..

7- I do not like playing with folks that try and die on purpose so others have to die trying to help them- if they do it over 2 or 3x- just running in heads up- I will not try and help them anymore and let them die get pissed maybe and just leave. I will kick them- some come back and do it over and over we can not perm ban them from coming back.

8- mods are welcome- unless rule #6 no mods in duels etc. I do not normally use cheats or in other games and hate mp cheaters- it is in the open in borderlands and folks share mods- so I am cool with it in borderlands. Its not like other fps games and folks lie and cheat the heck out of us..

9- duping is welcome.

10- trading is welcome.

11- I have no probs playing with purists as long as they are cool- we can even trade stuff I always have stuff not mod or duped and being my craw is sweet. If folks are cool they are fine with me- or they can go play someplace else..

12- I will kick anyone I care too- I am sad I can not perm ban them so not to be bothered by them again or if they change players what ever..

I play borderlands and farm my craw hours and hours and days at a time or check waste piles or farm chests for the best stuff I can find to use. I can careless about junk just to sell- I find stuff to use- I use it or I have no reason to play or free roam after all quests have been done. Hunting gear and to use the best is borderlands- different rules to change stuff is ok too I guess- to each his own.

* Ha ha I was going to ask if you would like to hook up and play sometimes but your rules is a lil bit much for me.. No elementals and only use pistols- might be great for hunters- maybe that is the point mostly- I do not know.

I hope you have fun and wish ya the best- I will have my fun. I started a new hunter last night but only played maybe 2 hours- I hate the fact I have to play 3 play throughs- I have already played 3 characters 3x- But trying to get more back pack slots- All my 3 have only 45 slots I read you can have more or if lucky- But I never played the dlc's until pt3 or 2.5 what ever they care to call it- this time I plan the play the dlc's before I beat the destroyer and move to the next pt- maybe get more slots and farm the knoxx armory and or my craw a few times at lower levels. I almost want to use mod stuff just to get it over with faster- But I will take my time and play it normal- I do love the game...>
My System SpecsSystem Spec

01 Mar 2011   #14


My 4 players in order I started them hunter soldier siren hunter- I do not like bricks or even playing with them- but can if need be- I will never be a brick tho. I like my soldier most but my first hunter has a great craw and better than my few friends craws too- so I started another hunter and hope his craw is bad ass too- I like the hunter and siren ok it is a toss between the two- might even lean to the siren a bit more. If either my soldier or siren had a better craw I would have loved to go either- Prefer my soldier tho. Almost started another soldier- I am thinking gear storage and craw.

My first hunter is my only that has played the clap traps and is lev 69- wait my soldier is 69 but has not done 1 clap trap quest yet- I leved him up farming my craw. My siren is lev 61- but my siren is my only player that has played prove your self and then the first 75 matches at moxxi- All my players still have some side missions left open- some more than others.

I really do not much like joining other folks games and might get stuck with quests showing on my hud I can never complete, say that person ends the game and never plays again or I forget the name of the server etc- you are stuck with that crap I hate it..

I will not take any1 I do not know or trust to farm my knoxx armory- some fool on purpose make it so I can not farm it any more- Some folks in this game really suck- I do wish I could perm ban folks from my game- does not have to ban them from the game altogether but we should have the options to stop people we do not like from joining our games if public- any other mp game have the options to perm ban folks. Folks can play by them selves or with a few like friends and leave others alone.

Most I know do not care for duels etc they mostly suck and the arenas too- might be more fun with more arenas or a few more game modes like mp tmd or dm and a few more players- we normally only duel because someone keeps on and on at us- it is not much fun and is over fast- I can not get folks to play the arenas I have been in only 2 of them I think and think it is like 6 or so or more total-- Took me a while to figure out how to play the arenas- Been so long now I would have to try and remember again.

3 play throughs same maps and missions tho- Man I am about over that- I wish the last patch added some more reocurring missions and all meet and greets reset and can play over and over if you exit the area or restart the game again would have been great- but no. Cant really play 3 games with friends either starting new- clap trap slots only the person who saves the claps get the slots- or rewards etc. the others get nothing- what fun is that- I am trying to get all the slots I can and so are my friends so it is best to play solo until done with pt3 for the most part- Man it will take awhile I will survive- Again I do love the game..

I like the cars and the turbo boost- but do not have to have cars with or near me all the time. some areas can be covered well on foot and if lots to kill or loot or give me a ride if I have long distances to go- I will use a car at frystone or luckys area- or some of the other areas that have cars or real use because the areas are so large- I can live or get along with out them- but I like them. If all I have to do or look at is grass for a while- id rather be driving.. I can not play and be bored so.. I not trying to be bored while playing..

Hm. guess I do have some rules- Ha ha..

See ya..
My System SpecsSystem Spec
01 Mar 2011   #15

Windows 7 x64 (Ultimate)

I have never done Co-Op so I can't say much about it, it would be cool to do that with some of the games I play but, for the most part... I don't play well with others and possibly why I hate squad-type games. Now, being said that, I loved Ghost Recon (Originals by RSE) and Rainbox Six (also originals and not that bland fiasco knowned as Vegas 1 & 2).

Games I have played recently or would love to play again:

Duke Nukem... days and days of fun but I had forgotten about it until the other day that was announced a new one was coming.

Max Payne was a cool game, you're a loner for the most part, linear and predictable but hours of fun with the "bullet thing"... can't remember what it was called.

Ghost Recon Series... lost my games a few years ago and now, I can't find them anywhere. I am going to look for used if anything but I would love to get them back and try'm even if the graphics are a bit outdated.

Half-Life and all of the Expansions... even though I am not much of a SciFi guy and I hate horror movies, I couldn't stop playing these games. I can tell you one thing, the first time I saw that Crab-Like thing jumping at me... I almost fainted and have a heart attack at the same time.

Turok... another SciFi I played just because at some point, I had nothing else to play. Oh and because it was given to me. Not bad for a SciFi game though IIRC.

Medal of Honor & Call of Duty WWII games... who hasn't played these games.

Bioshock... nice graphics and all but couldn't pass the 30 to 40% mark before I trade it for something else.

Operation Flashpoint & ArmA... Don't have time to go back to Harvard or MIT to learn how to use 97 different keys on the keyboard + 6 different mouse buttons to play these games. I like tactical

FEAR and installments... excellent game, linear but also many hours of fun trying the "Slowmo" function to get rid of the baddies in different ways

Far Cry... I have played this game over and over and over and over again.

Far Cry 2... Don't insult me by even discussing this game, let us not waste any time.

Enemy Territory:Quake Wars... Played the game a couple of time I think, liked it and just might go through it again soon. I also had a hard time flying or navigating the vehicles but that is true with all the different games and flying... I suck at it.

Area 51... what can I tell you, I get bored easily and often. Not a bad game but a bit off the wall for my taste.

Latest wolfenstein game... WOW, just WOW, couldn't finish it. Love the old ones though.

Lost Planet... a bit to weird for my taste and WAY to many bosses to deal with (Hate Bosses with a passion) just to make it seem like the game is tactical or tough. Went trough it once, did not go back... not really interested in the Second, although, I'm thinking about it since there is nothing else to play at the moment.

Call of Duty:Black Ops... one play through was enough for this one.

MW1 & 2... played them both multiple times, still do.

Medal of Honor (2010)... could have been so much better but hey, it was enjoyable.

Timeshift... hated most of the weapons but, enjoyed the time shift options, and this is why I played through it a few times.
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01 Mar 2011   #16
Lava King

Windows 7 Home Premium x64

@ezeht - I play Borderlands either on my own or with my group of friends, I don't go looking for anyone elses games to join. My group likes the co-op first person shooters like Borderlands and Serious Sam, but we'll play free for alls such as Halo and Far Cry. Occasionally we'll play Links 2003 (golf) or a driving game like Viper.

I'm not a die-hard purist, but the game is more fun (most of the time) if it's not too easy. In Borderlands, an accurate sniper rifle with x4 elemental just makes it too easy to kill most opponents, hence our rule banning them. However, it is fun sometimes to find a good vantage point and pick off your enemies with just one shot. BANG!...enemy erupts into screaming ball of "heh, heh."

I was incorrect when I said we'd played all the dlcs, we don't play "Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot." We also don't bother with the Crawmerax in "Secret Armory."

@astalavista - I agree that the soldier is the best all around character to play, but the siren has its appeal at times. Especially once you get to the point on your skill tree where she "flames on" after killing an enemy. Skags get a mouthful of fire when they attack, flaming zombies....heh heh.

Hmm...wasn't that special effect in Max Payne called "bullet time?"

My System SpecsSystem Spec
01 Mar 2011   #17


King its cool

Me self elementals add a lil excitement maybe. I did say we rarely use mod stuff too.

As a fact and before the last patch I would hold or find a few less powerful weapons on maps that was not as powerful as my normal gear to give the bots some of a chance- even if the bots are with in 2 levs over you you can still beat them easy. It is really no wrong or right way to play- folks can make his rules all is cool.

I talk about the purists etc- like in my post- many go around and try to ruin other folks games or run off with his gear if mod and if can get you to let them look at it hold it. That stuff is not right.

If games are too easy they are lil fun for me too. It is some bots in the clap traps was a lil more hard to kill. After playing the game as much as I have- sometimes we get to where we might be a lil bored with the game- a lot of times we only farm craw trying to find better gear is all that is left really. Say I see some gun at gb forum better than anything I have found yet- makes me want to go and try and find one like it or better.

Most all of these games get pretty boring after into free play ending- I wish gb had done a few things with reoccurring quests or meet and greets so it is more to do after all others quests are done. Might be nice if they could add maybe 4 more players and a normal mp mode or 2 like tdm or dm- it is already there at the arenas.

We are or trying to have some fun or a break from the world what ever- it is all good..
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01 Mar 2011   #18



I wish valve would come with a all new hl3- I am past a epi3 and portal is not my kind of game. I have and played some of your other games some I never had. Some I will get someday maybe.

looks like hl stuff or fc are the ones on your list you played most maybe- Both fine games I liked fc2 also- maybe I liked fc a lil better than 2- Get me another vid card I will play fc2 again well maybe fc again also- will play most all my games again when I get a better vid card.

I can say I have that in common with most of my friends we build a new rig and get a new awesome vid card we play all our old games again- or for me is all I can do being disabled it is not often I can just buy stuff- if I had the cash after I get a bed and off the floor and a vid card it is a lot of games I would buy. Many I already know are short or buged- buying them cheap does not hurt so much.

I just like to game and is all I have to do really- I am not sad often because I do not have better or more- I do have some games I love and can play over and over until I get more or something else I like so much. I/ we will survive.

If I had an extra os maybe a sataII hdd I might try and set up a ut04 server- All of you would be welcome to play- It is not a hard game- is lots of fun some may not like the game thats cool too- some do not like it cause it has some weapons not normal say in cod or has alien bots or even female bots make some not like the game. But it is older not so hard to run as far as systems go- older systems can run it fine. It has so much content and or variety- be nice if say 10 or 12 of us and are honest could play and have some fun- might even tighten up our lil gaming community here a lil. Ha ha [7 clan]- I dont know maybe it is already a clan here- I have not read on it yet?

* Oh wait I do have a oem xp sp3 os I never used- forgot for a sec. I still need a sataII drive tho and I have never set up a real game server- I guess I could read on it and learn how to set it up- I would even let a game friend that knows more remote admin it if need be to set it up right- they do not have to have those right after it is all set up- guess if I trust them they can be an admin if they like, help me keep the server running nice or tell/teach me how to do it- be nice if had a few admins to help keep game play honest too I guess- I surely have enough net speed etc for a nice server and my fatality an9 32x 2.4 gig 2mb cache 4 gig memory and bfg 7800gtoc is plenty for a ut04 server a nice server. If I had the hdd and enough folks that would play and are honest I would love to serve and have some fun with other folks..

I avoid people in general- to make a few gaming friends and from a distance might be nice tho..
Say a pool of maybe 30 like game friends all have same game and will play when they get the chance- we might always have maybe 6 folks playing together and some 3 on 3 or team up all against the bots etc- Being able to play just bots in ut04 and all the same maps as in mp was great for me, or bots would be in the mp game and would rotate out as real people join- I always loved ut04 cheaters ran me off- I would play now if I had folks To play with and I feel they was not cheaters. Few games in fps genre can match ut04 and its massive content thousands of maps and multi game mods or skins weapons etc. I am open to such things- so you folks know..

If any here ever care to set up a ut04 dedicated server- I will gladly join ya in game- I might not like it so much if open to the public and any cheater can just play- it would mostly ruin it for me..

Hope you folks have fun..
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 So I was looking for a new FPS Game to play

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