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Windows 7: The THREE S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games

03 Mar 2011   #11

Home 7 64 on Alienware and Asus. W8 on Lenovo.

I don't think the trainer mods have anything to do with the crashes in Stalker. They are a separate application(.exe) that you must run before the game exe. While in the game you use your keypad to activate the cheats. Invinciblity, Armour, all ammo, no weight limit, unlimited run, no radioactive damage, no brain damage and endless money. They're just good to get through a game quickly to learn it and get good at it without having to die every 15 minutes, then when you're good enough you just play without it as the game should be played.

I patched to 1.0004 only, I've heard that 1.0005 has more issues and is mainly a mp patch. I'd love to try the full 2009 mod but I'm happy with it just the way it is. I haven't had a chance to get a hold of a sniper rifle yet though.

No, I did a fresh install and erased my saved games. Everything is playing good now, no crashes again yet. You can update to a new trainer version, but your trainer must be the same version as the patch you're using. So if you're using the 1.0004 patch you have to use the 1.0004 trainer. Yes, not hitting keyboard buttons or moving the mouse when you freeze is a good idea, I just make it a habit to quick save every 10-15 minutes in case it does crash beyond desktop.

I'll have to read up on creating a stand alone server as I have two other working pc's.

I loved B2, yes that's the one. The only downfall was the limited weapons, you could only exchange one pack for another and couldn't customized what you carried. B2 Special Forces was an expansion, it had some good maps but not many stock mods. I've played Quake and Painkiller and other like them, OK games. I just gotta have the best graphics and realistic weapons or I won't have much fun. Are any of the Wolfenstein games any good?

My System SpecsSystem Spec
04 Mar 2011   #12


Ha ha I play on master skill and can go half the game sometimes and not die 1x. When I first started playing it I played at like stalker skill but even then did not die often. The place I might die most is in dv where you have to fight to bots in the building on the stairs etc. Where you have to open the cell in the basement and free the duty guy. Or sometimes fighting at night at the garbage can be a bite- I up my gamma a lil- I am good to go.. Stalker gives me the best competition versus playing real people in mp. Bots will fight ya flank ya etc and they can see you tho You can not see them- can drop nades right on your freaken head too.. I love the stalker games.

Controllers can give me a fit if I do not move fast enough. Or npp getting inside the building maybe. But again I do not die often. I die 1x and figure out in general where bots might come from its over I stomp it.. I can play a whole game now vanilla and maybe die 3x all game. Its the truth. It is not easy but is the truth.. And I drag bodies dump stuff near spawn points go back and forth and back and forth to the bar what ever selling stuff take 5x longer to play than need be and die maybe 3x all game.. A lot of the times then I die is when bots spawn on top of ya- saying no bots there 1 sec you are walking by what ever bamb bots spawn in and beng so many and maybe surround me I can not get to cover fast enough etc.. Stalker is a head shot game period- It is pretty much a waste of bullets if not aiming for the head face etc..

Stalker is not a heads up game like normal fps games, you have to fight stalker and most only head shots and use cover and or run. And do not take on soldiers until you have some half way gear like a assault rifle and least a few hundred rounds of ammo and always move side to side while fighting. and have maybe 5 health packs and few bandages- or some extra food it will heal ya too.

If attacked by lots of mutants or dogs etc. Try and climb up on something. Do not be in a hurry- Stalker is not meant to be a easy game. Oh ya. I can get killed some times by say more than 1 sucker at a time and if they surprise me. Ha ha I can like jump out of my skin almost. But most of the time you can just before you notice them here them breathing and gives ya a split second to ready your self. Most all bots in stalker if lots of them and fighting them if you just back up have lots of room to back up all the bots fall in line behind each other all most and come straight at ya well mutants and dogs rather- human bots will try to take cover and or flank ya.. You have to think playing stalker it is not a heads up game. You can not be in a rush or yes you will die..

You might not be able to buy sniper guns until after save krug area or military area but you can get a vintorez at the military base your first trip there. Also 05 is not a mp patch 06 is. 05 patch has no more game probs than 04 just some things was changed in 05 patch like most all other patches changed some thing or fix 1 thing but break others. next patch change stuff back its stupid. GSC is a poor game maker period. But I love the game have played it some 48x half with mods half vanilla- Will play it again soon.. Well started pt 48x and deleted the game. I do not like complete mod it ruined the scopes and the seva suit. But I have played the multi endings many times and has been maybe 10x games I have played near the end or something and stopped playing it- some bug or some mod changed something and I did not like it and deleted it and started over- something..

I never use cheats in games ever- Or I see no point in playing- If they are no challenge I can not see the point. I could play cards instead. I will use mods but if they god me all up I do not like them- I just use them- most help fix the game and make it look better and add the cut out mutants or I do not like them. Ha ha back when I first started playing I think 1 game I was playing 03 patch and faiakes mod 2.2 at npp where you go up the steps and is a door You go right or left for the endings etc. It was like 30 mutants mostly suckers.. If I remember right I was playing at stalker or next high skill- I can not remember- maybe it was stalker skill..

*Well here ya go- this was 1 of my very first videos- Quality is not so good I used a d top recorder camstudio2 not the best thing for recording games but is good enough- and this is only like half the bots- you go through that door is the other half ha ha.. I tried to thin them out a lil or weaken them- I had already beat the game and came back just to make some videos from save game- I could have beat them this time too- I had tons of ammo and health pacs- I could have kept a finger on the health pack key until I beat them all- Is how I did it the first time. But I like how it ended and posted the video- Some folks was like- why did you fight it like that- Well it is better than being hit from all sides if in the open it was like 30 of them. This way I could keep them in front of me and in a tight space. It is kind of creepy too..>

Borderlands is maybe the only game I could say I use cheats using mod gear but even that is not often.. Normally just use mods to farm my craw as fast as possible and up to 7x restart the game drive back and do it again all day and night long- Or some folks use mods in duels or to fast lev up. It is easy enough to beat the bots in borderlands with out mod stuff- I even use less powerful gear to fight them to give them a chance and me some fun- Or I can not much bother..
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30 Sep 2011   #13

Windows 7 Professional x64 SP 1
Major S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Issues

Hi folks!

I've been having some major issues with S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky, and it's very much doing my nut in. I installed and ran Shadow of Chernobyl just fine and got through the whole game without a problem. Then, I installed Clear Sky and played it as far as Limansk, then it started to CTD. I tried messing around with the game files, using the solution found here

Crash fix solution - S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky - GameSpot Forums

and screwed up the game so badly that I had to un-install and reinstall it. Then, when I tried playing it again I couldn't get beyond the Cordon without CTD.

Can anyone, using simple language and speaking loudly and slowly, explain to me how to make the above solution work?
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 The THREE S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games

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