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Windows 7: The THREE S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games

28 Feb 2011   #1

Home 7 64 on Alienware and Asus. W8 on Lenovo.
The THREE S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games

Shadow of Chernobyl

Clear Sky

Call of Pripyat

I believe Call Of Pripyat comes pre-patched and works in Windows 7 64 flawlessly. My questions are more about Chernobyl and Clear Sky. Do they work in Windows 7 64 without issues and what is the best patch version of each one for Windows 7?

I do want to use the trainers for each game at first, do they cause any issues? I had Chernobyl running last week at 1.0004 with the same version trainer and it worked great until after the "garbage" shootout where I then proceed past the back gate of the warehouse and began a shootout there. The shootout lasted quite awhile but after I killed everyone and proceeded forward the game crashed. I didn't try it again because I got too much stuff to deal with already with Windows so I uninstalled it but I want to install all three this week and just want to get feedback and advice on the best way to proceed.

My System SpecsSystem Spec
28 Feb 2011   #2



Stalker games are of my very favorite games- buggy as heck but great games. With right patches they are not so bad- you play them so you know.

All 3 games run fine for me in w7 64bit. Sorry I do not know anything about the trainers but I have played most all the stalker soc mods and 3 or 4 for cs- I have played no mods with cop.

In my opinion for soc 1.0004 is the best and fixed all bugs like kruglov etc- tho the missions at the military could not always work right- but normally spawn back into the area again or from last save then go back stuff would work right- different missions in stalker games can just hang or bots run off doing stuff or a mutant is around what ever- as said you play them so you know such things. But I think I have more mod options with 04 and each patch seems to change something in game play- Like a few times patches change what the traders sell or when etc- I think in 04 the main trader would at some time sell the mk2 sniper rifles but did not sell any sniper rifles in 05, and pissed me off- I think I read later some of the other duty traders at the bar sold sniper rifles- Many patches fix somethings but break others.

But some mods want a later patch- I prefer 04 and mods for it my self- if not playing mp 06 is not needed. 04 or 05 are to pick from if no mp. If not from russian world mp will suck anyway- I guess it sucks no matter what- some play it anyway.- the maps look nice and all but playing them is another story and is no servers on this side I know of so lag like hell etc.

Clear Sky Of the 3 games runs best for me- it is odd because I had read it was as hard on a system as crysis- or when it came out- maybe the 10 patches helped that but- I have started and not competed any of the 6 games yet- I have tried 4 mods complete monstrosity spartan and some others- You might not ever get the 1 flash drive in cordon- it eats at me because I feel I did not complete and or get it. Or if you save the game at the npp and die and start over etc- Streloks health bar will disappear and you can not kill him or complete the game- If those 2 things could be fixed after 11 patches or a mod- I would be happy. I would install patch 10 for cs. Again cs runs and looks the best for me- well cop looks nice but->

Cop yes has no patch in 2 years since it came out and out of the box runs the best and all missions work- but it has bad slow downs near a crawl sometimes and I think is from all the dead bodies laying around- It was like probs in soc and I think cs too- they could tweak the files so the bodies would be gone say after 1 game day and free up resources etc.

Some mods start off crazy hard or they change the scopes to some junk you can barely use or see targets out of or they change things like the blue night vision on my seva suits- In cop the exo is the best suit has good night vis and you can run in them- sevas have no night vis in cop. So some mods I stop playing for different reasons and or could not get the 1 flash drive in cordon- or get later into the game and suck scopes ruin it- I never got to the cs end game but 1x and could not kill strelok. I might try a van patch 10 cs game- let the flash drive pass and maybe just try and play npp with no saves or not die- I can do it- will suck might have to try a few times but I can do it once I know gen location of the bots etc.

I am almost ready to install soc again and patch 04 maybe play basix mk I think it is or priboi story with fix 3- fix 3 finally made patrinko immortal so the added mutants can not kill him and so you can get his side quests or trade with him etc. But more thinking I will just play patch 04 vanilla and can max out the settings in soc it is dx9- I can run it at more high settings in w7 than I could in xp with same video card- but stalker games love memory and is 1 of the few that can use over 4 gigs if I remember right- 4.9 gigs or so If I remember. Folks with 4 gigs in xp had less probs than using 2 gigs etc- Memory was near or more important than cpu or vid card or seems in stalker games..>
My System SpecsSystem Spec
28 Feb 2011   #3


I have liked to install cop and cs again- But they do not play so well for me in w7 in dx10- hard on my old vid card and trying to have performance to record with too. But I have my saved games and did install to test and see they work etc. I get some place in cs and just give up- Cop I am in free play ending but left open many side missions I have not really gone back to it- my old vid cards holds me back so I deleted them all to play other games my vid card can better handle- But I am thinking hard installing soc and 04 patch- I started pt 48x a few weeks ago got pissed and deleted the game- had 05 patch for complete mod- I am going 04 this time. Max settings see how it looks runs- if not pretty enough I might install like said basix or prioboi and record a play through in wide screen. Youtube has changed codecs a few times since my first video play through- most of the videos suck now.

I really wish I could complete cs- the game is cool and the rf suckers are the bomb- pisses me off but I just got it a few months ago for 10 bucks- I paid full price for soc and cop soon after they came out- Soc sit until like patch 03 before I could try and play it again it was so buggy at first- Over half my playing soc and was the first half was all mods like faiakes mods- Some of the other mods made ya to god like in my opinion and even mods needed fixes or could have 20 mods and all fixes spread out over 1000 posts in 1 thread- you have have to try and read all that junk and see if you needed fixes what ever instaead of each mod or version in its own thread- so I would skip them mods too.. A mod per patch or multi version per patch and all fixes tossed in with other comments- it is crazy- they can keep the mods. Or many of them- 98% of all of the scope mods suck and ruin it for me- or mess up my seva suit- I am ok in cop and the exo tho..

SOC and priboi story and fix 3 is a sweet mod a complete story line change and some lil added stuff buildings and water in a few places etc- runs nice and you can go to pripyat very early in the game. Basix mk2 what ever it was was cool- it was beautiful and you could start a few ways with added gear- added the extra mutants and a few other nice mod guns in stashes etc. If I remember right priboi adds the extra mutants- It is a awesome mod.. I love the extra mutants me self- more to kill or to kill me- ha ha.. I always play on master skill mode-- Fun stuff..

Sorry so long but you did ask about 3 games- Hope it helps ya some..

See ya..
My System SpecsSystem Spec

28 Feb 2011   #4


Oh ya. I had troubles getting patch 05 to install in soc- spent 17 hours trying to figure it out- No help on the net or here.

The game installed and ran fine- I needed 05 as said for complete 09 mod- would not work- patch 01 worked but should not need it- all later patches 03 on had all past updates included.

* soc complete 09 vids..>

I had to move the patch off of my c: drive to my e: storage drive installed as admin it worked perfect- if you do not have a drive for storage say e: maybe you can burn it to a disc then try to install it- if you have probs.

Maybe it will install normal for you- I do not know. Took me 17 hours to figure out such a simple thing- but w7 is glitchy if you ask me, so.

* A few of my stalker play lists- I plan on better videos as soon as I get to it.. just built this new system and using w7 and wide screen a few months ago- So many videos are older or test.>

See ya..
My System SpecsSystem Spec
28 Feb 2011   #5

Home 7 64 on Alienware and Asus. W8 on Lenovo.

Wow, thanks for the feedback. I'll read through this tonight and reply back.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
28 Feb 2011   #6


No probs- the info should help some- a lil long but is tons more I could post. If you have any probs I will try to help. If you have an extra system and know how to set up dedicated servers and want to run either of the stalker games- my self I might be able to get least 1 more person to play. We could give it a try anyway and being local maybe it will be nice?

* Love me stalker stuff..>

My 1 bud had talked about setting up a server but never did- He has and can afford a lot more games than I can- So he is playing games I do not have- we hook up for some co op borderlands tho. I about give him all his gear 98% My hunter has a sweet craw- We drop dupe out- we use some mod stuff too- mostly just to farm craw- some purists are nuts about mod stuff will try and take and destroy it- they can play with them selves is all I can say. But some are cool and will trade stuff not duped or mod- which I always have or as said my craw is pretty sweet. Just some are butt holes I guess-

We do not duel like talking about it either- a real mp dm or tdm and a few more players would have been great- but duels suck for the most part and the few arenas- We will duel with mods if other folks are- we duel might use extra powers or not- best to talk about rules first maybe- but testing mods against others stuff can be fun too.. or using a rose 8mil and just melee everything trying to build up the skills what ever- Good to use mod to lev up a player fast- and they do not have to lay back- most trying to lev up fast is just looking for storage space any way.

I prefer a soldier but like my siren too. My hunter has the best craw so I am going it again- I hate being in maps with bricks for the most part- so I will not play one.. Just me tho..

I am going into borderlands now- Start a new soldier and play all the dlc's each play through- see If I can get some extra back pack slots more than my 45 my other 3 players have now- But I never played the dlc's until pt 2.5 or 3 what ever they want to call it.

I said I plan to install stalker soc again soon- so maybe we will be playing together - or per say..

Have fun man- See ya..
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01 Mar 2011   #7

Home 7 64 on Alienware and Asus. W8 on Lenovo.

Love those Youtube videos. You're gonna have to let me know how to record video of gaming, I've always wanted to do that.

I do have another system but it's XP and it's running on an old p4 3.2Ghz chip, I don't know much about hosting a server but I have a feeling that pc won't do.

Definitely going to have to do some online gaming in time, have so much to learn and install, and time is hard to come by at the moment.

I just installed SOC, patched it with the 0-3 then the 1.0004 and it works great on high settings with 1920x1200 resolution. It crashed in the same spot, but I did the F6 save right before and did a hard reboot and started playing again and got past that spot with no issues. It did crash to desktop the second time around but I clicked it back up and it ran good. I guess I just gotta F6 to save every now and then and expect a few crashes.

I would love to install the 2009 mod, it looks beautiful, but am I able to use a trainer cheat with the 2009 mod? I believe like you said I have to update one more to 1.0005, then update to the 2009 mod. I'm wondering if the 1.0005 trainer would work with the 2009 mod just so I could get through the game quicker and easier in SP for practice. Is the 2009 mod that good? I heard it makes the environments much more beautiful.

I also have Clear Sky and the newest one, will install them this week and check em out. There is no compatibility issues with having all three installed on one HD is there? I currently have Bad Company, Black Ops, Arma II:Arrowhead and STALKER:COS. They all seem to play fine. Just for safety I turned off my desktop gadgets, all security and the Probe II temp monitor and the Asus Turbo just to see if that was the cause for the first crash but it wasn't, it's just the game with Windows 7 I guess. Something one has to live with playing Stalker, and I can handle that being it's one of the best games I've ever played.

Did you ever get into B2? That's the type of free environment I like, Stalker environment is good, but I'd like to play a game where I have access to the entire virtual world and have no specific missions, just wander, play and kill. I heard this is true with one or more of the Stalker games once you finish? IDK

Anyway, good talking to you. I will read up on all your post and reply more soon, gotta sleep. Later.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
01 Mar 2011   #8


Again I know nothing about the trainers- some extra mods can be added to some mods- I read complete is more hard than some to add mods- it might in part be complete does not use the float32 mod. Complete is lovely but imo the mod scopes suck and they ruined the night vision on the seva to some black and white stuff and it washes out all white easy- it is more easy to see stuff with the blue or even the green- I normally up gamma when dark out and lower it in day time- up it 1 click either way- my bright and contrast always stay the same.

Other folks might like that stuff many afraid to complain or speak his mind. I play the mods mostly because many help to fix bugs or make the game look better or add the extra cut out mutants- If they go doing to much stupid stuff I do not care for it- I can always use or not use extra powerful stuff- some mod scopes I can change back to normal- some stuff like fixing the sevas back to normal- I do not know how to do- if you ask the mod guys in the forums how to fix or change stuff back to normal many get attitude or others do it for them. Where in some mods they think ahead and add info how to change some mod stuff back to normal.

I think you would be more happy with patch 04 and if you wanted to fall back to 04 you can not unless you delete and reinstall and patch again to 04- you can up patch in stalker but not back patch- and saved games from another patch might not work in another patch game- Games like ut04 you can patch up down no probs- just some newer patches did not have some things the older patches did- but you can manually add the lines of text back if you would like too..

I am confused I guess you are playing from save games after re patching or installing the game- maybe that is part of the crashing or them trainer mods are buggy- have you checked to see if the trainer mods you are using have any fixes? I have no crashes with 04 or 05- Also when moving through the zone If I come to freeze point and its loading up map what ever- I take my hands off my keyboard and mouse and wait for it to start working again- or it will freeze hard lock and have to hit my reset button- but the game always does such things in the same places - so try and remember them spots in the game- as soon as it freezes just wait up to 2 minutes sometimes it will start working again you move on etc- try not to get in any battles in these spots- it is more hard to just not move any keys or your mouse and can jam up the game hard lock it. Other than that- I might get a random no reason crash some times but rarely- fo3 crashes more often than all of my stalker games- well after they are patched up any way.

Um xp and that cpu would be fine for a server might want 2 or 4 gigs of memory tho xp will only use up to 3.5 gigs in 32bit. I think xp might even run a cs or cop server- might not have to have a dx 10 or 11 card just to run a server- Being you do not know how to do it it does not matter- You would want a dedicated server not a listen and not running anything else for best results. Saying no other programs and light security- Some folks with multi core run a listen on the same machine they play on- They are lag etc. The best servers are stand alone dedicated servers- but you can remote admin them from your gaming rig.. You can install other games etc and serve them- but only 1 game at a time and after defrag etc. listen servers was easy in ut04 but would lag and stuff- I never tried to set up a stand alone server- never really have the hardware or extra os.

Ya it is good to tweak your system and turn off extra stuff for gaming even on new said more powerful rigs- the same things count today for extra performance as did 5- 6 years ago etc.

I have bf2 if that is what you are talking about- I never got into that game- maybe later they have some mods or something that make it better- the only mp games games I played a lot was ut04- or some quake4 or etqw maybe some cod or uo or painkiller or some bioshock2. The one I like most was ut04- was a time I played ut04 mp tdm 17 hours a day for 2 1/2 years and mostly just the rankin map over and over again and tho I have the retail version- I would play other maps or dm or ons or cft stuff too- but tdm and the rankin map was my fav practice map etc..
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01 Mar 2011   #9


I have thought about installing bf2 again- maybe I will read on it see what mods what ever folks might be playing- I know it was a great game for many folks. I did not care for it tho- Thinking of installing etqw for some mp- I think it will be more troubles than fun tho- if I could play with my few buds on their server with their clan I might enjoy it- If get kicked for other clan members to play or stuck being strogg or have to play on other servers and be cheated- I will hate my self for installing it again- some weapons can be odd ball but can be a fun mp game..

I say odd ball- they do not have normal iron sites or scopes- and or players seem to move weird or something.. IMO ut04 hit every thing perfect- It has no real sp and is all run and gun for the most part- but was great and massive content or skins or maps or game modes or mods or skins what ever- It is thousands of maps for ut04- many weapon mods and cool skins and the game has bulit in like 30 or more skins and no 2 players in ut04 using same character looks exactly the same- every player in the game has its own unique look- tho some of same class etc- no 2 are exactly alike- I like that.. Cheaters finally ran me off- I would go back some times and install new maps or skins and make videos playing bots only.

I have like 200 ut04 map videos on youtube now- its hundreds even thousands more I could record. I could play a different ut04 map everyday for like 3 or 4 years- and more made near every day- it was a great game- few if any can match its quality or massive content and it all was free.. Weapon balance and player movement etc was excellent in ut04 imo- q4 and other games had more a arcade or disconnected feel to me- players look weird how they move in them games etc- other than space man guns or skins- ut04 fps mechanics was better than most other fps games I have played- Some do come close tho..

Recording game play is not hard really- you need and figure if you want to pay 40 bucks for fraps or maybe use xfire it has a free game recorder and does a nice job- but xfire recording or not cause some folks probs in games with lag etc- my self also- but I can work with it- I also have zdsoft game recorder does not work in w7 its update junk zd4 do all works with w7 but is a crappy game recorder- I can get free stuff that does a better job and better desk top recorders also- I did not buy the updated junk- I lost my money for the most part- I bought just a game recorder with free life time updates- They do not make just the game recorder any more has been junk imo since they stopped making it..

If or when you are ready and get a recording program I can help ya set it up- and how to convert the videos to upload them to youtube etc. I am disabled all I have is time and to game or post on these sites or upload videos etc. The better my hardware gets the better my videos- is the way it is. It is hard for me to play any more and not be recoding- cool stuff can happen anytime in many of my games.

I think you are talking about free play open world or after game ending- like in stalker cop- stalker soc nor cs have the open ending- they are pretty much open ended from the start- they do have a linear story line but you do not have to do just those unless looking to progress through the story line- it is side missions too- Even fo3 was not open ended or not until the broken steel dlc anyway- Borderlands is open ended- BF2 was never open ended- it does not even have a sp game- the maps are large but after the certain time is up match over start a new match maybe new map also. Stalker soc nor cs is open ended but you can take forever playing them especially if you are a loot hog and have to have or sell everything and dragging dead bodies with your loot and going back and forth to the traders- Which is how I play them. Even stalker cop or borderlands in open end game can get boring after all missions and sides are done- More or better reoccurring missions would help and be great- stalker co op would be great too..

Soon enough stalker 2 will be out and said a all new in house engine- I do not think I will buy it just out- I will wait a few months read reviews see if it is a normal gsc bug half working mess. Maybe gsc will finally get it right- if not for bug stuff and just a few changes stalker games would be perfect. Some folks do not like them- most all my friends hate them bought but never finished soc and will never play it again or buy any other gsc games- I hate the junk- but the games are great and challenging- They are more hard than some and are meant to be that way- they are survival games and are rps games- not just fps or not just rpg but a mix of both and my fav genre..

I think rage will have mp- that might be sweet- Ha ha stalker cs runs so good for me- maybe crysis will too- I have none of the crysis games but have fc and fc2- love them games but never played or much mp- I did give some fc mp a go it was cool- I just deleted the game so to install and record others.

I am sure I have talked ya to death- Sorry.

Have fun- See ya..
My System SpecsSystem Spec
01 Mar 2011   #10


Started my new hunter in borderlands played a few hours. I am not planning on playing all 3 games back to back or until done- I am playing a few other games now and might install stalker soc again- most of the other games I have completed for the most part- but in free play ending or playing play through 2 in poatal2 awp enhanced game- Well I am in tora bora now- but postal2 awp does not take long to play really unless you need to search every inch etc and has no open ending so game over when done- So I want it to last a lil longer. Making some nice videos too.

See ya..
My System SpecsSystem Spec

 The THREE S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games

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