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Windows 7: Borderlands and AA

18 May 2011   #21


Ya wish I love my siren- The soldier is my fav then siren then hunter- I will not play as a brick. I play my siren more stand off- she can die easy and being she has no bird or turret etc. She is still lots of fun tho. I turned off or re done my skills to get rid of Phoenix- when crouched you can not see through the flames sucks- but it is good to have and set bots on fire. In the way when in crouch bites..

She is so cute and kick ass..

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18 May 2011   #22


Sorry mickey- You are welcome if you care to give it a try..
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18 May 2011   #23

Windows 10 Pro

Here's mine with MLAA enabled at 4xEQ (Cat Drivers 11.4)

Borderlands and AA-screenshot00003.jpg

Borderlands and AA-screenshot00004.jpg

Borderlands and AA-screenshot00006.jpg

Borderlands and AA-screenshot00007.jpg

The edges have more of a funky fuzz around them with MLAA enabled.

A little info on MLAA here and here.

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18 May 2011   #24


I have posted these vids before. You folks are welcome to any gear I have. As for mode stuff the mod rose sheild and stock mg does not matter what your lev is you can use them with a new player if you want to.. Another thing my bud and i will do when just trying to lev up a player just for storage is 1 will drop all his gear near a machine so the other can pick it all up and sell it and get his cash over 99999 then he does not have to worry about trying to pick up everything for cash- he can just pick up what he wants to use.

And trying to lev up a new player using mod stuff is cool they do not have to lay back while others more high lev kill everything- He can play up front with them and not have to worry about dying ever 2 seconds and need to be helped.. If trying to play no mods is one thing- but can burden others if more high lev..

Check out these vids- you folks can have any thing you want..>

YouTube - Borderlands me siren gear 5-7-11.avi

YouTube - borderlands me hunters gear 3-21-11.avi

* me siren has the most new stuff and from her craw- I have not checked back to back with my hunter tho- one or the other has some better stuff and most of my guns with ammo gen are just for that- I do not normally use them other to regen ammo- so I do not care if they are not real powerful.. My hunter has the best craw tho- better than all other folks I play with too..

Maybe you guys have tested lots of stuff and have your likes or not.. I have found when farming craw it is best to use class skill mods what ever they are called that help out the team- extra team health or shield regen what ever versus just for your character like give your self better sniper or what ever. I am saying playing alone or with others. My craws drop better stuff more often if using class mods that are team oriented..
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18 May 2011   #25


Good info to know if you do not already.

How to drop dupe gear and out..

Host can not do it- You need a guest friend etc and can not have others running around and near save points or will mess it up..

Give all gear to be duped to your guest bud and then save run near the save point or wait until the game saves- you will see the icon when the game saves- then move away from the save point- have your guest drop all the gear to be duped then your friend has to press and hold-->

Ctrl Alt F4

He will exit the game- the host can pick up all the gear while the guest is dropping it and then the host can go and save again [after the guest is gone- not before] he will have all his gear etc. When the guest restarts his game or enters the game or comes back to your game he will have all the gear he just dropped because he did not save after dropping it- Bamb! Drop duping and sharing your gear or good stuff you both might find in the game or farming craw what ever.. All your guests can do this 1 at a time. Just all need to know what is going on and so they stay away from the save points..

I farm glitch my armory alone or with my best bud. After we look at everything and maybe pick up what we want. We go to a corner or something and un equip our shields and toss a nade in the corner near our self one at a time- guest first and kill our selves. You re spawn just out side of the armory and do not lock your self out..

Bl during normal play can bug or glitch or crash sometimes- it is a good thing to back up your save game folder every few days- then it will not hurt ya so much. I some times back up mine after every day I play it and or find good stuff. And even if I sell everything or give it away or rotate out stuff what ever- I can always re load an older save and have all my older gear If I care to.

Have fun..
My System SpecsSystem Spec
18 May 2011   #26
mickey megabyte

ultimate 64 sp1

ezeht, i don't understand a lot of what you mean

i've only really played it single player as roland the 'assault' guy - i'm a shooter at heart

i don't know what you mean by 'craw' or 'mod stuff'.

are craw those leathery bird things? and by farming them, do you mean spam-shooting them to pick up loot?

i've only tried playing with others two or three times, and i was unlucky enough to end up playing with some 12 year old duckhead who had his microphone on without realising it......and totally ignored me. so i gave up pretty fast...

and when you say that we are welcome to whatever gear you have, what you got??

all that stuff about farming, duping, glitching etc seems a bit gamey for my personal taste - i would rather earn stuff for myself the 'proper' way.

anyway, this time around i'm playing as lilith for a change - i did consider mordecai, as i remember using a lot of sniping (using a fave yellow rifle) for most of the game as roland.

i've never tried any dlc yet either - which single one do you all recommend? and should i play it at any particular level, or jump right in?
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18 May 2011   #27


No mickey its all cool

Crawmerax the invincible Craw for short. is in the dlc general knoxx he drops tons of gear when you kill him..>

Farming is a normal term we gamers use. Farming is like you play an area or the whole game for the stash boxes what ever and restart the game and do it again or over and over again. Like say new haven boxes it is what 6 boxes there- you can farm them restart you game and do it over and over that is called farming.

Duping and or glitching- well duping can be considered as gamey maybe- but not really- all you are doing is sharing your gear with others. Gliching is using built into the game glitches not necessarily meant to be glitched or found. But you can farm your armory using this 1 glitch and not lock your self out like you would if you complete all the armory missions- once you have completed them all you are locked out and can not go in any more.. Mod gear is what it is some one made it and is more powerful than normal stuff- but is in the open and not lied about and you are not cheated like in all other mp games where folks seem like good players etc when they are using hacks and cheating ya the whole time..

To use mods or to dupe or glitch is on you- its not forced on ya- its just some try and ruin your day or game because they are against some things etc.. Borderlands is meant for every 1 to find his own stuff but is times or when all playing a new player from start of the game and getting back pack slots only 1 player can get the slot sucks- Or 1 player finds a sweet gun or shield and the others do not- duping all can have that same gear-
My System SpecsSystem Spec
18 May 2011   #28


Craw and his minions are always 2 to 4 levs above you and can take forever to beat him. I use my mod gear on him to farm him as fast as possible up to 7x or any more the game might crash and then restart the game and drive back and do it over and over again. I am trying to get better stuff not make it a job- Tho I have beat him with out mod stuff but again takes for ever and you die a lot.

4 levs above you is near impossible to beat and he has his minions running around after ya too- it can be frustrating..
My System SpecsSystem Spec
18 May 2011   #29


If you do not have the dlc's you can not join my game- but I can join yours-
My System SpecsSystem Spec
18 May 2011   #30


Borderlands is not like other games where all folks have same exact gear like in say cod. In borderlands it has millions of guns etc. but 99% are all junk just to sell. Some or most folks have no probs with duping and sharing gear or even mod gear.

We play mod or not or duel with mods or not or test our mods against each others unless we all have the same mods etc. Or can use a mod shield and just melee everything and not use a gun if trying to build up your melee skills what ever. You do not have to use any of it or dupe and share your gear or want others gear- but if cool about it and not have fits or itch about it you are welcome etc.

As said I have good gear I can play mod gear or not- all my not mod gear came from my craws- only my mod stuff was give to me - My normal gear or a lot of it has been duped and give to others tho- or my 1 bud any way- or most of it other than new stuff my siren has got lately from her craw.. Normally I get my bud and we drop dupe and move gear between our extra characters. My other craws suck for the most part but my siren craw gets better or if I farm him a lot..
My System SpecsSystem Spec

 Borderlands and AA

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