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    ok now that I got all my mods installed, should I reinstall the 4k texture packs and overwrite everything? or just leave it? this was the first mod I installed

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    If you've got it working, I suggest making a backup of it before doing any further modding. Also, always start a new game when you mod anything. Using an existing save often causes problems. If you're going to mod, stick with what you've got until you've finished playing through the game once you start.

    I still recommend getting a quad core CPU for a gaming rig. Your CPU is not running at 4.4ghz if it's only using 4 cores. It's probably around 2.7 to 3.0 or so at best, that's not bad, but it's not optimal either. Keep two of your cores turned off if you continue to use your 6 core CPU. No existing video game actually uses six cores and the extra cores can sometimes cause issues with some games. I still stand by what I said about six core processors and gaming.

    I can recommend some mods for you. I've got all of these plus what you've got installed. I do have a bit more actually, but these are my baseline mods that I always use.

    First of all, make sure you either have the archiveinvalidation invalidated mod, or go into your ini and do archive invalidation manually.

    Pick up the Skyrim Script Extender as well. A lot of mods need it to run properly.

    Secondly, follow the first rule of modding. Always have a clean backup copy of your game without any mods installed. It saves a lot of headaches when things go wrong when modding.

    Lastly, load the texture mods you want to have priority last. So if the 4k texture mod is the one you want to have the most influence, add it in last. I usually start with the static mesh improvement mod and then tack on other texture mods on top of it. A lot of the smim is overwritten, but it covers a lot of stuff and textures items the other texture mods miss. So it's best to prioritize the texture mods you want to use and install the ones you want to have the most impact last.

    To make it prettier I suggest using:

    Better Dynamic Snow
    Climates of Tamriel
    Trees for Solitude
    Whiterun trees
    Better Windhelm
    Enhanced Blood
    deadly spell impacts
    enhanced dynamic weather system
    better Alchemy and enchantment tables
    gildergreen regrown
    better embers
    Jasus swords
    expanded snow systems
    Static Mesh Improvement Mod
    Apachii Hair
    Hectoral Spider Webs
    HD Torches 2k-4k Ultra torch
    Silly level of detail potions and poisons and wine cellar
    Skyrim distance overhaul lod improvement
    Better lod waterfalls
    Superior Rock textures
    Real Ice
    Ultimate HD Fire Effects

    For better menus and organization:

    SkyUI and Headbomb's Better Sorting

    You really need:

    Uncle Sheogorath's really helpful hints and tips
    Uncle Sheogorath does climates of tamriel

    I also recommend: Daedric punishment for sweetrolls and Divine punishment for arrows to the knee.

    Plus for more variety in enemies and critters:
    Birds of Skyrim
    Improved Fish
    Skymomod ['Skyrim monster mod' Google it, it's not on the Nexus or Steamworks but it is well worth hunting down as it adds tons of new enemy types.]
    Deadly Dragons
    Dragon Lords
    Warzones Civil Unrest
    Midas Magic

    Plus I recommend using Deus Mons as a housing mod. It puts a huge castle on the side of The Throat of the World. It's guarded by a low level dragon that you have to get past to enter the first time. It must be killed as the key is on it's body. It has areas for crafting, enchanting, alchemy, and smithing. Plus there is lots of storage and several NPCs.

    If you're using a housing mod, I suggest adding the 'Spouse to custom home mod' as well.

    Also you could use the Leveler's Tower, which is a huge cheat. It has item generators, a room that generates mobs, a soul gem dispenser, one item with every enchantment in the game to disenchant to unlock all the enchantments for the enchanting table, plus a cheat room with switches for raising all of your character stats, a teleport room, as well as a few sets of very powerful weapons and armor. It does not conflict with Deus Mons so you can have both if you'd like. The tower is located just down the road from the exit to the Helgen dungeon/cave.

    I actually recommend the Leveler's Tower even if you don't use it to cheat, as it's a great tool for testing mods out. The armor provides enough protection to check out modded areas, the teleport function allows for quick travel to distant areas, and the leveling cheats allow quick access to late game items and enemies.

    I've not played Skyrim the same way twice, but the above [plus the ones you've already mentioned] are mods I use pretty much every time I play through it again.
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    who. thanks for that write up!
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    User:Neovalen/Skyrim Revisited - S.T.E.P. Project Wiki

    Lots of work, but leads to a highly modded and stable game.
    You really need to learn to make your own compatibility patches etc once you start getting multiple mods that make changes (beyond just texture changes)

    Some mods do simple stuff with the interface that make a world of difference.

    For example:
    -Face to Face
    -Auto PV

    These two are must haves IMHO, along with SkyUI and iHud.
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