Fallout 3 on Windows 7.

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    Windows 7 beta (64 bit)

    thanx for the feed back ill get back too u after i try thos things
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    Windows 7 beta (64 bit)

    And i updated my specs aswell
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    Windows 7 beta (64 bit)

    I tryed all things that u told me to try smarteyeball but nothing worked. I found out that in "My games" under fallout3 folder i only had the "FALLOUT.INI" and from some of the reaserch that i have been doing i should also have a " FALLOUTPREFS.INI" but i dont have this file. I no that this file is supose to have all my preferences in it so i thought if someone gave me their "FALLOUTPREFS.INI" i could edit it to my preferences. If some is going to give me that file it would be nice if you u have a Nvidia card in the 9 series.

    Yes it is a vaild version of the game and yes i am running other games like counterstrike source and i do have all the users allowed to all. But i dont do if it is patched or unpatched and if unpatched and that the problem how do i fix that.
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    8 Pro x64

    Hi zaffman, if the launcher is failing, then it won't have created the falloutprefs.ini .

    Is the game patched or unpatched before attempting to run the launcher?

    Are you using a cracked launcher?

    -If using a cracked launcher, check it's the right version or use the uncracked/original version.

    - If not using a cracked launcher, perhaps try one. (legal if you own the game. Just make sure it's for the correct version)

    Also triple check that your "C:\Users\yourname\Documents\My Games\Fallout3" folder has the following permissions for "Users"

    Fallout 3 on Windows 7.-fo3.jpg

    Apart from checking all that, I'm sorry but what other elements could be causing the launcher crash eludes me atm.

    Are you able to run any other games?

    ps In future, you can just edit your previous post instead of creating a new one. And thanks for filling out your details :)
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    Windows 7 beta (64 bit)

    Hey everone i'm happy to say i finaly got fallout3 working, it happened to be the patch suggestion from you smarteyeball that did ended up doing the trick. For anyone who seems to be having the error of "The FalloutLauncer.exe has stoped working" when trying to launch fallout 3 look for the patch "Fallout3_v1.1.0.35_English_US.exe" Fallouts site. I have to say i almost gave up after trying everything like chageing the compatiblity, moving the path of were it installs ect.. but i have to say this fourm was a huge help in working with me to find find my problems, especially you smarteyeball. Well Thanx alot and now im going to go play my favorite game.
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    Windows 7 64Bit

    I thought I'd just say that when I was running fallout 3 on XP i was having considerable problems with freezes and blue screens every 20 minutes. But now that I am running Windows 7 64Bit, it runs like a dream on my XFX 9600 GT. My fps is up considerably and I havent had a single freeze so far so i've been able to get on and finally enjoy playing this great game.

    I'm sorry it's not working so well for some of you.
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    Windows Seven 7000 Beta

    It worked for me flawlessly

    Performance was just as good as Vista, which impressed me, since Vista back in its Beta 1 days had inferior gaming performance when compared to XP. However I did not go through the process of installing the game. I just upgraded my Vista SP1 installation with Windows 7 and everything was transferred over. The only program that did not work was Daemon Tools.
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    8 Pro x64

    Zaffman said:
    Hey everone i'm happy to say i finaly got fallout3 working,
    Good to hear mate :)
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    Windows 7 Beta

    Hey, found this forum searching through the internet..I can't even download the game, I click "Install" then after I get the message
    "Error Code: -5004 : 0x80070002
    Error Information:
    >SetupDLL\SetupDLL.cpp (3085)
    PAPP:Fallout 3
    PVENDOR:Bethesda Softworks (Fallout : Welcome to the Official Site)
    @Windows XP (7000) BT_OTHER 7403.30560"

    I looked through a few pages and didn't see anyone with the same error message and I get nothing on the web by doing that...I have cleaned my registry, just DLd Games for Micro 2.0....nothing works .

    EDIT: I fixed it, took me an hour but I did it :S. Had to change the name of the InstallShield, guess that the other problems are somewhat similiar to mine :P
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    Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit)

    Seems to play alright for me but always crashes when I quit the game, oh this reminds me of the Oblivion issues I had
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