Fallout 3 on Windows 7.

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    Windows 7 Enterprise

    Final freeze/crash update...

    Onet way to fix freezing issues is to enable Fallout 3 to use more than 2gig of RAM...
    Fallout 3 on Windows 7.


    A lots of (MAYBE ALL) Fallout 3 crashes are associated with Fallout 3 sound processing. While I was playing, I was annoyed by the constant audio stuttering. Also, Fallout 3 performance was a little off. I can fix the stuttering by enabling Creative Alchemy for Fallout 3, but that caused this ugly freeze where the CPU goes crazy.

    I found this little tool on Steam Forums that replaces the Fraunhofer mp3 codec with an upgraded version.

    Stuttering Radio Music- Solution. - Steam Users' Forums

    It won't mess up your computer. All you have to do is keep the MadFilter in one location. When you register it, it is constantly linked to that file. If you delete the files, windows will automatically revert to default mp3 codec.

    What you will notice is that the sound/audio stuttering vanishes completely. I have also noticed great performance improvement while playing Fallout 3, even with the killer NMC's Texture Pack.

    What I am saying is that I have fixed all Fallout 3 problems by using only these two methods and nothing else mentioned on this site.

    Hopefully this will help many more.

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    windows 7

    win32 problam

    i cant install fallout3 i keep getting (setup.exe is not a valid win32 application) can some one please help. i am going mad
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    Windows 7

    Fallout 3 not working on windows 7

    I installed everything just fine, and i can launch it, but when i select new game, and press yes i get the loading screen for a couple seconds and then a window pops up that says Fallout 3 has stopped working. what should i do?
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    window's 7

    have you somehow change the default setting of fallout 3.like screen resolution etc? if its so..Try reset the setting back to default
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    Windows 7

    nope thats not it, cuz i just to make sure i reset to default and it still had the same problem
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    Windows 7 Professional 64 bit

    Have you downloaded the patch..latest is v1.7...just be sure to check what version of the game you have.
    Secondly I found I got the same message would appear at random times during gameplay. Fallout3 is a buggy as all get out so you wont have a smooth run all the time
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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64 SP1

    Might try looking thru the similar threads listed at the bottom of the page, and see if you can find any solutions. They have a lot of postings, with different problem/solutions in them.

    Fallout 3 on Windows 7.-capturegg.jpg
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    Windows 7

    well i kinda did look through most if not all of those threads at the bottom. and i tried most, if not all again, of the solutions they had posted. and no i havent downloaded the latest patch, i've got v 1.0.9 coz i bought it yesterday, i'll try getting the newest version, haha i really hope it works, thanks for the helps
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    window's 7

    Gud luck mate
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    Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit (bootcamp)

    not a valid win32 application

    i cant install fallout3 i keep getting (setup.exe is not a valid win32 application) can some one please help. i am going mad
    From what I've heard, this is could be a scratched, dirty, or otherwise defective disc. Yeah, that's a pretty lame answer. Are you installing it using setup.exe, or using the launcher? The launcher worked for me, but then I'm on Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit using Bootcamp.

    If anyone is getting "Program too big to fit in memory" then you're probably using a pirated copy. Buy the real thing and you don't get that error.

    Oh, and for anyone who cares, Fallout 3 runs just fine* on a Macbook pro 13 inch unibody late 2008 running Windows 7 Ult 32 bit with 2GB memory. Note that Bootcamp does not yet support 64 bit Windows 7.

    *Still gets crashes on exit just like Oblivion. Maybe there's a solution, but I haven't found it.
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