Fallout 3 on Windows 7.

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    ** I did this and fixed my probs or mostly..>

    Open up the .ini file located in My Documents>My Games>Fallout 3. *Do not alter the one in the actual game directory in Program files labeled Fallout_Default_ini*.

    This file is where the save games etc are at. You might have to turn on show hidden folders or extensions, but it is 1 of the files as soon as you open my games- fallout 3.

    Look In the FALLOUT.ini find the line

    change the 0 to a 1

    then below it add the line


    It trips me out- I notice and see in photos or videos folks do not tweak his system for gaming. The same things we had to do 6 years ago for performance still matter today- and folks are using areo or glass what ever- are not turning off other back ground stuff or security- They think well I have a new system and 8 12 what ever gigs of memory what ever- Most all games use no more than 2 cpus and 4 gigs or less memory- but of the 2 cpus and 4 gigs of memory- all else on the system is best off- or you can have same lil performance probs you did 5 years ago and with less a system- I do not understand how folks do not get that- or Folks think new is best or better what ever.

    Lots of folks tend to think all game probs are video card related when near half are sound related- people posting for help or most that might help only want to type or read 1 word or sentence or small paragraph- when you do give more info or back ground- folks see walls of text and will not read it- yet when they do help they ask 5x to post more info or a back ground- Ha ha it gets comical after a while- Stickies and such are good- more folks might get better help at the products home site. I like this w7 site - folks will try and help with most anything..

    Most all my system or game probs- I have to search google ask it questions every way I can think of- I can not just wait on someone to maybe post and try to help on any one forum- and many product sites are not help if you are complaining- you just get attacked by fan boys and then maybe ban. I figure out 98% of my probs before others can or try to help- I type a lot so most folks skip my need for help- its like that- I understand it..

    Most all sites ask for full system specs or many will not try to help at all.. Most do not care to flip back through 1000 posts looking to see if system specs was posted 1x- it should be in every post or in my system specs an area provided just for that reason- and folks can view your system specs from any page in the thread with ease.

    Ha ha some probs are not video what ever related but the mouse or keyboard speeds need to be turned up some from windows- Folks will argue tho. No 1 setting works for all programs or games- As a fact when I installed borderlands on my new w7 system- I went to play I had real bad lag like stuff- I had forgot to turn up my mouse and keyboard speeds- fixed it instantly. I get a big laugh folks gaming on lap tops- you almost want to ignore them folks- they are on a lap top trying to game- so.

    Hope you folks have fun or if probs get them fixed- See ya..
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    My Fallout 3 steam goty has been calling to me these last few days- "I am here- come play some." but I have been having big fun with postal2 stp aw awp- started my second game enhanced this time- it is a great game- I wish the ending was open- say after beat the boss in aw it goes to monday forever but can go any place instead of game over.

    I get a lil sad sometimes- I have a few games installed but only play 1 at a time- or I have to defrag going game to game- it can take some time.. And being I have limited space on my 250gig c: drive- I play and record then delete games so to install another game- a few games stay on my system tho.. I prefer the 250 or under gig drives for a c: drive- takes less time for defrags or scans and if I lose a drive it is maybe 160 gigs of stuff and not way more like a tara drive etc.

    Might install stalker soc again and patch 1.0004 and play no mods- but surely will be playing my fo3 goty too- I left open as many side missions as I could and still many places to locate and loot- and some places I just got them on my pipboy but never went in- hard to remember them all now- so I have to make my rounds to every spot on the map for the most part. Sounds like big fun to me..

    I play both all my stalker games and fo3 on the most hard skill levels- Some games like bioshock I lower skill levs or it is crazy hard to protect the lil sisters and being they wonder off and such things. Most of my games I play them 1st time on normal settings- after playing it a time or 2 I then up skill levels. In FO3 I play mostly good characters I guess- I have more options with companions- It can take some time to lower karma unless you go kill crazy I think its best to take stuff you are not supposed to like from 3dog etc- 1 or 2 innocent kills can lower it pretty fast too- I need to lower it now so I can go get my fav bud sl-3 He will not go with me now my karma is too high- But he can easy die being alone- mostly mutants kill him.

    When ever I spawn into that area- I run as fast as I can near him- he is always under attack- most of the time he dies- I go back to last save and not go back or try and get to him as fast as possible. Might lower my karma when I go back- Thinking of going back to po collect some more goodies- maybe kill some rednecks..

    Other than some mp games- I still think my stalker games are the most challenging or competition being a normal fps or rps player and all- being you have to hit mostly head shots its not just run and gun. Nades more bounce off or might kill you faster than an enemy- the bots can lay them on your head. I do not know- I just feel apart of the stalker games- they are buggy tho..

    I should maybe fire up my borderlands goty and get my other 2 characters through the clap trap dlc- maybe start a new hunter or soldier and try and see if I can get more back pack slots- but could use the moxxi storage or maybe its craw will be great for goodies- My hunter has the best craw now- better than my few buds craws too.. I like the soldier more tho- my siren is cool- I do not like the brick. But I need to play prove your self and the first what 75? matches of moxxi on my soldier and hunter too- So I have tons of borderlands play when I care too- My 1 bud is into other games right now- so no co op- gets a lil boring being alone sometimes..

    My game play video quality is better with my new system and changing up some codecs- same old vid card so I am skipping some games for now- they ran better in xp for the most part- A sweet vid card would fix me up- someday.. So playing my games and making better videos is cool..

    Love my games- Hope you folks have your fun- See ya..
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    Windows 7 64 bit

    so i enjoy the game, and it works, but seems to crash/lock up several times over a few hours..alt/con/delete and reload..

    is this normal, and you just grin and bear it, and save a lot? Or was I missing a solution?

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    8 Pro x64

    rogbrez said:

    Or was I missing a solution?

    ezeht said:
    Open up the .ini file located in My Documents>My Games>Fallout 3. *Do not alter the one in the actual game directory in Program files labeled Fallout_Default_ini*.

    This file is where the save games etc are at. You might have to turn on show hidden folders or extensions, but it is 1 of the files as soon as you open my games- fallout 3.

    Look In the FALLOUT.ini find the line

    change the 0 to a 1

    then below it add the line


    smarteyeball said:
    Quicksaving often helps.

    Grin and bear it
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    Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

    If I remeber correctly, I disabled Auto save on Travel, and entering new area as well.

    But as Mentioned, Quick Save often or you may regret it :)
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    I turn off all that auto save stuff too.

    I fired up fo3 yesterday- took the moonshiners mission at po- the game crashed froze when I tried to exit the house. I did not try to go back, been watching movies. Seen the green hornet salt and some others.. Finally got my divx web player working again- deleted the new stuff and went back to the last web player- dlvx7 I think it is..
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    Windows 7 64 bit

    Didn't crash at all Sunday so maybe all of the changes worked, I appreciate all of the tips and advice, hope the game holds up lol!

    Hey, I'm curious, what level of difficulty do you guys play? I was running 2 characters side by side, one good karma, one bad..then I'll move onto other games from my unplayed stack! Just wondered if normal is too easy and really hard is too hard, maybe hard is the way to go?

    I was trying normal first and got Dogmeat from the scrap yard and his health never seems to go down on normal...I didn't want it to be too easy!
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    ultimate 64 sp1

    yes, i've seen that tip for turning off autosave, but for me, it doesn't seem to make any difference.

    in my opinion, autosave is a very useful feature to have if your game crashes often - who really wants to have to stop every few minutes to manually save?

    recently, i was driven mad by an inability to get out of rivet city - every door i tried would lead to a crash.

    i do use a lot of mods, and conventional wisdom would suggest that the mods are causing the crashes, but vanilla is just as bad for me. in my desperation, i turned to fo3edit to create a 'merged patch' and 'master update'.

    after doing this i was finally able to get out of rivet city (hoorah!) and continue my adventures. it does still crash, but it's nowhere near as often - now i can sometimes have a good few hours crash-free enjoyment. :)

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    I can not remember what the hardest skill lev is in fo3 but I play it most hard and stalker games too- it is master in stalker games.

    I never use quick save in fo3 I never much use qs in any of my games- you can have more probs using it in lots of games- I press esc and hard save- Even in tweaks or read mes for fo3 it says it is best to make some hard saves every so often and most say it is best to turn off auto saves- because most crashes come just turning around what ever or doing nothing but walking up to something to search it- auto saving saves when it feels like it can cause you a lag fx and or crash your game because you was doing or fighting what ever- it goes to save and more crashes- is why folks say it is best to turn it off- fo3 is naturally glitchy and can freeze lock up at will- auto saves etc add to that chance of just freezing up- if it works ok for some more power to them- others are not so lucky and many or most try to avoid it altogether- me too.. Some of my games I will use q saves but often make hard saves too.

    My fo3 does not crash often any more not after I did the multi cpu fix- it will still crash every now and then tho- more freeze hard lock- I never get black or blue screens etc.- but sound is still working what ever- I can never figure what keys to use to get back to desk top so I have to always press my reset button and reboot etc. My reliability history looks like crap from fo3- All my other games might crash 3x between them all over months of play including stalker games. Beth sucks is the largest probs- it is typical for them folks and poor or do not care patching or get to it if they feel like it and you best know they feel they are doing us a favor if they do so- man that sucks

    Beth holds the record for most buggy junk games on earth- what was it marrow wind I can not remember but I have read the other games was never but so so as far as game play or bug junk goes- beth never gave a crap and is tons of fixes for fo3 now just from the community and have to be done manually- they still get high ratings and sold folks a buged out vegas too and get away with it.. Sucks man..

    I do love the game and tho it is a poor fps- it is more the glitchy stuff that either turns me off or pisses me off with most games- or they are short sp games- Well fo3 is not short for sure even with out the dlc's- All and all its cool I love it- I do get sick of half assed junk tho- most like beth take pride in it or the fact we can do nothing about it- If I had better games to buy I would skip beth games next time around etc. I am in no hurry for vegas- I will wait another year or so and for all dlc's to come out and when a goty is cheap on steam- or I will never buy vegas- just me tho..
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    All of my other games if they do not run perfect out of the box they do patch and fix the games period- that is not so with stalker games or beth games or bioshock2 and some others ea etc or rockstar and some more- they do not give a crap if their games run poor as long as they get paid. It is really sad. I got bioshock late really and after all patches and then the steam version- it always ran perfect for me no probs- but I read it was buggy as heck and 2k took their sweet time in patching it but finally got it right. 2k can care less about bio 2 and really messed up on bioshock2 mp, it could have been epic and really great. 2k half assed it and split up the community with poor stupid dlc's- all that crap should have been free and more of it.. I might be playing bio2 mp now.

    Them that buy dlc's get an advantage and stupid stuff- Ha ha I was happy to hear them that bought the extra maps can not play them unless in private- because if not all players in the lobby have the dlc maps- it will not rotate the extra maps into the game matches- Ha ha them silly folks spent extra money and for the most part could not play the maps- serves them and 2k right. Gees they ruined bio2 mp. I have no plans to buy bioshock infinity until it is cheap- tho it looks sick sweet- I will buy it cheap- I would rather have 2k and others go under and maybe we get better game makers than keep on supporting and carrying poor suck companies like gsc or beth or 2k or ea or rockstar and some others and gfwl junk- Please do us normal folks a favor and you all go under..

    ** Have fun folks- I love these games and talking game stuff- You are some great folks here at w7 forums too- I have to say that. Not 1 person yet here at this forum has been nasty with me that was a record long ago. I really like this forum- Thanks folks for making it so nice and such a great forum.. And folks will try and help with anything on this forum- Seven forum is maybe the best forum I have been on yet-

    Ha ha you even let me talk ya to death and you put up with my poor typing spelling and or grammar- Thanks again for those things- I might sound a lil raw or blunt sometimes but I mean no harm- and I talk both good and bad of my games- I love some things but hate others- some only care to give all good or all bad- Many hate me because I am honest and speak on both my likes and dislikes- flame me over my dislikes- it gets sad sometimes.. I am not the most sharp tool in the shed- I will try and help if I can tho.

    Take care- see ya..
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