Fallout 3 on Windows 7.

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    8 Pro x64

    Should be fixed
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    Windows XP Pro/ Windows 7 64bit

    smarteyeball said:
    Should be fixed
    I still get that unauthorized error with the link but I've fixed my problems anyway. Thanks.

    Fallout 3 now works. :)
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    8 Pro x64

    Hmm, the link works for me

    The main thing is you've sorted it
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    Windows 7

    I had the issue come again, during my reports on Win7 and 3d apps.

    The solution was one that stated in a link on this thread. But I can add more detail, it is indeed because the name of the driver with the Dash character instead of hyphen. Sounds like windows update has a fix for it, but the standalone ati driver pack does not.

    What you can do to fix it, if you download and install the drivers manually, is run the fallout launcher, set all your graphics options, then while the launcher is still running, edit falloutprefs.ini change "ATI Radeon HD 3870 (Engineering Sample ? WDDM v1.1)" to "ATI Radeon HD 3870 (Engineering Sample WDDM v1.1)" of course its not a simple hyphen between sample and wddm, you can cut and paste from this post.

    Once thats done, save your falloutprefs.ini, then go back to the fallout launcher (which should still be open btw), click play and have fun!
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    Windows 7 Beta (Build 7000)

    Still having problems...

    I'm still having this Launcher freeze problem. I can click on options, but if I hit Ultra, High, or any of the other graphical settings, or if I click Okay it freezes every single time. Sometimes I have to restart the computer, and by that I mean I have to hard reset because Windows will freeze at "Shutting Down."

    I've tried compatibility mode for both Vista and XP; I've set it to run as administrator, and for all users; I've attempted to turn off Read-Only for the Fallout3 folder in Users, but it won't change; I've set all permissions to full in the security tab of the icon.

    The thing is: I'm using a GeForce 9800GTX+, with the latest drivers downloaded through Windows Update--not an ATI card.

    World of Warcraft works fine, as does Left 4 Dead and Team Fortress 2. Far Cry 2 gave me some problems with changing the resolution, in-game, which caused the game to go from full-screen into a black window. I had to go into the ini file and manually change the resolution to 1280x1024.

    I was wondering if there's anybody else using the 9800GTX+ that could send me the proper Fallou3 ini file. I'm not even sure which one it is, or if there even is one.

    Any other ideas?
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    windows 7

    Tried to install the updated beta,got no joy.Gave up, installed the old vista compatable drivers and at least I'm playing Fallout again,and it's much more stable than my XP setup,even if that promised win7 speed boost is absent
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    Windows 7 Ultimate Vista Ultimate x64

    trevortom said:
    Tried to install the updated beta,got no joy.Gave up, installed the old vista compatable drivers and at least I'm playing Fallout again,and it's much more stable than my XP setup,even if that promised win7 speed boost is absent
    Wait until we get some decent video drivers and for it to come out of BETA and I'm sure you will have your performance boost.
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    Windows 7

    I noticed that after installing the patch for Fallout 3, Live services like messenger and Games for Windows Live stopped working. When I do use the troubleshooting guide, it says the right ports aren't open, despite having already opened all the necessary ports on my router. :/ Anyone else have a similar problem?


    I tried uninstalling FO 3 and reinstalling without the patch, but the problem persists.
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    windows 7

    I need some help with fallout 3, I cant even get it to install. The installer crashes with the installer has stopped working message. I get the same message trying to install the games for windows live 2.0. Anyone else getting any errors like this or might know how to fix them?
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    Windows 7 7000 x32

    Guys im havin a major problem with the game. I have read tru all 7 pages of your posts in effort to find a solution to my problem. here it goes
    When i start to install the game first thing i notice is that game copies dotnetfix 3.0 and Xlive instalation but both of the instalation crash and the game continues to install it self. when the instalation completes i start louncher as administrator and it pops a msg saying xlive.dll is missing. im asuming that is games for windows that didnt install. so i downloaded games for windows 2.0 and started the install but it crashed again.
    I know this might not be the proper forum to ask this question but i didnt notice this error untill i wanted to install fallout 3. To be honest i dont play that much new titles coz for last 4 years i stuck to world of warcraft mainly here and there a single player title for fun.
    Anyone know how to fix my problem in instaling games for windows so i could start FO3 would be my hero

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