Laptop shuts down randomly while gaming NOT OVERHEATING

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    Laptop shuts down randomly while gaming NOT OVERHEATING


    I have a sony vaio VPCF11S1E and lately it powers down completely random during some games (Lol and sc II). I do not get any warnings no BSOD, no windows logo nothing. Black screen and my fans stop.
    Now i can hear u thinking: "probably overheating". Well its not, my CPU/GPU temps don't even touch +70C. Plus i can stress test(FurMark, other games) my laptop no problem to the point where you can no longer touch the fan outlet.
    The strange thing is that it always happens randomly sometimes after 2 games sometimes after 5. But i have noticed that it happens consistently during 1 cinematic in the sc II campaign this is the only way i know i can make this happen deliberately.

    This all i have tried:
    - Monitoring temps
    - Lowering graphics
    - Stress testing
    - Enable small memory dumps (none generated)
    - Completely removed and reinstalled all graphic drivers
    - Update BIOS
    - Playing on battery or adaptor only
    - Memtest

    I am getting really desperate and would rather not reinstall Windows, but thats the last solution i can think off.
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    I don't know how powerful is that GT 330M card or if its even meant for gaming but, if it is and you have check the requirements for the game and your cards passes minimum requirements, I would try installing new video and audio drivers correctly (ie: not installed on top of the ones you already have).
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    I know i don't have the best graphics card, but i have been able to play much more graphical intensive games than these that give the shut downs. Also this problem has occurred for just a couple of weeks before it worked like a charm (for ex. i played LoL at 60 fps no problem).

    I completely removed everything even Nvidia related using Driver Sweeper and normal uninstall even removed the reg. before I reinstalled.
    It was a good suggestion but sadly it did not work.
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    No game is the same as far as requirement goes because, if the game is a bad port, then, even powerful rigs will suffer from it.

    Unfinished badly coded ports put more strain on hardware and can cause more heat than other games... if you have already downloaded the newest drivers and installed correctly, I don't know what else to advise but to stop playing that game or get a better laptop with a better graphics card.

    I don't care what many say, a laptop is a not a good gaming rig unless you are willing to spend a few mortgages/rent on it.

    What am I saying? a similar desktop for say USD $ 600 will be much better than a laptop for the same money.
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    I am grateful that you take the time to try and help me with my problem.

    However; "too bad, buy a desktop" was not the kind of answer I was looking for.
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    Seeing as I have been the only one trying to help, I take it that was meant for me. English is not my first language and my grammar and vocabulary are perhaps sub-par but, I don't recall saying Too Bad anywhere.

    I did say but a better laptop with better graphics or stop playing that game, then I explain why Desktop are much better than laptops for Gaming.

    Understanding that you want to play said game, you must also understand that if you have a Volkswagen Beetle, there is no way you can compete with a Ferrari... no matter how much you want to. In other words, if your laptop is not capable enough to play some guys, nothing we tell you to do will help you play the game.
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    Hi sirkilmore, welcome to SF.

    AstaLaVista was just trying to give you the option to go for a better graphic card. No hard feelings huh?

    Have you tried to update the drivers for graphic card and you mentioned that your laptop's fan stops. Check the power supply. Is it giving sufficient power?
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    hm...quite an odd things happens to your laptop should I say... Maybe your device is preparing for Halloween? :lol:

    Anyway, I had the same problem with my lenovo notebook B560, but after a while it has stopped shutting down randomly. maybe it's a kind of a virus? have you scanned your device properly? try to change the compatibility of the games you're playing, delete all crap using ccleaner (in the register too) or just if nothing helps - go ahead and write a claim letter to your device's manufacturers.
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    I have a Nvidia GT 330M graphic card too, you might be having the same issues as me, I have a sony VPCF126FM, you can go to the thread I created, so far from what I know I'm having video driver timeout (x117) errors
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