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Windows 7: ridiculously low frames on CS:GO

10 Dec 2013   #11

Windows 7 Pro 64 bit

yup, all my drivers and BIOS are up to date. my GPU is stock/air cooled by a blower style cooler. the idle temp is also around 40-ish.

the GPU doesnt seem to be stressed at all playing CSGO. the fans dont spin any faster. if im not mistaken, CSGO is still using the source engine which made its debut almost 10 years ago. any source game shouldnt be a benchmark by any means nowadays.

i've tried running the game both factory clocked and overclocked with the aforementioned 150%+ on the core clock speed and 600%+ on the memory speed using EVGA's precision tool. the overclocked settings seem to work well at first, but eventually it lags again eventually.

im just glad and appreciate the fact that someones willing to sit down and help me fix this stupid problem :)

My System SpecsSystem Spec
10 Dec 2013   #12
Prof Kerfuffle

Windows 7 Professional (x64/SP1) /Linux Mint 16

No problem and it's why am here :)

I am guessing your gpu is the culprit but that's a guess. I am also guessing the gpu issue maybe cause by a power issue (psu) but I don't want to make an incorrect and spurious suggestion. The source engine is 10 years but it has been fine tuned and modified extensively and is still very good, even 10 years later but it's starting to show its age.

What is your cpu usage and temp when playing CS:GO? And what's your gpu and cpu usage on another game such as ARMA or one that you know works fine.

I am trying to determine if a component is slacking as that might suggest a driver issue a setup issue or hardware fault.

One more thing, is the Graphics Card seated in the top PCI-E slot of the motherboard. Am guessing it isn't but if it is, it can cause bandwidth issues.
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10 Dec 2013   #13

Windows 7 Pro 64 bit

i think you're right about the power issue. theres this button buried 1 level deep in the EVGA precision called "k-boost". it was on and i toggled it off just now to see the difference. frames jumped up to 100+ and the fans spun up responding to the increased load and temperature. that may have been the culprit, but the real test is going to be tonight when i play on the same server but fully populated (32 man)..

and yes, the 660ti is seated in the top-most PCI-E slot
My System SpecsSystem Spec

10 Dec 2013   #14
Prof Kerfuffle

Windows 7 Professional (x64/SP1) /Linux Mint 16

Excellent news :)

Keep us posted if you would, am always interested in the results :)

Hopefully this is the last we will hear of this and maybe we can play some CSS together.

K-boost stops gpu scaling and isn't really necessary. I recommend keeping it disabled for good obvious reasoning unless you really want it and find a fix.

Enable high performance in windows 7 power options if you haven't already. (search power options on the start menu search)
My System SpecsSystem Spec
10 Dec 2013   #15

Windows 7 Pro 64 bit

windows power options only let you set the condition under which the PC will fall asleep though. i dont really see it helping gaming performance

in theory, shouldnt k-boost HELP performance? from what i read, it locks the card at boost clocks, so its always running at maximum. so by eliminating the throttling, shouldnt it run better?

and sure! add me up: DARKLY Byuntaeng
My System SpecsSystem Spec
10 Dec 2013   #16
Prof Kerfuffle

Windows 7 Professional (x64/SP1) /Linux Mint 16

Windows power options do mainly control sleep and brightness settings and are mainly for laptops, I get where you're coming from but using the balanced setting enables cpu throttling, cpu parking (to a greater extent) and in general affecting cpu performance. There is also PCI Express settings to reduce PCI-E power consumption by reducing data bandwidth again doesn't really have much use on a desktop.

The only setting on the high performance power plan you may wish to modify is the cpu throttling as it is at 100% and theoretically disables speed stepping. change minimum cpu frequency to 0% or 5%.

K-boost basically from what I can find locks your frequencies and voltages to the maximum settings so they don't clock down at any point theoretically increase performance by reducing fps drops from the fluctuations in voltages and frequencies. Personally I can only see this being of real use in serious gpu hogs such as bench marks, this my opinion and hypothesis on which others can freely disagree. For accurate terminology and the facts about 'K-Boost' read the help file on the OC software.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
10 Dec 2013   #17

Windows 7 Pro 64 bit

oh, turned out i was already using high performance haha.

nothing to do but wait till tonight..
My System SpecsSystem Spec
10 Dec 2013   #18

Windows 7 Pro 64 bit

alrighty.... played a few games on some different maps. here are the results..

avg 50-60 FPS
*the last round of the game i got 10-20 fps, even while spectating

started off at 80, then dropped to 10-30 when i entered "new" areas of the map

de_oil (different server, 18 players)
avg 150 FPS, sv remained stable at 128

de_cache (different server, 26 players)
avg 80 FPS, sv remained stable at 128

this baffles me. it seems like the FPS dramatically drops whenever theres a lot of player activity and/or i enter a new part of the map. is it possible for other things to bottleneck the game, such as the HDD and RAM? both these components are 4+ years old.

also i noticed the "sv" value in the "net_graph" fluctuates randomly and it seems to have somewhat of a correlation to FPS. could this be a sign my network chip/motherboard is beginning to die? or a problem on the server im playing on?
My System SpecsSystem Spec
11 Dec 2013   #19

Windows 10 64bit

Try turning on multicore rendering, that should boost fps since you're using a quad core. Source games are heavy on the cpu. I saw you had that option disabled in the screenshot.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
11 Dec 2013   #20
Prof Kerfuffle

Windows 7 Professional (x64/SP1) /Linux Mint 16

Well you cant judge the failure of components solely on a single game, if other games and more importantly different game engines run well the we can isolate the issue to CS GO and not your pc. Am I right in saying these are your standard fps results? They seem good to me. (Apart from CS:GO of course )

arma 3 - VEEERRRRRY low FPS (Depending on the settings your cpu is on the border of the required specs)
CSGO - low 30s (Game poorly optimized? Or setup wrong???)
CSS - 200+ (Good, it's on 2010 source engine)
DOD:S - 200+ (Good - Exact same engine as CSS)
GTA IV - 50s? (Impertinent result, although it depends on the settings)
TF2 - 100+ (Normal, this is an updated version of source)

Has it always performed this poorly? I forgot to ask . Anyway another thing to try is increase the priority rank of CS:GO.exe in task manager. I read here the game is poorly optimized on some maps and very cpu hungry.


Do try multicore rendering as M1GU31 suggested as it may improve a little fps but I doubt it's the cause of the severe fps fluctuations. Have you tried running everything on low settings, a low resolution and then check fps. Slowly rise the settings up individually and look for severe fps drop.

The HDD and RAM shouldn't reduce your fps by much if any and would mostly slow you at the loading screens when compared with faster ram and storage devices. High Speed RAM - Is it Worth it? DDR3 1333MHz vs 2400MHz Test This should demonstrate the difference of high speed ram in games and the SSD would just reduce loading times and in fact all my games run off my HDD. I reserve SSD space for the OS, large applications such as the adobe suite and frequently used applications such as Chrome and Thunderbird.

Normally motherboards just die, you predict there lifespan in years and buy a new one before it 'dies'. I doubt it's dying and if it is normally you receive a lot of bsod's and kernel panics or it simply wont boot. As for your NIC (network chip) again like your motherboard it either works or doesn't and will show little sign of failure and will rarely fail prematurely. Do try other servers though if you haven't already, I'd imagine player count would contribute to greater load and lower fps.

Sorry for the long post
My System SpecsSystem Spec

 ridiculously low frames on CS:GO

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