Counter Strike Source

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    Windows 7 7000; Windows XP Pro SP3

    Counter Strike Source

    Well, im not sure but i can run this fine for the first time. If i close normally and decide to play later i can't. I get "This game is currently unavaliable. Please try again later."

    I have only been able to play the game once, didn't really work as i tried to load my autoexec and if you do it in game CS:S temp freezes and doesnt respond, and windows being clever thinks its died and auto-closes it. So thats the only time ive ever been able to play

    any ideas?

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    Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit (build 7000)

    Not 100% but i believe this is steam related. Ive had this happen a few times over the years with CS:S and all Ive had to do is leave it for 20 mins or so and then comeback and its fine.

    If that doesn't work, wait a little longer, its been a while since it happened to me, but it sounds like the same thing, so it should fix itself sooner or later.

    Additional: (other possible reasons and solutions)
    *Another copy is running in background: Ctr-Alt-Delete, bring up task manager and end HL2.exe then try again.
    * clientregistry.blob error: Go into steam folder and delete clientregistry.blob. Restart steam and it will redownload clientregistry.blob, if this doesn't work you can try uninstalling and reinstalling steam. ( for more details)
    *Antivirus software is blocking CS:S: Norton or McAfee used to cause problems but this hass supposedly been patched out, but could try deactivating just to test if they are causing problems.
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    Windows 7 beta 64 bit build 7000

    One other thing. Turn off UAC. HL2 doesn't get along with it. THE AI scripting gets shut down by UAC. I have not had a problem with CSS with UAC on or off. I'm running 64 bit 7000.
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    Windows 7 7000; Windows XP Pro SP3
    Thread Starter

    How do you turn UAC off? I've heard things start going tits up if this happens. Somewhere here thigns start going wrong BSOD's and random crashes :S myth?

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    Windows 8.1 Pro x64

    I installed CSS on Windows 7 last night, and had the problem of it freezing the whole computer once the map had loaded.

    I tried a couple of things to fix it, and it works fine now. I was playing for a few hours last night with no crashes at all.

    First thing I did was remove cl_resend 2 from my config. This can crash your computer if you set it to 1 or 2 (on Vista, I had no problems running at 2), so I removed the whole thing from the config.

    I also disabled SLI, as possibly SLI is still a bit buggy in Windows 7. After changing the config and disabling SLI, the game ran fine.

    I haven't turned UAC off, and running hl2.exe for CSS as admin didn't work either, and I'm not running hl2.exe as admin at the moment, and it runs fine. If I did run the game as admin, I also got the "The game is currently unavailable" error.
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    Windows 7 RTM x64

    i never once had any probs with it, Runs better then it did on vista. Faster load times and everything. Strange one this. but steam has been playing up for me the last few days so keep trying.
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    Windows 7 beta 64 bit build 7000

    bambi said:
    How do you turn UAC off? I've heard things start going tits up if this happens. Somewhere here thigns start going wrong BSOD's and random crashes :S myth?

    Don't know where you heard that malarkay, but UAC is found as follows:

    Start\Getting Started\Change UAC Settings

    It's a slider control.
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    Windows 7

    I had a problem installing Counter Strike:Source on Windows 7. The Installation didn't finished because appeard an error, something like, "error, copyng and writting the hl2.exe". I turned off the UAC, thinking that it will solve the problem but the problems still appears. Any ideas?? can any of you install de game and play it??
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    Windows 7 Enterprise SP1 x64 Windows 8 Enterprise RTM x64

    Try running the installer as admin?
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    windows 7

    Hey guys, i"ve just installed steam on my windows 7 64 bit, as well as Cs:source. The installation processes went totally fine. However, when i start up cs:source, the game automatically closes itself. I've tried to reinstall the game several times, but gt the same results. I've even tried running in compatibility, and switched off UAC. And ideas guys? Thanks for the help!

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