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    x BlueRobot said:
    Gornot said:
    x BlueRobot said:
    I've completed all the main story missions and side missions on GTA: V a while ago, and have completed all the races and purchased most of the property, so GTA: V seems to be getting a little boring now. I might just finish the arms trafficking activities, and then go back to GTA: V in a few months.
    I'm interested to find out how many hours have you put into the game. Is the campaign (main missions/storyline) lengthy? Any diversity and contrast between main and side missions? What about collectibles?

    I really don't want to watch any GTA V footage on YouTube (except some "Online" gameplay), I don't want to spoil myself until the PC version comes out.
    The storyline felt shorter than San Andreas, but I think it may be around the same length as GTA IV. The side missions are completely different to the main missions, the side missions are more comic generally, and you have stranger missions too.

    I think you can collect spaceship parts, when did hidden packages stop?

    The stranger missions unlock you additional things to do, like collecting nuclear waste in the sea; collecting letters/diary entries on a boat?

    There's the fly under the bridges challenge from GTA IV and the stunt jumps which are best so far.
    Yeah, the story itself clocks in at around the same amount of gameplay as GTA IV. However, there is a lot more extra stuff to do, lots of collection missions, car stealing, tennis, golf, etc. There are plenty of weird side missions and they are often funny. You can also go to a movie, or spend quite a while just watching television. The soundtrack is decent, but it's not Vice City good either, about par with GTA IV.

    Aside from the spaceship parts, there are also letter scraps to collect.

    I put in about 60 hours into the game, but I've done a heck of a lot of running around and goofing off as well.

    I've done quite a bit, but I've not reached 100% completion either. Here's a list of what you need for 100%:
    Complete all story missions, including all assassination missions from Lester.
    Get a lap dance at a strip club.
    Complete all 5 Street Races.
    Complete all 4 Sea Races.
    Score at least a Bronze in 3 rounds with each weapon type at the Shooting Range.
    Score at least a Bronze in all 12 lessons at Flight School.
    Go parachuting. A parachute can be found at the tram station at the Summit of Mount Chiliad.
    Participate in golf, darts, and tennis at least once, and enter 3 triathlon races.
    Complete all 6 Off-Road Races.
    Complete all of Tonya's towing missions with Franklin.
    Complete all of Beverly's paparazzo missions with Franklin.
    Complete all of Hao's Shift Work mission with Franklin.
    Complete all of Barry's missions with Franklin.
    Complete all of Fanatic's missions with Franklin.
    Complete all 4 of Dom's extreme missions.
    Collect and return all 50 Space Ship parts to Omega.
    Collecting all 50 Letter Scraps and complete the Dreyfuss' confrontation.
    Complete 14 Random Events.
    Complete all 25 Under the Bridges.
    Complete all 8 Knife Flights.
    Complete all 25 Stunt Jumps.
    Purchase 5 money-generating properties.
    Purchase a vehicle on the web.
    Visit the cinema.
    Walk and play with Chop.
    Hire a prostitute.
    Make a booty call to a stripper.
    Rob a shop.
    Complete 4 friend activities: go to a bar, visit a strip club, watch a movie, and play dart with at least two of the game's protagonists.

    Do all that and you'll get 100% completion.
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    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit SP1

    Lol Im playing heaps of Minecraft and Garry's Mod, but also I've been playing games on other consoles, like Mario Kart Wii and Luigi's Mansion 2 on the 3DS.
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    I've completed about half of that list :)
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    Picked up Stanley Parable off of Steam. It's an HD remake of a Half-life 2 mod, but it's been altered enough it's worth playing even if you've played the mod. It works as a stand alone remarkably well.

    It is definitely worth the price of admission. I ended up playing for about four hours last night and it kept me chuckling the whole time. Getting any one of the endings doesn't take long and I managed to get most of them there are several endings.

    It is a video game version of a choose your own adventure book and it does get a bit dark in some places and nonsensical in others. It's a great game to toss someone on who doesn't play many games as it doesn't require any sort of gaming skill to play. The humor isn't crude and it remains high brow throughout, so it's a good thing to show to people who don't care for 'potty mouths'. This is a good game to sit a grandparent or someone who isn't technologically inclined in front of. Dear Esther is another game good for that sort of person, but this Stanley Parable is more engaging and entertaining.

    It's more interactive story than actual game, there are no enemies, only one button to interact with things, and no platforming or items to manage or use. It's just an entertaining story that you walk through and decide what to do next on your own. The narrator provides one option and you can decide to either do what it says, or ignore it and simply do as you please. You can die, but it's generally something you have to intentionally do, or a part of one of the darker endings.

    I also noticed that some of the choices aren't available until you've gotten certain endings or take certain routes. When the narrator kicks you back to the beginning again sometimes there are doors open that were previously locked or extra options in some rooms.

    There are also little quirks that pop up by simply doing things a little differently, for example, once you learn the keypad code in the boss's office, try putting it in before the narrator tells you what it is. Taking a ride in the elevator in the boss's office hallway was worth a chuckle as well. The double doors to it were locked on my first time through but getting there by a different route unlocks some of the doors.

    I'll probably end up playing through it again on occasion and I'm sure there's a few endings I've not seen yet. I haven't answered the phone yet and I also haven't gone through the blue door, I'm sure there's a couple of others as well. I probably won't use a walkthrough, as it's pretty short and there is no real danger or challenges to get past. There's no real reason I won't be able to find them all on my own without much difficulty.

    Check it out, it's short, but also cheap and funny.
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    Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

    Just finished Beyond Two Souls

    Not sure what to start next though.
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    Win 7 Pro x64, Win 10 Pro x64, Linux Light x86

    Ace Combat Assault Horizon - Enhanced Edition, its not free but it is great fun !

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    I actually don't play much games on PC but on ps3 I play: GTA V, Hitman Absolution, COD: BO, Medal Of Honor: Warfighter (Warfighter Multiplayer is a piece of crap, but story is awesome), NBA 2k13...
    On PC i play Kerbal Space Program (Great game, if you never tried it, i suggest watching gameplay on youtube (VSP Midgård #1 - Building the Midgård - YouTube), Papers, please and TDU 2 sometimes
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    Stephanie said:
    Ace Combat Assault Horizon - Enhanced Edition, its not free but it is great fun !

    Do you play that on pc, ps3, xbox?

    Looks good btw thanks!

    I'm playing tomb raider on ultimate settings for everything and it looks amazing. I am blown away by the graphics and the game play. Great game.
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    andrew129260 said:
    Stephanie said:
    Ace Combat Assault Horizon - Enhanced Edition, its not free but it is great fun !

    Do you play that on pc, ps3, xbox?

    Looks good btw thanks!

    I'm playing tomb raider on ultimate settings for everything and it looks amazing. I am blown away by the graphics and the game play. Great game.
    If I had to guess I'd say that looks like the PS3 version. It's not available for PC, but you can get it for the 360.
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    Windows 7 Ultimate x32

    im playing Call of Duty- Modern Warfare 3 and i need some cheats
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