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Windows 7: What Games Are You Playing?

18 May 2011   #1261

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Service Pack 1

Recently started playing Devil May Cry 4 and it's got me hooked!

Just reached Stage 12 (Dante's 2nd mission) and it has me very confuzzled. :/

When playing as Nero, its so much easier with the Devil Bringer, but now that I'm stuck with Dante for these stages, and since he dosent have the Devil Bringer, things are much more complicated in fights. Dx

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18 May 2011   #1262


Played Borderlands all yesterday and part of today. Working on my new hunter. Played JustCause2 all day before yesterday.

Been watching all the videos for Lost Alpha mod for Stalker SOC that has been in the works for a long time. I hope it comes out soon. It is a total soc game conversion mod. I think it will make soc better than the game I bought. It is hard to wait on it or Way Of The Wolf mod for cop.. I guess some has changed over time or early videos. Its ok tho it will be a great mod for sure. The same fella made priboi story and its a great total conversion mod too. Lost Alpha might be the best soc mod ever..>

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. - Lost Alpha mod - Mod DB

Maybe I should try and finish up my stalker soc play through so I can install priboi story again- maybe one of the other mods will come out soon- I will be ready for it. Love my stalker games..

Have fun see ya..
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18 May 2011   #1263

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

Ive yet to finish Stalker.
In fact, Im only just outside that 1st camp.. about 15 maybe 30 minutes into the game.
I dunno. It just didnt grab me, and I got sidetracked on other games. I should probably give it more of a chance at some point.
I have it and Call of Priya, which I havent even played at all. STEAM sales during Christmas :)

Just curious ..

Anyone try The Witcher 2 yet?
Its on my want list & was thinking maybe picking it up this weekend.
Would like to hear opinions of those who have played it.
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18 May 2011   #1264
mickey megabyte

ultimate 64 sp1

i never got into any of the stalker games either - i wanted to, i liked the idea - but they just didn't grab me in the same way as say fallout 3 or borderlands did...maybe it was just my hardware, i dunno...
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18 May 2011   #1265


Not trying to give you guys a hard time- just saying is all.

Stalker games start out a lil hard and maybe folks lose interest easy with them. At first soc was buggy as crap- I could not play it and got it just out until patch 10003 it set for what a few months before that patch came out but was not until 004 until all quests and or kruglov quests was fixed. Tweak guide is your friend.

Folks need to baby stalker games a lil bit like when they pause- just take your hands off your keys and do not move your mouse or it might lock up- normally takes like 20 seconds up to 2 minutes and will start working again- you learn the places it does that at and will do it every time. I always do the -noprefect and -nointro switches and it always runs fine for me.

After you get into it get better gear it gets better or after you have played it 1 or 2x it is no game like it. it is meant to be hard its a survival game and only head shots kill any thing- so it will test your skills. You have to fight the bots and they will flank ya what ever and have perfect aim even in pitch black darkness and the mutants are cool. Mods add cut out mutants or some do any way. It gives me the best competition other than mp games and is why I like it so much. It is soc any way an awesome game.. I up gamma and bright a lil if dark out side.

Oh ya very important in stalker games- the lower you crouch and or iron site or scope the more accurate you are. It has 2 crouches- hold both l shift and l ctrl for low crouch the more accurate you are. In low crouch a pistol is as deadly as a rifle in stalker games even at distance and if in good condition and head shots. Point blank and rushed some thing jumps out at ya- its no matter just shoot um in the face until they fall. Stalker games are good at stealth too. Crouch you can walk right up on bots and knife them from behind what ever. You make no noise if crouched.

Give it a chance Id bet you would agree- and being its been patched and works. Save often I hard save from esc save etc- but still can act funny like at the military ware house area- missions do not always work right first time you have to stop playing re start the game or maybe spawn back in from the bar area or play from your last save game etc.. Stalker games can be finicky- They are great tho and blow fo3 out of the water as far as gun play and fps mechanics go. I like fo3 its nice and long and of the same genre but its now where as a good a shooter as stalker games are not as good of atmosphere either. And fo3 gives me or my system more probs than stalker games or after they have been patched any way..

Im no fan boy- I have cussed it a many times and been ban from gsc for complaining about bug stuff and fan boys slam or cuss me- I cuss them back I am ban- its funny. But I do point out both its good and bad as with all my games.. If you give it a real chance and get into it- you will be hooked and waiting on these mods like I am. Its play and atmosphere and world and sounds and anomalies and artifacts are awesome. You have to learn the artifacts and whats best to use or sell etc and find or buy better gear and collect your loot to sell or load up bodies and drag them because you can not carry but so much stuff. Do not leave your stuff on bodies and spawn to another area- its best to dump it on the ground if no stash box near by- it will stay there some dogs what ever can kick it around. You can not carry bodies through spawn points. They stalker games are unique nothing else like them.. You feel like you are a part of the game and after a while you think the glitchy stuff is normal or because of the radiation- its weird really.

Not trying to sound stupid- but master stalker games you are a real sp gamer is about all I can say- You will love them if give them a real chance. They are not for the weak or folks who need to play with trainers and be all god up like many folks and will cheat ya in mp games too. Search every inch of the maps your first time or 2 playing see what you find and use your bolts around anomalies so not to get zapped. Man I love these games. Clear sky pisses me off tho. COP is ok but not as good as soc. Well cs would be my fav it runs and looks great for me- but I can not complete it. I can never get the last flash drive in cordon and if I save at the npp and die or stop playing and start again streloks health bar is gone and I can not kill him to end the game- so I gave up on it.. I like the up grade systems in cs and cop is maybe the only thing better than soc. Set skill in game is no real mater stalker or master changes nothing really. Some artifacts in some patches might be more invis if playing master is about it- and depends on what patches you are playing- I prefer 10004 it has more mod options- 005 is ok- 006 is mp patch mostly..

I guess same reasons folks do not like metro 2033 is same reasons for not liking stalker games- they are hard- skin of your teeth games or starting out. Just know this. You can always run if not powerful enough or good enough gear. you do not have to take on every fight etc..

Do as you like but if you guys have them- give soc more a chance- make up your mind you are going to complete it- see how you like it after- is about all I can say..

If it is any thing I can do to help I will if I do not have videos or what ever I will make them for ya. As far as tweaking it or adding mods what ever- I can help ya a lot- just ask- and I like you all ok so its all good..

I used no walk throughs or nothing- which I do not for any of my games- I might look at one if stuck for months- or after I have played them a few times I look through them just to see what I might have missed etc..I have a complete soc video play through on youtube- the vids are not so good any more tho- yt has changed its codecs and few times and is why I am recording it again now and in wide screen.. I added all the extra videos dragging bodies and moving loot etc- I need to rename them so it is more easy to follow along etc..

Just starting out this vid might help and show ya all the goodies in the start camp.. If I care to work at it i can take all the military starting out with lil of nothing- its not easy at all tho.. I normally wait a lil now tho a hour or so and get some better stuff- but you can get good stuff fast killing them- or they patrols of 3 at a time any way..>

My old play through starts at about vid # 32 [cordon1].. 3x lists in the pt stalker a-b-c some 424 vids total in the pt..>

See ya..
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18 May 2011   #1266

Windows 7 Ultimate


you decide

Guard 1: "What's this prisoner doing here? This cell is supposed to be off limits."

Guard 2: "Err ... usual mixup with the watch ... I ..."

Guard 1: "Never mind. Get that gate open. Stand back, prisoner. We won't hesitate to kill you if you get in our way."

Guard 2: "You! Prisoner! Stand away from the door. Over by the window now!"

Emperor Uriel Septim: "You. I've seen you. Let me see your face. You are the one from my dreams."

Geralt: "What the f*** ..."
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18 May 2011   #1267


Laughing at vierasniper

The last line what the f*** and the look on the cats face in your avy. Still laughing.. That cat looks cool.

What game is that?

And witcher2 videos look pretty cool. I am trying to get into a few more type games or genres and not necessarily games with guns etc. Well If I had cash and not so poor id buy more and try them any way.

I do not think I can get into all rpg's its not really my style or Point click types at all- click circle under your player click other characters all that stuff. Some rpg's look nice tho- world etc.. I can not see my self playing top downs or side strollers etc- or the old pong type or looking stuff. Im a fps or rps gamer.. I do not really like 3rd view games either.

I think I might like the bat man games aa and the new one.. They would be real different than all ive played before..

Graphics in some of these other games look awesome tho..
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18 May 2011   #1268

Windows 7 Ultimate

The first lines are from oblivion, shortly after the game starts in the imperial prison. The last one by Geralt, our hero from the Witcher. its a bit of a joke, because the witcher 2 also starts in a prison. its a bit weird to explain, but some people might get it.
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18 May 2011   #1269


Laughing again- every time i see that cat it makes me laugh- he looks disgusted or something.
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18 May 2011   #1270


Back to my last post. Stalker etc..

I have other friends with lots of games and one fella has like well over 200 steam games and never finished like 90% of them. He does it to his self. Good deals what ever and has to buy them thin and maybe try them and never gets back to them..

I play all my games start to end and normally play just one game until completed. I did break my own rule with jc2 and mafia2. I started jc2 first and changed over to m2 it was said a short game- playing it 2x now and have not completed jc2 yet. Its a great and long game I get back to it every few days- play it for hours complete a few quests and like flying around in choppers etc and checking out the world- its beautiful. I do not so much like driving long distances in jc2 tho. I like driving in mafia2 tho.. Well driving in jc2 is cool with a military vehicle with a cannon I love them.. I guess because the choppers are in the game and I can go over stuff is more why I do.. jc2 is the only game I have other than gta vc which I never liked much that I have not completed.. Which I have all the older gta games and never really liked them. I only keep them because I might try and finish them some day.. I dont know vc just looks so dated or something and 3rd view I never got into it.. I feel so retarded bumping into stuff and fumbling around or walking past stuff being in 3rd view I hate it really. I like dead space and jc2 and mafia2 walking around and fighting can suck tho..

Normally the only time I walk away from a game is if I get stuck and for a long time and it pisses me off- and I will not read a walk through. Normally I figure it out- but has been a time or 2 I had to use a walk through to get me past being stuck- 2 games hl2 near start of the game in the underground where that area is you have to turn the valve and fill it up with water to get out of there. It made me buy the guide book- and q4 that end boss I think it is big monster looking thing would keep regenerating. Is the only time I ever needed a walk through. Which hl2 was my first real puzzle like game and took me a long time to finish it my first time playing it. I was stuck in both games for months before I completed them.

So Id fall back to ut04 mp which I played all the time any way or was playing painkiller etc at the time. I try and stick to one game and then I know I will finish it or I think its a waste and being poor I have to play what I have. I think id be same way even if I could buy new games everyday or week tho.. But I think doing so hurts folks too..

Just make up your minds you are going to complete a game and play it- you still have your other games waiting. If you never complete them it was a waste of money really or disc space if installed..

I was looking at new maps mp for crysis2 the game does look awesome- but they jerked folks around and still are with dx11 sucks. MP looks cool tho- and read its sp is not bad at all. I love mp games and playing real people and after practice can compete- just so many folks cheat pisses me off.. I prefer games like ut or waw zombies where you can play same maps as mp but against the bots and learn the maps etc- then play real people. Not many mp games let you play just bots in mp maps tho- sucks..

Oh man- fo3 and melee I hate it its response is so slow- you near have to give your self like 2 seconds between when you swing and when it actually reacts it takes some getting use to- Its not easy in real time and close up trying to fight melee- I hate it. The mechanics suck in that game and player movements look odd and slow but if firing on an enemy it can be 2 blocks away and close on ya face to face sometimes before you can reload some weapons.. All and all I like the game..

The new sycim what ever is said a new engine but looking at videos its the same slow looking odd ball crap. I seen one vid and a dog or something coming at the guy- its the same slow un natural looking stuff. I think fo3 maybe one day vegas are the last beth games I will ever buy- maybe rage when cheap and if as good as the hype. No normal mp modes I dont know. If its sp is short and try and milk ya with dlc's for the rest of the game I will wait a long time and then buy a goty cheap on steam maybe..
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