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Windows 7: What Games Are You Playing?

11 Feb 2011   #861
mickey megabyte

ultimate 64 sp1

you've not even tried minesweeper?

My System SpecsSystem Spec
11 Feb 2011   #862


Last few days been playing Stalker SOC Complete mod 2009- this is the 48x I have played soc. Took all day to patch it to 10005, I tried everything it would not work- or until I moved the patch to my e: drive- then it installed.. Thanks w7.

*I will add more videos- these are more less test- trying to dial in quality and performance..>

YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

This like many mods make the game look better etc. This mod add few other changes. I prefer the added mutants that are in some other mods- I think they are cool and just extra stuff to kill. Most mods do more lean to god ya all up or mess up the scopes with some stupid scope mod which for the most part limit your view- this game depends on head shots for the most part. The standard in game scopes are better than 99.8% of the mod junk. Some other mods if they even work all the time I remove any mod scopes or try.

My stalker games and fo3 and bioshock2 are my most buggy games, but I love my stalker stuff well fo3 and the original bioshock is cool- I have stalker cs and cop also, need a better card to really play them tho. I might run them in dx9 on this system and max them out.

** its funny- they did not like the tree or the hill on other side of the fence. I had to start over- I needed to talk to wolf for clear the boars quest and get paid..>

The controller in the agro under ground has been kicking my butt 4x already- I think I figured him out now- I will just wait let him get more close and toss out nades but not step out where he can see me- ha ha nades in the mod are like mini nukes and bots have them too- I seem to run into them instead of away- So I have been blown up a few times- its a trip- The bots can land a nade on your head over walls or from across the park.

See ya.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
11 Feb 2011   #863


Love my stalker stuff. I think I have it tweaked out pretty good now- Night outside is extra dark so I might up gamma 1x for night stuff then lower for day, but inside I keep it set for day to maintain dept etc.

* My friend..>

YouTube - stalker complete 09 agro sucker1.avi

Have fun- See ya..
My System SpecsSystem Spec

12 Feb 2011   #864

Windows 7 Ultimate x86

Playing nothing. So. many. exams. Really miss WOW, it's been months since I last played. Anyways, I got Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl and it's a pretty terrible game, there hasn't been one "special" mission from the trader where there wasn't a horrible bug. Everytime I feel like I'm getting pulled into the game there's a retarded bug with either NPCs being in combat when there's no one but me around, shouting and pointing their guns at nothing and running around taking cover when all I want is to buy a damn bandage off them. In the end, I just started stabbing them in the face and thinking their brains were made into a paste by the anomalies and I'm purifying the Zone. Anyways, how's Call of Prypiat ? Is it as buggy?
My System SpecsSystem Spec
12 Feb 2011   #865

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

I have installed :
Just Cause 2
Dragon Age : Origins (FTW)
Super Meat Boy (FTW)
Starcraft 2 (FTW)

But i'm usually plaing JC2 and Dragon Age.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
12 Feb 2011   #866


Umm, my take on stalker games is this. Yes some buggy stuff and I hate it. For the most part the games are great tho. Stalker soc and Fo3 you have to baby both those games- depends on who you speak too is which is more glitchy maybe..

Stalker soc from patch 10004 pretty much fixed the game all missions work- The game is alive so npc's etc can be in battle, a glitch yes maybe- but normally if you exit game restart it and then try to enter the area again fixes it- if while walking around etc and the game does it lil pause- do not touch any keys or anything and wait up to a minute or 2 it will free its self most of the time- If you baby along soc it is a great game and near actual bug free - I think patch 10004 is best.. If a save will not start it must be corrupted- go to a save before it and try again..

Stalker cs seems to run the best of the 3 games but after 10 patches you might not ever get 1 flash drive from cordon and if you save at the npp you might not finish the game or kill Strelok his health bar disappears or freeze stuck. CS was said as hard on a system as crysis when it came out- it runs good for me- I never had or played crysis tho.

Stalker cop Works start to end- It is not buggy per say but it does have some bad slow down points and happens often- I think it is from all the dead bodies laying around- the game does not or will not clear them fast enough or just lets them lay there all game. You can have npc probs in any of three stalker games- it is how the games are and the world is alive- its not just scripted like most other fps games- Normally when that happens a enemy is around a dog or what ever- kill it the bots go back to normal alert.

Stalker games can be enjoyable if you take the time with them and put up with some stuff. I have had my fits with stalker games- but I read a lot and tweak them out- Stalker is not some folks cup of tea. 1 and 3 are less probs and work- I am sad I never finished a cs game.. Cs is the last stalker game I got- got it a few months ago for 10 bucks, I paid full for soc and cop 40 bucks each. I will not pay full for stalker stuff in the future- I do wait for stalker2 said a new in house engine..

Stalker games are great to bench with too.. I have few games that can make me jump out of my skin- and even less that have as good of combat or atmosphere, mods are cool too. Few games challenge me like stalker games- Ha ha bug stuff is maybe just another game mode- and few games today are bug free- so.. Some are more buggy than others is all we can say these days for the most part..

Stalker games are mixed genre games- both fps and rpg= rps I think they are naturally a lil more glitchy- Borderlands and bioshock games are not perfect either.. Fan boys or folks in general can hate and flame or misunderstand me- I point out both the good and the bad in all my games- I can tend to complain about bug or glitch stuff a lot- folks misunderstand and think I do not like the games or something- I am a fan- not a fan boy- I am sorry.. I can be the same way with w7- I like it but it can get on my nerves- I think it is a lot more glitchy or probs than my xp sp2.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
12 Feb 2011   #867

Windows 10 Pro x64, Arch Linux

Currently playing Minecraft
My System SpecsSystem Spec
12 Feb 2011   #868

Windows 7 Home Premium x64 SP1

Currently playing Assassin's Creed. I am used to playing FPS games and just never gave AC a thought until I saw it for $9.99 so I thought "what the heck". So far it's a good game just trying to get used to the controls.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
12 Feb 2011   #869


* Stalkers can take time from the zone and enjoy the lil things - like a bottle of vodka and chill by a fire and play some music.

YouTube - stalker complete mod 09 campfire music1.avi

Bugs or not- I am playing stalker soc for the 48x now- I have played no other game more other than ut04 mp tdm- When I played it some 17 hours a day for 2 1/2 years and normally just the rankin map over and over all day and tho I have the full retail version.. I just like what I like I guess.. I could kick butt in ut04- I just got sick of being cheated and have to play extra hard to beat cheaters who can bump up his cheats on the fly while playing- They can do it in all mp games. As a fact and they are taught on hack sites to dial back the cheats so maybe not be noticed- and just seem like a normal or good player..

If any folks here have any probs with stalker games or ut04 or any other games I have- I will gladly help out if I can.. Stalker games are meant to be a lil more hard maybe- they are survival games- Best I read metro is even worst as far as playing by the skin of your teeth and very lil to do it with- That is by plan and is part of the game- They are not for every 1.. I will get metro someday I need a better video card first. Maybe folks can better stomach stalker games if they put in there minds - think maybe the zone or radiation by plan also makes the games seem glitchy- or helps me get past it anyway..

Stalker Soc runs the best it has for me- It seems to like w7 and my 8 gigs of ram- Using my old vid card I am still running at more high quality settings at more high res than in xp at lower res, soc is only dx9 tho. May sound odd- but I think because I have to baby stalker games and help them along endears me to them- Maybe like a pet a old dog with 1 leg that craps in the floor or gets in the trash all the time or is chewing up your furniture or something- tho it is a pain in the butt you love it and cant get rid of it or put it under.. Ha ha..
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12 Feb 2011   #870

Windows 7 Ultimate

im between geometry wars and dead space 2. i was sobbing uncontrollably after dealing with a couple of black necromorphs with 3 plasma shots and stasis

p.s i haven't bought ammo the entire time im in chapter 13 i seriously think its made me a better shooter haha
My System SpecsSystem Spec
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 What Games Are You Playing?

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