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Windows 7: Original Xbox Controller in Windows 7 x64

14 Aug 2012   #11

Windows 7 Home Premium x64
this worked for me! :)

This is how I finally got my original Xbox controller to work with windows 7 after a lot of mucking about which I hope others will also find useful.

First Make sure u uninstall any previous xbcd software and drivers. Also go to Device Manager and uninstall the controller that did not work if u tried to install it previously (it will have yellow exclamation mark next to it)

U also need to turn off ‘User Account Controls’ – Go Start, Control Panel, Action Center, then click on ‘Change User Account Control Settings’ on top left. Drag the Slider all the way down to ‘Never Notify’.

Now U need to download these 3 files:

FILE 1: - XBCD_Installer_0.2.7.exe - (xbcd 0. 2.7)
FILE 2: Download Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider 1.3b (Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider 1.3b)
FILE 3: - - (x64 drivers)

Unzip FILE 1 - xbcd and right click on ‘XBCD_Installer_0.2.7.exe’ note: you MUST ‘Run as Administrator’ or IT WILL NOT WORK!

After that has successfully installed Go to FILE 2 - dseo13b.exe and again right click on it and ‘Run as Administrator’. now u will have several options - Check the box ‘Test Mode’ then ‘Next’ then check ‘Exit’ then ‘Next’.


When this is done it will show ‘Test Mode’ in bottom right of the screen (note: if yr screen is white then it will not be visible!)

Now you need to extract FILE 3 - file

Go the folder u extracted it to and u will have 2 files that u need to move to other folders

(This assumes that you originally installed windows to c: drive) - Right click on XBCD.inf and copy. Browse to the folder c:\windows\inf\ and paste it there.
Go to the other file u extracted - xbcd .sys and again copy it and then browse to folder c:\windows\system32\drivers\ and paste it there.

If u have done all of the above correctly you should now be able to plug yr Xbox controller into the usb and it will recognise it.

If u want to exit ‘Test Mode’ simply run dseo13b.exe and select disable Test Mode, exit and reboot.

My System SpecsSystem Spec
06 Aug 2013   #12

Windows 7 X64 Custom
Original XBOX controller perm. fix

the original XBOX controller is pretty simple to install and keep installed as long as you have done your proper reasearch............ you must have XBCD Drivers (at least version 0.2.7 which is the version I used to use myself) and another program called ReadyDriver Plus 1.2, that changes your boot-up settings automatically each time you start your computer to allow for the use of unsigned drivers............. download and install ReadyDriver first and install without changing any settings because the setup will automatically calibrate itself for your PC........... then restart and install XBCD version 0.2.7 and restart once again.............. upon bootup, after your bios screen loads and disappears, you will see your Bios boot into advanced settings............ then the pc will automatically find and select the "disable windows forced driver signature" option within the advanced options and start up will resume as normal afterwards................ I guarantee your original XBOX controller will work 100%................ but as a side note, I would just spring for the $25 360 controller at Gamestop if I were you because some games do not support the first gen XBOX controllers, no matter what 3rd party software you try to use................
My System SpecsSystem Spec
06 Aug 2013   #13

Windows 7 Home premium

Why would you want an original Xbox controller? Just use a 360 controller.

The black and white buttons are awkward no matter what version you have, the lb and rb buttons on the 360 controller are in a much better position.

I really see no good reason to go through all the effort of using an original Xbox controller when a 360 controller is pretty much the exact same thing but with two buttons having better placement. All you need to do is download and install the driver, plug in the dongle, and turn on the controller.

The only advantage I see of an original Xbox controller is that it's not wireless and doesn't need batteries. If that's the case you should just get the wired 360 controller. With the wired controller for Windows, you don't even need to download the drivers if you've got Windows 7, they are preloaded into the controller and installed for you when you plug it in. It's currently going for around $35 on Amazon. Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for Windows: Electronics

There's no good reason to use an original Xbox controller for PC.
My System SpecsSystem Spec

07 Aug 2013   #14

Windows 7 Home Premium x64

The 360 controller changes the layout. But the 360 ended up being such a horrendous pile of bad ideas, cut corners and faulty hardware I wonder why anyone bothered with it. They designed the thing from cheap parts to save money.

I use a PS1 controller with a USB adapter- emulators and certain other older games can not recognize the shoulder buttons on Xbox/360 controllers. Newer games I use a keyboard and mouse anyway.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
07 Aug 2013   #15

Windows 7 Home premium

Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by Diosoth View Post
The 360 controller changes the layout. But the 360 ended up being such a horrendous pile of bad ideas, cut corners and faulty hardware I wonder why anyone bothered with it. They designed the thing from cheap parts to save money.

I use a PS1 controller with a USB adapter- emulators and certain other older games can not recognize the shoulder buttons on Xbox/360 controllers. Newer games I use a keyboard and mouse anyway.
If you've got an old style controller up and running on your PC already. Good for you, hope you enjoy it. I wouldn't bother with not breaking what isn't broken. There is really no good reason for someone who hasn't already gone to the trouble of setting it up and getting it running to bother. They'd be better off with a modern console controller or a 3rd party after market controller.

It's easier to get a PS3/360 controller to work with windows. The 360 controller changes the layout in a good way. It moves the awkward black/white buttons to the shoulders. Everything else is in the exact same place as the original Xbox controller. The analogue sticks are placed the same, the Dpad is easier to use due to it not being one big round button with bumps on it, the face buttons shape was changed from oval to round, but everything is in the same place and is easy to adapt to. It's pretty much the industry standard for any gamepad alongside the modern Playstation 3 setup. More follow the Xbox design than the PS one, though neither is difficult to find.

I have a PS3 controller that I can hook up to my PC if wanted too, but I never do because I dislike the triggers on the PS controller. Not to the point I won't play games on my PS3 with it. I've got one of the big launch PS3s that play PS1 and PS2 games natively, so I mean that in regard to all PS games.

As for older games, it's easy to program every function on the controller to anything you want simply by using a keymapping program like Xpadder.

There really is no good reason to use PS1, PS2, or Xbox controllers on a PC. None of them are native to any games, they require obscure adapters, are a pain to set up software wise, and just aren't worth the trouble. Especially since it is so easy to set up a PS3/Xbox 360 controller to work with a PC. Especially if you get the Windows 360 wired controller. All you have to do is plug it in and it works with most games and it doesn't require any sort of adapter at all. If you come across a game that does not a keymapping program easily fixes it.

Yes, you do need a wireless dongle to use the wireless controllers, but that's not near the same thing as one of the obscure and often unreliable adapters for old style controllers.

If you really like the PS2 style just buy a 3rd party controller. There are plenty that are set up the same way. It's much easier to get a 3rd party controller to work than a console controller, you don't need an adapter, and the software is already optimized for use with PC.

Using a console controller with a PC is a waste of time, money, and effort. There are lots of better and cheaper options that are easier to set up and use.

The truth of the matter is that the old console controllers aren't really all that well made. It's just nostalgia blinding that causes that idea. They're just as cheap as most other controllers, and that includes the 360 and PS3 controllers. I've got all three Playstations, though two of them are boxed up, an Xbox [that I only really use for Steel Battalion], and all styles of controllers. None is truly any better made than the others, that's just a myth caused by fanboy nostalgia.

If you buy a $20 after market controller, you're getting a cheap piece of junk, but if you spend the money to get a decent after market or one of the console controllers for PC, you get what you pay for.
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07 Aug 2013   #16

Windows 7 Home Premium x64

Back before I had a good PC that could handle such games, I had to play stuff like Doom 3 on the original Xbox. I thought the black and white buttons being on the face was a bit more convenient for FPS and other

I've tried PC-dedicated gamepads and they were usually junk. The Playstation-USB combo worked far better. I have used the box controller and the Xbox 360 controller, both have issues with buttons not being recognized by older games, especially shoulder buttons. The 360's shoulders probably use the same type of sliders as the Gamecube controller did which is likely why. I believe XBCD did have an option to reassign button numbers around, necessary to get some buttons to register in games which didn't support lots of buttons, but even then it wasn't perfect. And for games like Max Payne and FPS where a keyboard and mouse can't be beat why would I even consider a gamepad? Console FPS titles have to rely heavily on stuff like autoaiming to make up for the lack of precision in a gamepad.

I don't use Windows because I love Windows, I use it as I have no choice. Mac is expensive and doesn't support games. Linux takes time to learn to make it work right. If there was a cheap gaming-ready Windows alternative out there I'd gladly switch off this malware-prone OS. But I'm stuck with Windows. I had to buy a second PC(I wanted a dedicated second PC in case the first one has issues anyway) and the second runs Windows XP. I use it for gaming, especially for older games I can't play in Windows 7 because they don't care about supporting old programs. 7 may have a lot of good features over XP, but XP was a better gaming OS.

I have a PS1 controller that works perfect using an adapter I bought 10 years ago. The buttons and d-pad are very responsive, as are the sticks(although I rarely use them for any games). I don't upgrade to a PS2 controller because I don't need to, PC games don't really support the pressure-sensitive buttons anyway. I did have an N64 controller hooked up for a bit but those are really only needed for N64 emulation, which even after 13 years is still not very good.

Now I do laugh at the people who buy multiple retro controller USB adapters for their emulation- an NES, SNES, Genesis, Atari and all that. A PS1 controller works fine for most system emulation, and if a person cared that deeply about classic gaming, they wouldn't be emulating them, they'd own the real consoles. A Playstation controller is the SNES controller with 2 more buttons.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
17 Aug 2013   #17

Win 7
worked once

T Hey:)

I tryed the "tiger game controller" and it worked once. I did all the tests and started te driver installation and
The other program as administartor :) i had my controller up working just as i wanted, but when i plugged inn my
Aux and disconnected my keyboard and mouse the controller got unreconized again :S I tryed to plug the usb into
all other ports and rebooted the computer... nothing worked then i thought i might go ahead and do it all over again
but when i went to look after the "tiger gamecontroller" driver, it was gone :/ i tried to install the drivers again but
nothing happend...

Please help me :S
Is it a way to uninstall the drivers and remove them completly or do anyone have any good advice ?
I think its kinda wierd, because i had it up running nice and clean :)
My System SpecsSystem Spec
17 Aug 2013   #18

Win 7

sorry i dont know how to delete a post :S.....
My System SpecsSystem Spec
15 Nov 2013   #19

Windows 8 Pro Media Centre Edition 64Bit, Windows 8 Home Premium 64bit

have you tried using a program called xpadder ? its a controller profiler you can get it as free ware but its limited to one profile or you could torrent it i assume
My System SpecsSystem Spec
03 Nov 2015   #20


If you still want to use a Original Xbox controller on your pc. Then just use a USB 1.0 hub. Then Windows will automatically install the drivers, Plug and play works, once you use an old hub.

I still use it because I Play MAME games using a full size Joystick that has a Xbox connection.

I have found that using a usb 1.0 hub is required when using some old gear.
My System SpecsSystem Spec

 Original Xbox Controller in Windows 7 x64

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