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Windows 7: Weird lag in seemingly ALL applications.

26 May 2010   #21

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Hey again guys.

While I agree with almost everything that you've said spyknee, the one thing I disagree with is 'Get a bigger PSU' - I put a lot of research into getting my current PSU, and it works above and beyond its specs. Corsair ftw. I don't particularly want to spend money where it isn't needed.

My temps are similar to when I was running XP.

Stew, I think if I was more experienced in tweaking and OC'ing I would definately try to follow your advice, unfortunately I dont think i'd be able to pull it off. I've actually tried running the two cl5 sticks and they still suffered from the same problem i've been having.

According to this site: ASUS P5B Motherboard Review | Hardware Secrets - my motherboard unoffically supports 1066mhz DDR2, if you overclock it manually - obviously that brings me to the same problem. One of the kits I linked was 800 mhz, but to be honest i'm not sure if I should go for it now.

What cooling would you recommend? I have a at the moment, which I thought was a decent cooler. I also have an OCz RAM cooler.

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26 May 2010   #22


Quote   Quote: Originally Posted by Fletchrr View Post
Stew, I think if I was more experienced in tweaking and OC'ing
There is only 1 way to get more experience and that is to try it lol. A really easy way is to just change the fsb from its stock value of 266 to something higher like 268 and there you go you have just overclocked. With every reboot just keep pushing it higher, while at the same time keep an eye at what value you ram is at and what voltages are being used, and that's it. Overclocking is really easy once you get used to working in the bios.

When i was speaking about cooling it was more to do with case fans as they can be used in any future build and so it would not be money wasted. You motherboard temp is a bit high and so adding better or more intake case fans, you could lower the temp inside the case which would also lead to cooler cpu temps etc.

If your cl5 ram sticks don't work, then try running memtest on them first to check for errors and if any errors show up then send them back to Corsair and they will send you replacements for free. All you have to do is send them off so the total cost to you will be about 3.
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26 May 2010   #23

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

These are the temps when my room isn't melting in the summer heat.
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26 May 2010   #24


Summer heat. We live in Britain the temperature never goes above minus lol.

If your not bothered about the temps then just save your money, although in your first screenshot your motherboards temp is really high and i would recommend adding at least 1 intake fan to your current system if your case allows for it.

But anyway let us know what you decide on doing.
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26 May 2010   #25

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Exactly Stew ;P but over the weekend it was ridiculously hot here, 30c and my room was like an oven. Don't think my case allows for another fan, it has one on the back and one near the HDD's atm.

I tried the two sticks of cl5 and I started getting the same lag again, ran Memtest for a few passes and got no errors. Again, probably because of the timings? I dont know.

I did what you said in the bios and pushed it up to 300, RAM is running at 900mhz and the voltage is at 2v, CPU voltage is on auto. Not sure if I've done the right thing or if I can go even higher or what, but it seems to be booting fine. The temps havent changed much either. Is it safe to leave them at these values?

Incidentally, w7 reports the CPU running at 2.4ghz, while the bios says its running at 2.7ghz. Why is 7 reporting a different speed?

Checked for the lag, and its back. (This is with the single cl4 module in) Ugh.. I can't win. Seems I will have to just keep the bios settings at the default until I figure out what to do. As fiddling with them seems to be causing the lag to reappear. No idea. Put the cl4 back in and set everything to default, running ok again.

Just out of curiosity (hopefully you haven't lost patience with my endless questions yet lol), say I bought 2x2GB 1066mhz modules, what settings would I need to change in the bios to get them working properly? Would I have to OC my CPU aswell? Been reading around and apparently I can safely OC this to around 3GHZ with no problems. I think i'm pretty much set on buying new RAM.
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26 May 2010   #26


If you do decide on buying that ram id use the time just now to get used to working in the bios.

When you put the fsb to 300 dont allow the ram to go over 800 mhz as ram does not overclock well. Instead look through the list for a speed closest to but still under 800mhz. This will give you a ratio of 5:4 between cpu and ram or some other equivalent. For a stable overclock i always try and acheive a 1:1 ratio between cpu and ram which means on your pc i would use 1 of the following if it works:

fsb 350 - ram 700 - lowest cpu multiplier
fsb 375 - ram 750 - lowest cpu multiplier
fsb 400 - ram 800 - lowest cpu multiplier

As your beginning then i would set the cpu voltage to 1.30 and then try those settings. You dont need to run in a 1:1 ratio you can use other dividers, so once again its whatever runs best on your pc. Once you find a speed you like for the ram and fsb then start raising the cpu multiplier till you achieve a speed you like and that its stable and then you can start trying to reduce the voltages.

There are loads of guides on overclocking like this 1 -

EDIT: forgot to say to check the temps every now and then as basically you want to try and achieve a faster or at least equal speed pc with greater stability and with lower temps if possible.
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26 May 2010   #27

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Ok so I tried setting the FSB to 400, RAM to 800mhz and set the CPU voltage to 1.30v, but no luck, wouldn't boot. So I tried FSB at 350, RAM at 700 and the same CPU voltage and it seems to be working fine (3.15GHZ)

I couldnt find an option to change the CPU modifier though?

Have a couple questions. I had a look around in the bios and found CPU Ratio (Dunno if I need to change that) and do I need to change anything in the Northbridge Settings or is that just for setting the RAM timings etc?

After I posted this, I tried running the 'Windows Experience Index' to see if the CPU reading would change. I got a BSOD lol. Went and changed the FSB to 333 and the RAM to 667mhz (Dunno if that will help)
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26 May 2010   #28


Your supposed to try it the other way round lol. Start with a lower fsb and then work your way up.

For the cpu multiplier under the advanced tab there should be a cpu configuration you can select. You then select modify ratio support and set it to enabled and then you can set it to something lower.

For the northbridge id just leave that on auto for just now, once you have got everything else set up you can try and lower voltages for the northbridge.

That guide i just posted is quite good and easy to follow. Just remember start small and work your way up and always check the ram speed after changing the fsb as its good practice, so if you do eventually buy new ram you will know exactly what you are doing.
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26 May 2010   #29

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Yea.. ^^; I guess I was a little over enthusiastic. 333 seems to be working ok though. I'll go into the bios and check the settings you just explained.

Ok I had a look under Advanced > CPU Config

The only settinsg I can change there are these:


I assume the one I want to be changing is 'CPU RATIO SETTING'? I can change it from Auto to 6 (Min) and 9 (max) I tried changing it to 6 and the CPU speed went to 2GHZ. Is that what I want to be happening? (its back on AUTO atm)
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26 May 2010   #30


Yeah thats the one and thats what you want to happen. Your telling the cpu that 6 is its max multiplier so it will never go above that. The lower the multiplier and clock speed the less volts it will require to run.

You just need to find what balance between the multiplier and volts you want. So for a 333 fsb you have choice of:

x6 = 1998
x7 = 2331
x8 = 2664
x9 = 2997

Obviously the higher the multiplier you use gives you a faster clock speed and will require more volts to run and produce more heat.

What speed is your ram at with a fsb of 333?
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 Weird lag in seemingly ALL applications.

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