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Windows 7: Weird lag in seemingly ALL applications.

26 May 2010   #31

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Ah I see, slowly starting to sink in I think, lol.

At 333 the RAM is running at 667mhz and the CPU is at 3GHZ (with AUTO ratio)

The RAM speed is relatively easy to check after fiddling with the FSB because in this bios its linked and goes up as I increase it.

So if I lower the ratio but have a high FSB, what is the benefit compared to having a low FSB with a higher ratio? Such as 6x450 FSB or 9x300 FSB. Is it just the voltages required to run it? Also, is a 1:1 ratio preferred? If so for what reason? (Sorry about all the questions, im eager to learn is all, hehe)

My System SpecsSystem Spec
26 May 2010   #32

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

Bacically just running the FSB and/or RAM faster.
You can OC by OCing the CPU and effectivly RAM, or by lowering the multi and OC the the FSB and RAM leaving CPU at lower clocks.

6x450 would be effective FSB speed of 1800mhz -- CPU @ 2700mhz
9x300 wuld be effectivve FSB speed of 1200Mhz -- CPU @ 2700mhz

In this case, therotically 6x450 would give better benchmarks even if the RAM speed is the same, because the FSB can move DATA Faster.

However, the NB will require more voltage, depending on your board, and some simply will not run stable past a certain point.

I would just stay at a x9 multi if it were me and see what I could do with it at a 1:1 ratio first.
Then try changing the RAM strap just 1 notch up and test like that as well.

I/E 333/667 Then Try 333/800

I think in the grand scheme of things youll get much better results this way.
TRUE, faster FSB speed seem to help, but in some cases it simply takes to much get stable @ really high FSB speeds to justify a small gain.

But as always with OCing, it alot of trial and error to find that "sweet spot" for your setup. you may find running a lower multi helps in your situation more.
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26 May 2010   #33

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Hey Wishmaster, thanks for the reply.

I understood almost all of what you said, besides the part about the 'RAM strap' - are they the settings in the North Bridge or something else?
My System SpecsSystem Spec

26 May 2010   #34

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

Different Bios calls it different things.

Some call it a DRAM strap with settings such as 333/667 333/400 333/1066 for example.

Others simply call it RAM or DRAM Speed with options such as 667,800,1066.

Both should have a seperate FSB setting as well.

However it is shown, the one where you set the the base RAM speed is what effects the ratio vs the FSB speed.

1:1 ratio should be RAM @ x2 the FSB setting.
I/e if FSB is 333 then RAM at 667 = 1:1 ratio or 400FSb with 800RAM is 1:1

But I think we might be a bit off the original topic here, unless I missed something (which is quite possible)

If you still have this lag issue in PS etc, OCing will likely not help.
If the machine doesnt run stable and smooth at default speeds, it will not OC'd either.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
26 May 2010   #35

W7 Ulti/64, XP Pro/32

Be careful about OC'ing, you could destroy something real easy.

I have ruined a mobo by having mismatched ram sticks, different manufacturers. Burned out the ram slots voltage controller.

Get matching ram sticks. You have two types now, match the better kind. You want the ram to have same voltage specs and same timings, same everything, identicle even, throughout! Then try OC'ing the ram from 800MHz to
1066MHz. Put bios ram settings on auto if possible, then eyeball the values as you play. With matched ram you can set manufacturers voltage requirement and timing settings manually.

A new PSU was just my opinion. (450W????) Your GTX vid card wants juice, a lot. Its gotta pull over 200 watts alone.{guessing} If you choose to OC,??????????????????????? If you think you have enough overhead, so be it.

You got all the latest drivers?? DirectX updates? nVidia has had a bad driver lately
I use 196.21.
Precision Tune 1.91, allow you access to vid card fan. Turn it up to 100%!
Do you have vid card settings right? ie: physx enabled, pci-e slot enabled.

Sound, onboard or in a PCI slot? I have had issues with pci sound cards and pci-e vid cards. Windows, why?????, assigns irq16 to all pci slots. I started using onboard sound only. Bad sound card drivers have caused similar issues with video, for me. Disable the sound card in device manager and then try playing your games.

Heat, I use all air cooling only. I alter the cases fan positioning and add ducting to control airflow. Put in dividers so that the different air flows do not step on each other. Proper airflow is worth 10 degree C. Is the cpu cooler clean and working 100%. Is there good thermal grease contact?

There are no free fixes when it comes to bad hardware! But you can mitigate the $ $ damage fix, with a little common sense.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
26 May 2010   #36

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Hehe Wishmaster, we've kinda already singled out the problem I was originally having. I'm kinda just trying to get up to speed with my BIOS and OCing before I buy my new RAM modules.

At the moment Spyknee I have only a single module in my machine. Just 'practicing' really before I manage to save enough to buy my new RAM. 450w sounds weedy but from what i've read over the few days I was deciding to purchase it the PSU is more than enough to power my system, even overclocked. techPowerUp :: Corsair VX450W Review :: Page 4 / 5

I use RivaTuner to run my GPU fan at 70% - 100% seems overkill. Usually stays around 50-70 degrees with 70% (I had forgot to apply this until recently, thats why my posted screenshots seem a little off) As far as setting for Phsyx and PCI-e, not sure how you would go about doing so but I assume they're on. I have the latest drivers (197.45) and the latest version of dx11. Sound is integrated (SoundMax)

My machine seems to be running fine at the current settings (9x333/667)

Anyway, back to the original topic. WoW is actually running pretty well besides the occasional lag spike (and having to close EVERYTHING besides WoW and Winamp) at a solid 50-60fps with just the single stick of RAM inside it. So I think it's safe to say that my RAM is the problem. Once I buy it i'll let you guys know the results and hopefully (if you're not too fed up of me already ;P) I'll be able to get a little advice about what settings to use once I do.

Thanks to everyone for your continued help.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
26 May 2010   #37

Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

That 450 Corsair is a excellent PSU and packs a lot more punch that it would seem.

As far as the OCing goes, I slightly disagree in the sense, I do not believe letting the MOBO "Auto" adjust any major settings is a good idea.
Better off setting timings/voltages manually.

Just my 2 cents.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
26 May 2010   #38


Hi fletch, if you are happy with the fsb at 333 and the ram at 666 then its time to lower any voltages.

Go back into the bios and start lowering the volts you give to the cpu. At some point the volts will be too low and it will not allow you to get to the desktop. Normally using a setting 2 above that value should be enough. But once again its trial and error.

Once you have the cpu set up then go back into the bios and do the same for your northbridge.

Once you have them set up and you are at the desktop, open HWmonitor and compare the volts you are now using with the ones you originally posted on page 1. You want the values of the cpu vcore and the vins to be the same or less than the original ones.

EDIT: theres a new subforum here thats got a guide on overclocking for core2quads, its here -
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26 May 2010   #39

Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Hey again ;3

Ok so I did what you said with the CPU voltage, the lowest it went (BSOD before desktop) was 1.2125v - so I set it two numbers higher like you suggested, which was 1.2375v - and it boots fine. My voltages now look like this: - A tiny bit higher on some voltages than before, the same on others. I also tried running it at 1.2250v and it booted, that was the lowest it would go. Would it be worth doing that or sticking with what i'm on now like you suggested?

One question though, the only options I have in my Northbridge screen are changing RAM timings etc if I disable 'Calculate by SPD' (or something like that) So I assume you mean the 'Memory Voltage' option in 'JumperFree Config'? At the moment this is set at AUTO - should I start at 2.0v (if this is the case) and work my way down or?

(Also, dunno if this is related, but after my latest boot I keep getting the USB device connected/disconnected noise for some weird reason, anything to do with it or just my PC being silly?)

Ok after posting this I ran the WEI again out of curiosity and I got a BSOD. So I went back into the BIOS and it is now running at 1.25v - the only changes to HWMonitor are +1-2v on the VCore (it goes down to 1.19v and up to 1.22v)and +1v on VIN1.
I'll try running the WEI again now... Ok got to the CPU assesment, stopped working. Got the error 'Could not assess your computer' (or similar) - Is this something to worry about? On a plus note the USB noise has stopped.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
26 May 2010   #40


If i was you id go into the bios and set the cpu multilier to 6 and then run the WEI score. If it works then go back into the bios and set it to 7 and and so on.

You can just leave the memory voltage at auto for just now . Concentrate on getting the cpu stable and then you can lower voltages for the ram.

But you should really read your way through some of the guides iv posted so you know what each setting does and what the benefits of lowering or raising each one does. Remember the goal is to create a stable pc, not a pc that's good for benchmarking and then crashes lol.
My System SpecsSystem Spec

 Weird lag in seemingly ALL applications.

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