Let's get negative [2] - Windows 7 Minor annoyances

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    Windows 7 Professional x64, SP1

    Petey7 said:
    MoInSTL said:
    My pet peeve is no Delete button in Windows Explorer and having to go through several steps to add it back.
    Most US keyboards (and possibly most in other locations) have a delete key (sometimes it just says DEL) that does it by left clicking the file then pressing the delete button. For me this is actually quicker then having a button in Windows Explorer itself.
    Of course the KB has a delete key, but if I am removing numerous files at once, I find the delete button handy.

    The OP asked for Windows 7 Minor Annoyances and that's mine.
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    Windows 7 Home Premium x64

    Darician said:
    logicearth said:
    Darician said:
    One thing I don't like about Windows 7 is that after a while, for apparently no reason, Live Window Previews in the taskbar stop working. Instead, all I get the color hovering over a window and nothing showing up unless I click on a taskbar item and drag it up. In Vista I never had a problem with these Live Previews. I can fix it by restarting explorer.exe but that's still rather annoying. Regardless of the video card, the video card driver version, 32-bit or 64-bit, Home Premium, Professional, or Ultimate, I get this issue no matter what.

    I hope they fix this issue in SP1.
    What are you doing when the thumbnails disappear? Usually this happens when the buffer (video ram) holding the information is cleared, either sleeping or a game for example. Or when the application in question no longer updates itself and its cleared from the buffer. This is a side effect of using WDDM 1.1 drivers, previous version held two copies of the buffer-data one in System RAM the other in Video RAM. Now with 1.1 drivers only one copy is kept in Video RAM.

    It will likely not be fixed, because its not actually broken. You only need to open the minimized applications to refresh there thumbnail after it was cleared from the buffer.
    I think you misunderstand my issue. That was the same deal in Vista that if I minimized some windows, the thumbnail was not accurate. That's not the problem. The problem is after a while if I go through the open items I have, instead of getting live previews, all that will show is the name of the program (like XP). I'll try to get a screenshot of the problem so you can get a better idea of what I'm saying as it's a bit difficult to explain.

    I am facing the same problem too. Is it because there are too many apps running? It also seems that it happens after I close a full screen application
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    Phone Man said:
    Errors in Event Viewer and when you check the online link the error has no information. Really have to dig sometimes to find the cause.

    Just google some of the text and the error ID# and you'll get all of the existing world's knowledge about the error. It seems to grow exponentially so that errors which had no results a few years back now may have pages or results. I can now solve most all errors this way although it takes patience and willingness to learn and push further if necessary.
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    Windows 7 x64


    I love my Windows 7 x64 Ultimate but I would recommend the following things to consider for updates/future release:

    1) Possibility to move user profile COMPLETELY to other disk than "C". I mean - not only documents but also application specific data, etc.

    2) Possibility to satisfy Windows when page file is ENTIRELY on separate partition (currently Windows is not performing well unless there is at least some small page file on C drive)

    3) Give the end user DEFAULT option to inform Windows Installer NOT TO COPY ALL APPLICATION's SETUP FILES LOCALLY - this is a main reason why the storage place on C drive is running out so rapidly!!!

    4) Provide a reliable PARTITION MANAGER natively in Windows (so partitions can be made bigger or smaller when necessary, wihout the risk of loosing data like Easeus Partiton Manager does).

    5) Let the FOLDER VIEW REMEMBER COLUMNS WIDTHS as set by end-user

    6) When some file can't be deleted because it is USED BY PROCESS - let the end user know what process is using this file

    7) Let the desktop to store ICON POSITIONS and GADGETS POSITIONS in some configuration file, so these positions can be restored in case of unexpected grahic driver issues / resolution change etc.

    8) Enhance "Favourites folders" panel in the folder view, so it can handle hierarchical structures (nesting)

    9) Provide reliable "Vitual Audio Cable" driver, so end user can listen given sound on two audio devices simultaneously with no audible latency.

    10) Reduce DirectX audio drivers latency - nowit is impossibe to record voiceovers with headphones monitoring without specialised ASIO drivers and applications due to terrible latency between what you speak and what you hear.

    11) Provide native reliable "Video splitter" driver, so any video signal can be shared between multiple applications with low latency.

    12) Provide native, reliable system so the end user can run applications with user-definded processor/thred priorty allocations (to avoid system hangs when some process eats all available resources rendering system slow or non responsive)
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    Windows 10 Pro x64

    Not to nitpick, but since Windows NT the user has control over all processes other than system (to your own detriment, if you'd like), including forcing processor affinity in multi-CPU / multicore systems. You can define priority and affinity for an application (you can't for specific threads, but there's a very good reason for that).
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    Windows 7 x64

    Would you be so kind t share the knowledge how to prescribe processor affinity and process priority in a program shortcut so it is set automatically each time when the application is started? I would be very thankful.
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    Windows 10 Pro x64

    You can use an AppCompat database for it, or 3rd party applications (like WinLauncher). There's even an article here on sevenforums on how to make it a right-click menu option, for what it's worth. Google is your friend here, because there's many ways to skin this cat.
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    Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit

    Just subscribing to this thread. :)
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    Windows 7 Pro/32 Academic. Build 7600

    Desktop slideshow should work even while computer is sleeping. Or, at the very least, upon wakeup, it should realize that the specified time has elapsed, and should therefor, rotate to the next image in the slideshow folder.
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    Win7 x64 Ultimate

    mborner said:
    Desktop slideshow should work even while computer is sleeping. Or, at the very least, upon wakeup, it should realize that the specified time has elapsed, and should therefor, rotate to the next image in the slideshow folder.
    Mine does !! Must be in your settings...
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