Bobdeer said:

Nothing to worry about?? Thats easy to say cept when my SATA drive vanishes when that error pops up.

Unfortunately, I do not think the problems are related - I have suffered from both of them.

I believe the HAL problem is nothing to worry about as described in the above article.

My guess is that you are using ahci on a p35 or p45 based system. In this case, there is no set order for the drives to come into the system as the are plug and play. There is a bug (I read about in one of the technet articles) that basically causes a second drive to disappear if it comes up first (before the drive with the OS).

The work arounds that I have found are. 1. run the drive in IDE mode, or 2. use the intel matrix controller to manage the drives.

The can also manifest itself as a bsod on resume if the paging file is on the disappeared drive.

good luck.