Burn Windows7 to a cd?

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    Windows 7 7000; Windows XP Pro SP3

    Burn Windows7 to a cd?

    Hi, as you can see im new here.
    Im trying to install Windows 7 to a relatively old laptop. It can only run cd-roms not dvd's and cant boot from USB.

    So basically is it possible to install windows 7 without dismantling the laptop?

    Thanks a lot

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    Windows 7

    There are lots of ways to do this I guess. More information on your particular situation would be helpful.

    Did you already download Windows 7? If so, did you do it on the laptop, or a different system. If you did it on the laptop you should be able to mount the image file with a program like virtual clone drive. Once the image is mounted, you now have a virtual DVD drive that you can copy the installation files from. You could probably install directly from the mounted image, or a safer bet would be to copy the content of the mounted image to a seperate folder and install from that. If you have a USB drive, you could put it on that and install from that as well. This will work for an "Upgrade" type install.

    For a clean install, you are going to need to be more creative. If you post more details, we can help you. There's always a way.

    For what it's worth, if the laptop is real old, you might be asking for trouble. Make sure you have a plan to get the system back to XP or whatever it was running. I'm assuming XP because I believe Vista was shipped on DVD.

    Are you comfortable with partitioning, etc? Do you have two systems running that are networked? Do you have a USB hard drive?
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    Windows 7 7000; Windows XP Pro SP3
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    Thanks for the reply,
    My laptop has nothing of value data wise on it so that's not a problem.
    Its a dell inspiron 2600 1006MHZ pent3, 640mb ram, 18 gb hdd
    I have a 1tb usb hdd, 8 gb usb stick, millions of cd/dvds (blank :))

    Would mounting it on the laptop and installing like that work? wouldn't it crash because it cant access the files when you reboot?

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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64

    You can install from a USB drive.

    Create a bootable Windows 7 on Flash Memory

    1. Format the USB flash memory drive to FAT32 file system

    Run CMD.EXE and type the following command. Note: This set of commands assumes that the USB flash drive is addressed as “disk 1″. Double check that by doing a list of the disks (type “list disk”) before cleaning it).

    1. diskpart
    2. select disk 1
    3. clean
    4. create partition primary
    5. select partition 1
    6. active
    7. format fs=fat32
    8. assign
    9. exit

    2. Copy Windows 7 DVD ROM content to the Flash Drive

    Type in command to start copying all the content from the Windows 7 DVD to your newly formatted high speed flash drive.

    * xcopy d:\*.* /s/e/f e:\

    3. Setup your computer BIOS to boot from USB Drive

    4. Install Windows 7 from flash memory drive

    Good luck!
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    Windows 7 Ultimate Vista Ultimate x64

    I don't think that the 18GB HDD will be big enough for the OS not to mention any aps that you might want to install afterward.
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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64

    There is also a 1TB hdd in play.
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    Windows 7 7000; Windows XP Pro SP3
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    Yer i have a 1 tb hdd usb, so that will hold any files and apps i need really.
    Ill have a crack at it, but im not sure if my laptop can boot from a usb, i tried and failed a sec ago trying to install windows 7 from the usb hdd. Couldn't find H:| (1tb hdd) in cmd promt.


    EDIT: Cant find the USB in diskpart. Has disk 0, 1, 2 (wich are C:, D: and 1tb hdd) non of which are the F: USB stick :S
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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64

    Seems your setup is not going to be able to do it as per Mr Grimm
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    Windows 7 7000; Windows XP Pro SP3
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    Ive done it :). In the end just put the extracted iso onto a usb and ran it whilst in xp. Went through the process and now its fully installed with 11.6gb free :)
    Thanks guys.

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    W 7 64-bit Ultimate

    Hello bambi, congratulations!

    Oh no; we've corrupted another one....

    Later Ted
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