I have been using Ultramon, and I am fairly happy with it, though it does have some glitches. I have three monitors, a "on the desktop(literally)" large plasma monitor, a mini monitor to the left, and a third projector monitor that I use to watch movies.

One thing that really pisses me off about it though, is that there is an option to switch current task from one monitor to another, and although it is great that it exists, you have to rightclick, select that option, then choose the monitor to make it work. Occasionally it will send the task to another monitor, just not the one you want, and on the second try it sends it to the desired monitor. I don't know, but if it was me programming that sort of utility, I would just have the utility know that the mouse is clicking on the duplicate taskbar on a DIFFERENT monitor, and maximize and switch to that monitor.

What really sold me on Ultramon though, was the ability to assign different profiles for different hardware configurations. This is handy because i use my desktop monitor to play my xbox, and while i am doing this, i have my minimonitor switch to be my default(and my projector is disabled then), so i can use the comp while using the xbox, and while my desktop monitor is plugged in, projector gets re-enabled, minimonitor goes back to secondary monitor, so i can assign the space for specific things. (This is accomplished not by unplugging monitors, but with a KVM type hdmi switch.)

Ya! long post.

Does anyone know if there is a better utility out there to use for that sort of purpose?(apologies if this constitutes an attempted hijacking)