win 7 faster than xp?

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    win 7 faster than xp?

    i saw some graphs says win7 is faster than xp...

    but is it really faster? anyone did a real usage test? like can you really feel it's faster? hehe

    still undecided what i should use.... had pre-installed vista basic on my new laptop.... damn thats a really <edit> os, slow and not stable.. thats a rip off for me man... now i have to buy a new xp or be guinea pig for win7.

    why can't i use my vista legit keys for a downgrade to xp?

    that's just a rip off from microsoft.
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    Windows 11 21H2 Current build

    Because the keys for XP and Vista are *completely* different - and the same is going to hold true when you compare Vista with W7 *or* XP with W7.

    That;s like asking if your Office 2007 keys work in Office XP....

    uh, no.

    And as for faster, sorry to burst your bubble, but *you* think it is slow because you're not used to it - but there are plenty of speed tests being performed - look in our news section to see a 'real world' test as you put it to show that W7 is the *clear* winner.

    W7 is approaching speeds usually reserved for Linux machines....and having used *nix for well over 6 years myself, that is an *impressive* feat for the boys (and girls) in Redmond.
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    well... vista xp... they are OSs from MS... most ppl would think it would be fair to be able to downgrade legitly to XP from vista. OS is different from word processor etc programs of course you can't use the keys to exchange between them... and i am not literually saying use vista key to install into xp, i am saying Microsoft should be able to let get legit keys for a downgrade to xp if you have vista basic.

    if win7 is faster thats great.... but make it more user friendly than xp would be greater... or at least as friendly(customizable).
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    Vista and now 7 in 32 and 64 bit.

    Have a look here, it might convince you. This guy is usually fairly authorative on benchmarking.
    Windows 7 beta 1 performance - How does the OS compare to Vista and XP? | Hardware 2.0 |
    Whilst you are browsing there, you might make a note of the XP/Vista comparison. This is on an untouched, untuned Vista - maybe not as bad as you think?
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    Windows 7 Pro x64 & Win7 Pre x64 / Ubuntu 9.10 Beta

    I've used each Win7 build and i'm very impressed with the speed. But, I took a look at that link comparing XP, Vista and Win7 and I don't believe the results. The first test I glanced at was boot up time. XP takes longer to boot up than Vista on the same hardware. I truly don't believe that. XP boots much faster than Vista. Don't get me wrong I love Vista but those tests don't seem right
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    Vista was very fast at booting on my computer for a long time but I have installed so many apps and stuffed around with lots of different settings and now it has slowed considerably but a fresh install is what has been tested here and I beleive that Vista is probably faster than XP at that point, also hardware plays a big part.
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    Windows 7 Beta 1 b7000

    Yeah, on a completely vanilla install, from OEM discs, Vista was a touch faster to boot than XP on my machine too. But it was hardly noticeable. After loading up both OSes with applications and whatnot, XP really began to pull ahead.

    Win7 though really seems fast and stable to me. I'm not sure if it compares to my XP installation yet, but it's definitely faster than Vista on my box.

    As for approaching linux speeds? I don't know. I can dream, but linux is just lightning fast compared to anything else. Probably because it is so lightweight (although that is changing with every updated distribution). Though I will admit, Microsoft is taking steps in the right direction this time around.
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    Windows 7 Pro x64 & Win7 Pre x64 / Ubuntu 9.10 Beta

    I should have noticed it was a vanilla install. As for Win 7, it might not get as fast as Linux, but with all things you can do and all the eye candy Win7 gives you, it is very fast.
    I'm so impressed with these builds. If you ran longhorn, you know what I mean.
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    Windows 7 Beta 1 b7000

    Iknewitwin7 said:
    If you ran longhorn, you know what I mean.
    I just cringed a little...
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