Corrupt Disk!!! Help!

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    Vista Ult 64bit - Windows 7 Ult 7264 64bit

    Good job Digger!

    I think that reinforces my claim that W7 is having trouble with disk I/O and seeing data as corrupt when it isn't.
    This potentially is a very big problem and I've brought it up to some MS guys attention over at Connect. I haven't heard anything back yet but if I do I'll post about it.

    I remember I also had problems back when XP was new, about how different tool used to create NTFS partitions, were not always recognized properly by the OS. Allot of 3rd party partitioning tools would create an NTFS part and the OS would want to reformat it again. I'm kinda getting the feeling that W7 is not seeing NTFS properly under certain circumstances..(?)

    Be interesting to find out what is the root cause of these types of corruptions we're seeing.

    Good luck Digger!
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    El Capitan / Windows 10

    Digger said:
    This time, well the final time I used 7 to DELETE the previous 7 partition, create new (which then automatically made it system/primary as an extended partition on Disk 0. That has stood as the answer to atleast my problem, as nothing else- including programs installed- has changed from my previous system setup and order of how i install things (old habit hard to break).

    I just cant explain for the life of me why the installation does that to the HD partiton setup. Nor why formatting with a partiton while under XP makes it a corrupt install.

    I let XP control and say who what when where instead of letting 7 determine and distribute how the file system is written... my opionion of sorts......... But i am still monitoring the goings on as this install is only 24 hours old now. So far so good tho.
    I was trying to get you to do that when this was first reported.

    Corrupt Disk!!! Help!

    Corrupt Disk!!! Help!

    Seems that 7 creates a subtly different mft than previous Windows versions. I've gotten it to "convert" by compressing an old volumes mft with Paragon Partition Manager. This forces a chkdsk at the next boot and after that, no more issues. Previously I'd avoided the corruption issues by making sure to create all partitions with Windows 7 either with the installer, Disk Management, or the diskpart command line utility.
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    Vista Ult 64bit - Windows 7 Ult 7264 64bit

    Yay Barrod, it is doing something different alright.
    That's another good idea about maybe it's in the MFT. I guess there are a number of different possibilities why 7 is seeing some data as corrupt, I can't wait to find out just what iscausing these problems.
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    XP/win7 x86 build 7127

    baarod said:
    I was trying to get you to do that when this was first reported.

    Yea baarod, i really thought about it, and figured your suggestion would work and was my only other alternative. I just hit the "fed up" meter that day and decided to just wipe it out and see if i couldnt reproduce results to see what exactly it was that i did to create the problem in the first place. I believe i took your measures with pmagic when i had this same problem in xp beta days.
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    XP/win7 x86 build 7127

    Well i am back in the same saddle again. Baarod i tried acronis, paragon, windows... all didnt find any problems with target or system HD. Currently I am very suspect of one of my RAM sticks now. I have removed #2 stick and have yet to reproduce the corrupt problem. Thing is... when i run the mem diag tool, it doesnt report ANY problems? So, i'm wondering whats the deal? Is this mem tool a possible sham? or does it work with only ECC registered sticks (this one isnt). Both sticks same, dual channel.

    This is the only thing i changed in the whole picture of things and so far no corruption. This was my first initial thought, but since the mem tool nor my own bios mem test came up with any problems. Could a scenario be that the mem stick could be good, but maybe HEAT could be causing the problem with the stick? While typing this i am unpacking and having no errors (which before it would have happened by now).

    until then looks like i'm down to running 1 stick @ 64bit..... horror
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    Windows XP, Vista X64


    Well I'm also using a Gigabyte mobo, but I can't see how that's the problem, as I've had no problems with Vista Ultimate x64, which Windows 7 x64 is based on.

    Has anyone used the latest Windows 7 build 7057. If so, is the problem fixed?

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    Windows 7 Build 7077

    Hey guys I found this thread on google. Are there any results to this issue? I have been running windows 7 for about 4-5 days now, and I just started having this issue after I went into safe mode and set a password to the administrator account. Now I'm constantly getting corrupt data errors and need to run chkdsk blahblah. It's ran chkdsk at least 5 times now. I'm running build 7077.

    This is on a Intel RAID 1 setup with 2 new 640gig WD Caviar blacks with 4 gigs of DDR2 memory on an intel quad core cpu with an intel mobo. All parts less than a year old.

    I am running dual boot with XP Pro 64. When I boot into that OS I have NO hard drive issues what so ever. But it did try to run chkdsk in XP but JUST on the partition that windows 7 is on.
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    El Capitan / Windows 10

    Read the thread and make your own decision, I don't think anyone really came to a consensus. I'e maintained from the beginning that the partitioning and/or NTFS formatting that XP does is subtlety incompatible with 7 under certain conditions. I routinely use diskpart to clean, partition, format and activate exclusively. Other folks that have had the issue that followed my instructions to use diskpart to recreate the filesystem control structure on their "faulty" drives have probably forgotten all about it by now. You know you're going to need to find a place to back off that RAID array right? The operating theory is that there is MFT corruption that chkdsk won't fix. I've had good luck with Paragon Partition Manager's shrink and defrag MFT feature clearing up the issue. Other folks have needed to shrink the partition using disk manager (builtin to windows) create a new partition with windows 7 format with windows 7 and then move the data. In your case I think I'd mirror the RAID set (or sync or whatever your utility calls it) to make the disks perfect copies of each other, break the RAID array into JBOD completely clean one disk from the platters up (diskpart, clean, partition, format) copy the data to the fresh drive and the zero the other, finally recreating the array against the raw drive.
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    Windows 7 Build 7077

    I used the newest acronis disk director to make my partition. I guess I'll play around with how you said and see what happens. Kinda sucks because I was actually enjoying this. I remember when I installed vista on my test system and within 2 hours I said **** it and took that crap off my system and vowed to never let it touch my equipment ever again and I've never stopped using XP till now. Windows 7 however has made a much better impression on me seeing as how it didn't have 5 million bugs within the first 2 hours of using it :)
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    Windows 7 -x6

    i had a disk ive been using for a long time.... no problems, i installed win7 and it corrupted not long go after the install, lost A LOT of stuff, it was my storage disk... really with any disk or partition went except the one that did..... But oh well...
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