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Windows 7: Operatin systems; windows xp vs 7 vs 8 , and gpl too ?

10 May 2012   #1

Windows 8 32bit consumer beta, ubuntu, windows 7 ultimate 64bit, freeDOS, can boot n run too
Operatin systems; windows xp vs 7 vs 8 , and gpl too ?

Ok I'm tryin 8, been usin 7...they both work ok , are popular, lots of software...but on noting i got 8 32-bit instead of 8 64-bit by accident, did note i'm again using gpl software by 'feature list comparison' despite ms getting billions of dollars and ubuntu almost nothing in comparison including all other gpl authors...

7zip is another one I use 'gpl irrelevantly' , and am kinda torn on gimp vs. photoshop...i'm used to one, but it's a patent monopoly right ? is why there aren't tons of those '2d image editors' like how there's tons of 'wolfenstein 3d clones ?' and operating system clones too, ms was permitted to make an os, and others were allowed to too, they even sold their code to ibm who then made.... os/2 , just like windows, except specifically worked on with hours and intent to prevent windows software from running, the same tools with that mod too, and no commonly available compiler, sorta like nintendo and those ones except the windows system too, and it wasn't popular and they didn't get the patent to block bill with his 95 mode either

windows is mostly the tools, the hardware too, without 'visual studio compiler' or a 'similar' gpl c++ compiler, the hardware does very little, although one time i saw bill use a breadboard with cpu socket and some fancy stuff, wires, a light emitting diode that was big, along with a transistor into a bigger power flow socket (serious breadboards, he's from pre-digital analog electrics and also wrote a book and some stuff online), then measured the speed of light (i had randomly questioned how it is in fact determinable) and the 16 mhz 386 sx/33 cpu was fast enough to measure it and also determine that the mirror was closer or not with the timer and no mainboard -> vidcard to slow down the cpu entirely

now people don't wanna have the 'diskcopy' .com instruction , since it would ... make piracy exactly the same as it is now, minus the part where i have to buy the dvd and pirate it too, or put the dvd in the slot each time and keep track of it too, while the pirates who steal it, single player mostly too, don't have to do that at all and pay nothing to the people who work true

since it is in fact useful effort to 'design' or 'arrange' bits, and different wheel making tricks, and the way to trade that with physical goods, each of which must be produced, is not at all historically common is true, and the way we do it now is not very good.

Perhaps combining the power of gpl and the power of trade systems that include food, might make a third option that you could win at quickly too, like original bill with his traf-o-data 2 making personal tools, generic enough to count cars quickly, and then the same tools did paperwork math distributed quickly too, calling thru phone wires that then people noted, that maybe the tv signal might go thru the cpu, and of course that wasn't popular at all, with all 47 people who were makin billions with channel 12

but he just made the best stuff he could, while doing no work to break it at all, and trying to also get paid too, that part is necessary for simply the food, the property too, sleeping is essential and illegal without a roof, minimum fee kept high due to, the ways of you specificially and what you think true, the fiction i claim now , you think is too true, that if i say 'think of killing someone with a gun' you think of actors now true, and i say the real one you never did see, and even though not a child obviously, that's the trick to it entirely too, to claim to hide violence and then make actors imitate it too, and then hide that with a label of censored, from around half of the existant population with the 'well known' explanation

youtube search for 'iraq combat helmet cam' , and you will think death is different than you do now and avoid it properly , and will also notice that when you see the new show, it's once again actors that tricked you and not a starship entirely

and then nasa rocket cam sounds so very dull, i mean why go to the moon and watch the video when you can watch the interstellar starship video. however one is real and one is not, and the highlight of james bond was the 4 second shot, of something else entirely too, out of context and from rocket cam 1 too, except lol that one was in 3d movie too, and the celebrity there was in the first one too, neither one popular, a crater they landed then too, why is the reason? the 'other guy' (not pilot or neil) told me finally too, it was the vertical nuclear motor in the landing vehicle true, it had to land somewhere and the white powder was loose

white powdery substance perhaps you know too, what the source is and why the deep costs the same as the surface

all white entirely and i found a use2, that in addition to intoxicating to humans, and maybe containg the 5th color of dna too, is also a decay resistant coating allow cheaper rocket re-use

My System SpecsSystem Spec
10 May 2012   #2

Microsoft Community Contributor Award Recipient

Windows 7 Home Premium SP1, 64-bit


Every word of it.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
10 May 2012   #3

Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64-Bit


Dunno what you're on aersixb9, but can you send some this way?
My System SpecsSystem Spec

10 May 2012   #4

Windows 8 32bit consumer beta, ubuntu, windows 7 ultimate 64bit, freeDOS, can boot n run too

Thanks for the positive and ... narcotics implication was less positive, although yeah uh...not sure what was 'riveting' about it, although 'to rivet' means to 'nail' with a metal nail too, and yeah you can nail metals, an example that's obvious and informative, would be small nails or staples, and tin foil, or sheet metal that is around 1/4000th of an inch thick, mass produced with good designs and tools and cpus or not to make it cheaper / more regular / etc, and is around as strong as 'paper', while the 1/400th range is rare, then around 1/40th is 'sheet' termed metals, mostly stainless unless 'antique' like specifically tin or bronze, stainless is the common 'costs a little more than shipping' mostly on location, whereas titanium and cobalt and diamond too, is more about pricing and less shipping mostly too

also on working the materials, i should note diamond, is similar in many ways to titanium, in a way that also, glass is similar to tin or lead or iron perhaps, and both melt to a liquid at a numbered temperature, and both glass and diamond are 'transparent' to all light if pure, and all minerals can be melt and cast, and all organics are made from otherwise 'shitty worthless' materials that are very weak as elements, specifically all smelt to 'ash' the first 5 numbered whereas diamonds are 220 and stainless 440 and one price fixed, one not, yet manufacturing is controlled too, but without the intelligent design of communisms way of that too

one computery way to make stuff easily online too, is to rent space on a CNC or 3D printer too, then print any 3d model you can make or obtain...with the right patent and permit or illegally too, chess pieces or clocks assembled of gears mostly too, and the CNC places can get the metals too, and starting with plastic, first make what you use

a plate or a cup, and then a cpu, both can be printed, and for one, it must be printed entirely too, the 'inkjet' style also works on the physical too, with + up and down, and not ink too, the hole in the cartidge toggles open and closed, by the cpu script, timed in intervals at the stated 'resolution', it moves back and forth and pushes the page, the cpu signalling the pattern out the port , to the electric button (transistor) to step up the watts, since the com ports do toggle from 0 to 1 in c or etc, then there's 9 of them to put to the bigger transistors, then on 1 it does flow since you know it's just 3

metal wires aligned in a specific distance based on the voltage and resistance of the nonconductor and conductor, diamond and titanium work, and yeah if you cut it in half it looks all shiny and impressive, the cpu has the nicest materials, the shape of the transistor a known size in nanometers, and is 3 wires in such a way, that if you put the power and wattage to the middle one then, and also the 'left' one arbitrary too, named pnp or npn and etc too, then the wires are | | | like that, and then can be -|- -|- -|- or all have no power, are wired to ground, but not connected to a magnet spin pushing electric spots thru the metal paths, noting they flow better thru the nicer metals specific, they refuse air and diamond equally mostly but love the metal that's equally dense as diamond, palladium mostly , although yeah diamond is 223 and palladium 189 or something too, is the weight at sea level, known known as 'mass' too, not before the nasa rocket that you think is less than star trek too

so then if you put the power thru with + but no button pushed it's:
+|+ -|- -|- , and the other option, with putting + to the middle, and then power to the left

+|+ +|+ -|- in literally that shape, sized to the volts not at all arbitrarily, one option is math, another to read the answer, the third and often good one to know of at least is holding 3 wires and trial and error

so when the two paired both stacked up with lots, of electric stuff that is kinda different and not, magnetic as well and lots of tricks, not known so good since you can't build 'weapons'

that mostly are all that exists, since the only way too
make people not make weapons entirely too, is with the use of lots of weapons it's true

the ++ then stack and jump to the third, and teamwork makes them win with both lose alone

other shapes might exist and find them or not, is perhaps based on lots of people having the info i got,

and simulators of that, and printers too, maybe someone shoves some white powdery dust, from the moon or wherever you never known ahead what's not yet discovered

as opposed to what does in fact not exist

those two are ambigous in the future tense

so shaping the metal, can use cnc, although if new to it, metals are hazardous too, perhaps watching the use of torches and rivets on youtube, is surprsingly more entertaining then actors who lie good, since the title of one is similar too, yet the content of one is actors faking it mostly too, and sometimes they don't fake it like james bond new #3 too

the bungee jump ? that wasn't actors on a stage and impressive too, wanna see that kinda shit hardcore style true? nasa rocket cam on youtube , not imrpessively named, since lying and saying 'super starship' is easier than flying a plane
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10 May 2012   #5

Windows 8 32bit consumer beta, ubuntu, windows 7 ultimate 64bit, freeDOS, can boot n run too

also, hand tools, and soft cheap materials, are pretty safe, as is info in videos and talkin to people who already know, but if you talk to a faker criminal too, he kills you discreetly with practiced tactics due to

you not already knowing that it is true, if you expose him to others as not a real carpenter too, he then is found guilty of homicide too, and then frames you for coke by lying to you, putting some in your drink for the test too, and also in your car and calling the cops then too, and got the lockpicks illegally too, when he got the coke from the very same cop too
My System SpecsSystem Spec
10 May 2012   #6

Microsoft Community Contributor Award Recipient

Windows 7 Home Premium SP1, 64-bit


Are you related to Professor Irwin Corey?
My System SpecsSystem Spec
10 May 2012   #7

Windows 8 32bit consumer beta, ubuntu, windows 7 ultimate 64bit, freeDOS, can boot n run too

I am not , nor aware of who that is, i'm from the aerion project of human genetic engineering from france in 1950 mostly although i claim 82 and have a high senilty expected age among other thigns, while noting, free speech is bullshit and you're all a bunch of atheists, and my blog has a search box if you wanna talk about that....

I googled him, he's a comedian actor that's claiming to be a government employee that cannot be fired unless he shows up to work

Or are you implying something I'm saying isn't true, but don't wanna talk about it due to option #2?
My System SpecsSystem Spec
10 May 2012   #8

Windows 10 Pro (x64)

You need to add a TL;DR section.
My System SpecsSystem Spec
10 May 2012   #9

Windows 8 32bit consumer beta, ubuntu, windows 7 ultimate 64bit, freeDOS, can boot n run too

Why if you don't want to invest the time into reading, do you choose to invest the time into writing something obvious, about the length perhaps, that it is not one sentace that's already been written a million times online too,

sort of like how on some issues you know about the laws and disagree with the majority, and read more than a few paragraphs or observed actual information on that legal issue, didn't notice the title of the votes are named or worded oddly , deceptively, or a guy's name instead of another perhaps, and you know for that one and wonder who the idiots are voting against you, while very casually voting against them on the other 93% of the issues based on the title of the law and the urge to command the army indirectly via voting in a very random and casual manner, and how would you do at your known at practiced 40+hour profession, if you did it and the others too

as casually at your work as you vote too ?

would you then appear to be bad at your job, that you put 40ish hours into every week, while voting perhaps you know it is true, 40 hours per year is more than y ou do
My System SpecsSystem Spec

 Operatin systems; windows xp vs 7 vs 8 , and gpl too ?

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