mitchell65 said:
I apprecate your point of view but I have a certain sympathy for those who might suggest that getting Win 7 to be more like XP would be a retrograde step. Just my thoughts, you understand!

Likewise, I also appreciate your point of view. Many people prefer Windows 7. I, and many others it would seem, prefer the classic UI and, thinking about it, it's probably the Windows 2000 UI I'm after. Now that's really retrograde :):).

I have nothing against Windows 7, with regard to the entire Operating System, indeed I think it probably works quite well compared to early pre-SP3 versions of XP and it probably the best Windows OS so far. It's just the UI, especially the Windows Explorer I don't like. Which is why I'm trying to change it. I use it a lot and I'd like to be comfortable with it.