Default Laptop Lags Even With SSD?

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    Windows 7 64 bit home premium

    Default Laptop Lags Even With SSD?

    Laptop is

    Asus u45jc-a1. Laptop specs are i3-370 processor and 4gb ram. Had 250gb hard drive but i went and got a 250gb Samsung Pro SSD hard drive b/c i was told i would not have any lagging at all when playing 20+ tables with HEM and TN on.

    Well whenever i get close to that... my laptop lags and freezes a lot on pokerstars. Basically to the point where its moving so slow and lags a lot and im sitting out at my tables. Does anyone know why my laptop lags this much even with the ssd? I had thought with the ssd, i would not have any problems at all. I doubt its b/c its only an i3 processor?

    Thing is back in the usa, my desktop was an i5 processor with 4gb ram. I used Holdem Manager and Tableninja and rarely did i ever get any lag and playing 20+ tables. This was when i didn't have an SSD and the desktop while playing on stars back a few years ago... is faster than my laptop now with a samsung pro ssd.

    Anyone know what i can do? I defrag my laptop every week. Maybe its the amount of processes that startup on my laptop?

    Im very confused why this is happening b/c i thought ssd would solve any lagging or slowness while multabling on with HEM and TN.
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    I did the task manager checking to see how much memory is used when playing lot of tables and when its lagging

    Cpu usage is 50 percent.. 70 percent physical memory.. 2.65gb used and 103 processes

    is what i see when pressing task manager when playing many tables

    what should i do now then?

    someone tell me that my laptop is slow b/c i3 for a laptop is much slower than an i3 for a desktop computer? Someone said my desktop which is an i5 is a quadcore and this one i3... isn't that fast. He said i have to get a new laptop. Is that correct? I know you cant really buy an i5 or i7 processor and put that in a laptop right? I was told thats very hard compared to desktop? Someone said buy new laptop fast one, then take my samsung ssd and put it on the new laptop. But thing is i really like this laptop b/c its very small size and like it.

    Anything i can do with the processes? I have about 80 that start up at the minimum even when im doing nothing on it when browsing online...
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    Did you check for SSD firmware updates and check its trim? SSD Alignment - Windows 7 Forums
    SSD Tweaks and Optimizations in Windows 7

    How was the OS applied, by image or a perfect clean install?

    Compare the install you have now with the perfect install compiled in Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7. If it varies much I'd stick with the tools and methods which work best for Win7.

    Otherwise you can go through the Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 7 testing the hardware first, establishing a Clean Boot, checking logs for repeat errors to resolve, utilizing System resources to find solutions and Generate a System Health Report, check System Files and everything else.
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    Windows 7 64 bit home premium
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    Hi. I had my friend install the ssd by just taking out my hard drive and putting the ssd in. Then i just reinstalled windows 7 with my asus installation cd.... I assume thats perfect clean install?
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    Did it reinstall all of the Asus factory bloatware? These are some of the worst written programs which interfere with Win7's native perfect performance.

    If it only installed Win7 there would be no Asus programs in Programs list.

    If not I'd consider getting the vastly superior Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7

    But first you can help rule out the hardware being at fault by doing the hardware tests for RAM and any SSD diagnostics, making sure the drive has the latest firmware.

    Also running with a Linux boot disk can tell you if the problem is hardware or related to your OS: Peppermint3 - Create Live CD/DVD/USB To Use For Emergency Backup - Windows 7 Forums
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    Windows 7 64 bit home premium
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    Hi i installed asus reinstalltion cd but i used this link to do it and installed/not installed what they mentioned...

    Complete Walk-through For Doing A Clean Windows 7 Install

    How would i erase this bloatware then? Of course i dont want any asus bloatware.
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    Did you read Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 as it answers your question about whether you got a Clean Reinstall or not?

    The Asus Reinstallation disk may have been a clean copy of Win7 with only a logo and self-activation included, however the Drivers and Utilties disk contains nothing but unneeded bloatware - unless there's a particular program there that you like and depend upon.

    I never get drivers or utilities from a disk because it is dated almost soon as it's pressed. Instead following the tutorial immediately after OS install and getting online, enable Automatically deliver drivers via Windows Update (Step 3), then Check for Updates to install all Important and Optional Windows Updates. After requested reboots, go right back to Check for more Updates until there are no more.

    Only after all Updates are installed would I import any drivers from the Asus Support Downloads webpage for your model PC, not the disk. You might need the wireless or LAN driver from there up front to get online to do all of this.

    If you've installed a bunch of Asus bloatware I'd see if there's a System Restore point to right after the Win7 install to restore it to and then do as given above and in the tutorial.
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    This is how my task manager looks when im playing lot of tables and when the lagging starts...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Default Laptop Lags Even With SSD?-task3.png  
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    Fill in your System Specs. You may be up against hardware limitations.

    To make sure your Win7 is sound go over the Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 7
    or do the perfect reinstall so there will be no questions.
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    Windows 7 64 bit home premium
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    If i do the perfect install, would that mean i have to delete everything on my laptop?
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