g1 sniper a88x beep codes?

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    I doubt you caused any permanent damage.
    You were getting a warning before overheating caused permanent damage.

    I had an AMD PC suddenly shut down and stop working completely...I think it was sitting on a BSOD screen when I saw the system later...
    It wouldn't re-boot...
    I opened the case and found the MB HSF mounting bracket broke... just one day out of the blue...

    I felt lucky and fortunate the BOTTOM part of the HSF broke, so the HSF was still hanging from the TOP "HSF attachment mechanism".
    Had this bracket broke on the TOP attachment tabs, the whole HSF could have fallen down and crashed into other parts doing who knows what more damage...
    Anyway, the AMD thermal protection kicked in to prevent permanent damage from overheating.

    I always use the "default pad" that comes with a new CPU/HSF, at least to start with.
    I've never seen where this has caused a problem as you see for AMD or Intel CPUs.
    Maybe the "default paste" was defective for you, but it might also be a defect in the CPU and/or HSF where either of these surfaces are not "flat enough" causing the spotty condition you see.
    Some purists/enthusiasts do "lapping or sanding" to the surfaces to get them as "true" as possible...
    I don't recommend this, and I'm not that purist, just saying...

    I use to overclock and I've pushed my own systems beyond spec, just to see how far I could go.
    Some say overclocking can shorten the "lifetime" of a CPU, and that may be.
    But I've overclocked for extended periods of time and never seen where this has caused a "pre-mature" CPU failure.
    I do monitor temps, fan speeds, voltages to make sure nothing is "out of the ordinary" that might cause permanent damage...
    Whether or not the lifetime of a CPU decreases "from 20 years to 10 years" from overclocking, I don't know and I don't really care...
    I've never kept a system that long...

    So, get some thermal paste and clean everything completely before applying new thermal paste.
    Then monitor your temps to see if everything is OK.
    Hopefully the new thermal paste will fix your problem.

    If you still have temp problems, can you RMA the CPU/HSF as they may be "out of spec" (defective)?
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    Hold the caps. Dont get mad of us just because of the thermal paste. Do you want me to suggest any thermal paste brands?
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    no its fine, i know what im looking for. althoug really any thermal paste should be better than 60degreesC at idle.
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    Remember that many paste will need a break in period and want to heat and cool to spread and cure. You could spread out a ultra thin layer across the chip and cooler as well. I prefer the 5 dot method with all five adding up to around the single pea sized single dot. I use a single center and four smaller in a square shape around the center. Wiggle very slightly the cooler down and then evenly tighten snug, let rest for 5 to 10 minutes and then do a final snug if needed. I would cycle and test for tightness after 1 week and you'll be cool for a long time.
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    What do you do to break it in and will it normally get very hot when breaking in
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    Exactly the paste needs the heat to spread and cure in many instances. So several heat and cool cycles will speed this process. I say spread a nice layer and just use it for a week at normal clocks or a modest OC watching temps. Then after a week check tighten and bombs away !
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    right, ive knocked the core temp warning up to 80 degrees so its not always pissing and moaning about the heat. another thing, ive just downloaded pc wizard to keep an eye on my temperature and apparently i only have 1 core. and it says my core temp is 12.4 degrees. that must be above ambient temp right?
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    seems to of leveled out now at about 46ish which is miles better but still not good. normal is about 35. is it possible that it could be my motherboard sensors are faulty.
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    Have you considered an aftermarket air or sealed water cooler? CPU temps can never be below ambient temp's while running. And I use SIW to monitor mine many others have found alternate programs for monitoring temps. Just need to find one that works for you.

    SIW | System Information for Windows by Gabriel Topala
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