Start up and shut down problems

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    Windows Ultimate 64bit w/ sp1

    Start up and shut down problems

    I just installed a new asus motherboard, amd radeonhd6670 card,5.25media dashboard unit and used my existing amd 965 black edition cpu. I switched to a usb wireless mouse which was recognized and installed.

    The problem I have is with the power button light staying on when the computer is shut down and not being able to restart the computer without turning off the computer power button on the bask of the case. this also happens in sleep mode. The restart option work fine as seemingly everything else on the setup.

    I installed a windows 7 dell oem 64bit operation system and installed all upgrades including service pac1.

    When I shut down the computer I hear the hard drive shut down and all three fans stop. I don't know if this is harming my computer since everything shuts down but the light and standby power light on the board so the board is using power.

    I have tried everything I know including several fixes mentioned on forums. Obviouslt, I haven't found the right one yet!
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    You will have problems when you install Dell OEM system on a different motherboard. (Asus) It will not activate. The Dell OEM Windows 7 is tied to the original motherboard that came with the Dell computer. You will have to purchase a Window 7 COA key.

    Use you motherboard manual and check the front panel switch harness connectors to your motherboard connections.

    You might have them installed incorrectly.
    What case are you using?
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    Windows Ultimate 64bit w/ sp1
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    I purchased the dell oem software with the key code and registered it with windows and got an OK back. The software is working perfectly except for the shut down/restart problem. I have checked and rechecked the connections and everything is connected correctly. I even removed and replaced the cpu! The dashboard unit is great and the usb3 is so much faster than usb2 which is why I replaced the existing board which was working fine. The case is a Thermaltake Tt.
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    Is the power button functional at all to start the PC, or to program it to Shut Down, Hibernate or Sleep?

    It sure sounds like a hardware problem having to do with the new mobo, but I've also seen this type of problem on existing hardware.

    Try booting a Linux or other boot disk to run it for awhile then try shutting down from within it. This will rule out the OS. Then unplug the HD and do the same again. This will rule out the HD. Peppermint3 - Create Live CD/DVD/USB To Use For Emergency Backup - Windows 7 Forums

    Unplug the DVD drive to try shutting down from Win7.

    Test the hardware and go over the install thoroughly from Troubleshooting Steps for Windows 7 .

    Let us know how these steps go so if necessary we can elevate this to hardware experts.
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    Windows Ultimate 64bit w/ sp1
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    The power button works correctly except for sleep restart and shut down. When I turn the switch off at the rear of the case and then back on there is nolonger a light on in the switch. Push it and the computer boots normally and work correctly. I have noticed the power light button light dims some when everything in the case turns off ie, fans and hard drive. The restart function works just fine. There is something on the board that is drawing power and not shutting down with the rest of the computer until I flip the switch on the back. Chasing the problem for answers on the computer has let me know this is a common Windows OS problem but there seems to be many causes and fixes of which I have tried many. I switched to a wireless mouse and pulled the usb device but it made no difference. Same with keyboard. I will try it after I unplug the HD and see what happens. I have already tried the dashboard unit. I contacted Asus and they had me run some tests to verify it was not the board. Board checked out OK.
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    Windows 8.1

    This may seem silly, but do you have the header pins connected correctly?

    Need to know your MOBO details for a more indepth help, however it will look something like this :

    If they are not wired correctly, they may stay lit / flicker or have any number of issues.
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    Windows Ultimate 64bit w/ sp1
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    I have checked and checked this again thinking this is probably the problem. I followed the book very carefully as this is a far more complicated board than the ones I worked with in the past. I'm just an old retired maintenance guy with nothing to do and all day to do it in. Like I said, I contacted Asus and they had me run some tests and said the board was wired correctly and working as it should. They also said this was a common windows software problem especially 7. I just came in from mowing and trimming a couple of yards and after I eat lunch I am going to work on it some more. I think I will re-set the board to the default settings and see if this makes a difference.
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    What happens when you run and shutdown from the boot disk with HD unplugged?

    Thoroughness is key to resolving such issues. Most times the skipped step holds the solution. So skip nothing.
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