Unable to open task manager or install new programs

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    Unable to open task manager or install new programs

    I recently have encountered a problem with my laptop. Everytime i boot it up and try to load a program it doesnt load and i get the error message "Failure to display security and shut down options" when pressing ctrl+alt+delete to access the options. I have also tried pressing ctrl+shift+esc to access the task manager directly but no luck. I uninstalled google chrome as I tried system restore and it said it was not restored due to a google update file. THere is no web broswer installed at the moment, and any attempts to install or run a program are met with the computer freezing and not responding. Any help would be grealty appreciated as i dont want to fresh install windows onto this computer and lose all settings and configurations for the programs and such.
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    THere is no web broswer installed at the moment,
    It seems as if some things do need Internet Explorer even though there's no direct mention of that. Before doing a System Restore to a date before the problem or a Factory Restore [loses everything] I'd go to Control Panel, Programs and Features and turn Internet Explorer back on in "Turn Windows features on or off". I'd like to be rid of IE but a number of the Microsoft sites I access require it.
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    Yellow77 said:
    THere is no web broswer installed at the moment

    1.) Internet explorer comes with windows, you cannot uninstall it. You can turn it off in programs and features, but it is not removable entirely.

    If you cannot find your web browser, navigate to C,programs files, internet explorer, right click iexplore.exe and choose send to desktop.

    2.) Now, when did this issue start to happen?

    3.) Have you installed any new software recently?

    4.) The things you describe sound like malware. If you would like assistance with this, I can assist you with looking for and removing malware from your pc. But you will need to follow instructions step by step.

    If you are willing to do this, let me know.
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    I have since reinstalled windows and have not come up with this issue since then
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    Glad to hear it.

    I know this is a very long wall of text, But following the below will greatly reduce your chances of becoming infected again.

    I advise you to install and use the following Free security programs/solutions so you do not get infected again:

    -Panda antivirus -You can only have 1 antivirus installed at a time, I recommend using this one and uninstalling what you are using now.




    -Should I remove it

    -Web of Trust

    -Set up open dns

    Run the first 3 listed and scan around once every 2 weeks. Make sure you update them before scanning. Unfortunately no program out there is a silver bullet-there is no one program to protect you entirely. So due to this, it is necessary to have a couple of products to help keep you safe on all fronts.

    Panda Cloud Antivirus: Panda cloud AV is a great free program that uses the cloud (the internet) to scan your pc for threats. This antivirus works very well at detecting the newest threats, as well as some unknown ones that have not yet been discovered. For information on how to use it, the manual is located here.

    Malwarebytes: This is a great program to use to scan your pc for malware that your antivirus might possibly miss or not look for. A guide on how to use it can be found here.

    Superantispyware: This is a great second opinion scanner which will scan for spyware and other types of PUPS. (Potentially unwanted programs.)

    Unchecky: is a program that aims to keep unwanted programs from entering your pc when installing a new program. Most programs give you the option of express install or custom install. When you do a regular install of most applications, they add toolbars and other unwanted items to your pc. If you choose the custom option however, you can avoid most of these unwanted programs by unchecking them and then clicking next. This program does this for you automatically. It removes the checkmarks so that when you click next and next your way through the install proccess, you do not get a bunch of junk on your system. Keep in mind though, this is how most people get unwanted spyware etc on there pc. When installing any new program, google it and see if it has good reviews. Then during the install don't just click next and rush through it. Take your time to read what is in front of you, and uncheck anything you do not want.

    The best part about unchecky is it's a install and forget. It updates automatically. And works to prevent unnecessary programs from sneaking in during software installs.

    Should I remove it: This is not a malware scanner. What it does is it looks at all of the installed programs on your PC and gives you a percentage % of how many people uninstall the software. If the percentage % is high, I would remove it as it is most likely not a good program. It also gives a ton of information about what the program does and how it behaves.

    WOT: (web of trust) is a very helpful browser addon that works with all web browsers and helps you to avoid nasty sites that have been known to host malware and the like. It uses a rating system by users as well as there own internal site investigations to place websites into categories and mark whether or not they are safe. It is a good tool to help you avoid clicking on a bad link in the first place.

    Open DNS: is a service that helps you block known malware sites before they even reach your PC entirely. It also can be configured to block adult sites, and filter out other web sites based on categories. All for free. Not only does it protect your computers, but other devices as well.

    For more information, see here:


    If it looks to advanced for you, it actually isn't very hard to set up. See the very first link above (set up open dns) which will take you to the setup page. You do not need to create an account if you wish not to. There is a link in the bottom right hand corner to avoid making an account if you do not want it. They have directions on how to apply it to your computer, or your router so that every device on your network can be protected.

    Making windows security better for you and anyone using your PC:

    I also suggest using a standard user account in windows, and only using an admin account when you need to install software. If you have family members sharing your pc, create standard user accounts for them. See this link below on how to do so:

    User Account - Create

    When using a standard account and you make a change or install a program that affects the whole system, UAC will prompt you to continue. Make sure the setting or program you are tying to install is listed, then click yes to continue. If you are just browsing the web and the prompt appears with a program you have not heard of, or do not know what it is, it is much safer to click no then yes. No will block the action, and if you were trying to do something, you can always start it again and choose yes.

    UAC makes this easy, see here:

    What is user account control (UAC)?

    I also suggest choosing always notify for UAC:

    What are User Account Control settings?

    I also recommend that you use bleeping computers suggestions which can be found here:

    How to keep your computer safe online

    So how Did I get Infected?

    Those are my recommendations to you, and I Highly suggest you follow them. Should you have any questions, post back.

    Do not feel like you need to do everything above, if your computer knowledge is limited do what you are able and feel comfortable doing. If you read all the instructions though you should be able to do it yourself.

    With the solution provided above, your risk of malware infection drops considerably.
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