Perpetual start up repair purgatory.

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    I made the UltraISO USB.

    I placed this into the problem latop and booted up.

    It tried to boot up on hard drive, so went straight to my blue/black screen with large white cursor!

    So, I restarted and changed the boot order to USB.....I saw a message I have not seen before, "start booting from USB device".

    This lasted for 2 seconds, then the windows logo appeared and it said "starting windows" soon as the logo has assembled itself, in 2-3 seconds, we revert to...

    You guessed it....

    Straight to the blue/black screen with the large cursor.......

    I have now tried to boot from the USB 3 times now, it does the same thing.

    Any thoughts greatly appreciated.

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    Let's try downloading Partition Wizard CD ISO file, rightclick the file to Burn with Windows Image Burner.

    Reboot and see if it will boot from the F12 key. Set HDD first to boot.

    Once booted, maximize the window and take a picture of the full drive map and all listings scrolling down if necessary so we see every last detail. Screenshots and Files - Upload and Post in Seven Forums - Windows 7 Forums

    If CD fails to boot, try writing the PW ISO to flash stick using YUMI – Multiboot USB Creator | USB Pen Drive Linux.

    After you post back the screenshot, highlight the hard drive and run PW Surface Test to test your HD. Partition Wizard Partition surface test
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    I have downloaded the partition wizard...

    It has opened a load of files that appear to relate to the windows 8 system I am on.

    I assume I need to burn the x17-58997 ISO to a disc........

    How do I get there without upsetting the current partitions shown to me on the screen for W8?
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    Why are you even opening PW on that PC? You were to download the ISO file and burn it to disk, then boot it in the problem PC.

    Download the Partition Wizard CD ISO at the bottom of list (not the Win7 ISO you reference), then rightclick it to burn with Windows Image Burner, place it in other PC to boot it.
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    Are you talking about the Bootable CD that is 48.34mb size that I need to burn to disc?

    Thanks again for you help and patience!
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    Yes. It's the only CD download on the page.

    Once Downloaded find it in your Downloads folder (or wherever you've set your browser to download to) rightclick to Burn Disk Image, or if that's not on the right click menu choose Send To: Windows Image Burner.
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    I have loaded the partition wizard ISO disc into the problem laptop.
    It would not boot from the hard drive, just reverted to windows start up repair, as ever etc...

    I changed the boot drive to CD/DVD and it kicked into action, there were about 3 screens of scrolling data.

    I have no idea how to print that data as it was gone in a flash and not much seems to work on the laptop.

    How would I go about recording that scrolling screen data?

    I am ok about the procedure to post on the forum, just capturing it in a file is the issue.

    After the scrolling data stopped we ended up at Mini tool partition wizard home edition.

    I am running a Surface test on the hard drive disc........

    10% completed with only 2 Errors found so far......3 hours and 39 minutes left to run!

    Tips on capturing scrolling data would be greatly appreciated.
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    Scrolling data? You mean the PW loading screen?

    What we need to see is a picture of the full drive map and listings on the Partition Wizard screen which appears after it loads, the one you choose your operations on. Take a camera snap showing all the partitions in the map and all listings shown, import it to the working PC, attach it to your post using the paper clip icon in reply box.

    Once you've posted that then rightclick on your C partition in PW to Explore. Can you see your files?

    If the hard drive is not bad then you can rescue your files if needed using Paragon Rescue Kit Free Edition 11.0 Free CD burned and booted the same way you made the PW disk.

    Then you can either try burning another Win7 disk from the ISO you confirm in size, then burn File image to DVD using ImgBurn at 4x speed only. Since we now know that disks can boot, it's best to try to get the disk to boot by using the burner which works best. But you must first confirm the ISO at 3.1gb in size to know it finished downloading.

    If you can't boot the disk then try running Toshiba Recovery via this method: How to restore your Toshiba laptop to its factory fresh software condition using system recovery or using Recovery disk you should have made when you set up your PC.

    If Recovery will not run then you can use your PW CD to do a Quick Wipe of the hard drive, which should force the Win7 installation DVD to autostart on its own without having to be booted manually. You can then proceed with the installation steps in Clean Reinstall - Factory OEM Windows 7 after making sure you rescued everything that is needed from your files and the other items you are reminded to backup in the tutorial.

    Wiping the hard drive also sometimes allows the Recovery Disks to run if they will not boot and run otherwise.
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    Here is a photo of the MiniTool partition screen and below is the up to now progress of the Hard drive surface test.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Perpetual start up repair purgatory.-20140709_233828_resized.jpg  
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    We need to get a more definitive test of your hard drive since it is showing errors. Stop the Surface scan and rightlclick on C to see if you can Explore your files. Then highlight the Win7 disk number and from the Disk tab select Rebuild MBR, OK, Apply step. Reboot to see if it starts.

    If not reboot again into your first Recovery Disk. I think you tried to run it before instead of booting it from the F12 key.

    If that fails, download Seagate Seatools ISO DOS file, rightclick it to burn to new CD, boot the CD like you did the PW disk, run the Extended test to find out for sure your hard drive condition.

    If HD fails test, I'd replace it with an SSD which is the best upgrade one can get for Win7 lightning fast with a 10 second boot, faster than buying a new expensive gaming computer without an SSD.

    If HD passes test, then you need to boot the Win7 installation disk into System Recovery Options to run Startup Repair at least three separate times. You've now proven a disk will boot in the PC, so a DVD should be able to boot if you have burned it correctly.

    Otherwise use the PW CD to Quick Wipe the HD after rescuiing your data as I laid out in my last post. This will hopefully force a correctly burned Win7 DVD to autostart to begin install, or the Recovery disks to autostart.
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