IEexplore.exe hanging in Task Manager

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    IEexplore.exe hanging in Task Manager

    I tried to link a website's email, when my brouser (probably EDGE) froze. I had to shut Win7 down twice, before I gave up and emailed directly from one of my email accounts. Shortly thereafter I had a growing list of IExplore.exe events in the task manager highlighted in blue as "SUSPENDED".

    I have tried several commands including: TASKKILL /F /IM IEXPLORE.EXE /T ....... that clears them as "SUCCESS..."
    ..... but the suspensions start accumulating again about every 15 - 20 minutes.... and does the same after a re-boot.

    I tried two separate (a recent and earliest) restore points, that have been unsuccessful at eliminating the accumulating "SUSPENDED" events as I write.

    Can anyone help me clean this up ? Here's the latest accumulation :

    IEexplore.exe hanging in Task Manager-img.jpg
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    I have solved the issue now:

    I did an image restore also that did not work in ridding the IE suspensions. I also ran CHKDSK that returned "all good", and then SFC scannow that returned with some errors that could not be fixed. So then, My last resort was in deleting my EDGE browser, and turning Internet Explorer off in the Win7 features (which I had lost access until the image restore). This last action has finally rid the task manager of the iexplore.exe that was continously showing "suspended" untill the cows were to come home! I guess I will run SFC again to see if there are still errors, and read up on how to fix them if Win7 can't.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Look what I just found and now learned about iexplore.exe, and what I may have run into on the web that caused the Task Manager issue described :

    Just a moment...

    ...scroll down to ...
    STEP 1: Use Rkill to terminate malicious processes

    ....and read about what they "re-named" this downloadable malware scan file as !!

    It would appear that my "suspended" issue with Internet Explorer or EDGE was an attack of "RKILL" when I tried to access the email link at

    If some of you are especially skilled and motivated at rooting this type of issue out - so no one else might become festered - then try your lucky win7 at the said web address, click on their email/contact link, and see if your brouser's open page freezes. That is where it all started for me...and this is not REALLY solved yet...
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    Well now, I have since found multiple errors and corruptions in my Win7 system files - yet it is still running OK thusfar.

    From the SFC scannow utility, the CBS log file has identified autochk.exe and display.dll.mui as corrupt, unrepairable. and also including the store. I also have multiple update files and packages that are being failed, are perhaps missing, or being skipped and ignored by the scan.

    And so now what I have read more in-depth at malwaretips, may be pointing to a malware/Trojan that has infiltrated my Win7 DELL laptop via autochk.exe, and has gained possible phishing "activity" and access via display.dll.mui.

    Sound familiar ?

    Looking back now, it looks more like the website that froze my browser, was likely defending itself in blocking my request to their email link when their anti-virus detected the smell of "malware" when connected in "handshaking" protocols. A warning flashed accross the screen faster than could be read, and immediately the browser froze all movement and commands. As I mentioned before, the iexplore.exe went bizerck as "suspended" over-and-over again within task manager processes whenever the computer was on.

    Getting back to a "FIX" :

    I would like to ask the Win7 community on thoughts or experience with anti-virus, and specifically about the web page "Remove Autochk.exe Trojan (Virus Removal Guide)".

    I believe I have already accomplished the first step of deleting any mischievous or likely infected programs, when I removed EDGE, and disconnected Internet Explorer in features after the image restore. The second step has also been conducted in reverting my remaining Firefox and Chrome browsers back to default. The next step in proper order is to download RKILL (AKA IExplore.exe) ! !... you should not be too surprized that I have concern about installing an "iexplore cloak & dagger" after finally shooting it down in a Win7/malware battle with task manager ! I would just the same prefer to pass this step, and go to step 4 with an anti-virus search & destroy... I am going to halt at this point to request advice or recommendation about RKILL's safety record, and if it poses a conflict with Internet Explorer if IE were turned back on in features at some time in the future ?

    If one or two comments can iterate Rkill's safety to run, I wll consider to give it a go ahead before the next anticipated step with the malwarebytes program.
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    Sysnative helped with repairing my update files, and replacing good copies of autochk.exe and display.dll,mui. The results are seen here:

    IEexplore.exe hanging in Task Manager-scannow.jpg
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