I use two screens. Screen1 and Screen2. What I would like is to have shortcuts for various programs on the desktop of Screen1. For example, a browser, video player, on-screen keyboard, etc.

I would also like these same and/or other similar shortcuts on Screen2

All I want is that when I double-click the browser shortcut on Screen1, that browser opens on Screen1. But if I double-clicked the shortcut on Screen2, that browser window would open on Screen2. In fullscreen.

That is, on that screen, which is an individual shortcut for the same program, the ditic program opens on the previously specified screen.

How do I make such shortcuts. Presumably the shortcut in the "Target:" section would need certain suffixes after name_of_program.exe?

For example. C:\Windows\Explore.exe /something /somehow /no idea ...or maybe something else

Please and thank you for your help.