Resolution Problem! Please Help!

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    Windows 7

    Resolution Problem! Please Help!

    Right to start off I have dual 22" monitors,
    they both run at 1680x1050 and are both exactly the same,
    they are both LG Flatron WIDE M228WA's
    they are primarily monitors but have TV capabilities.

    My Problem:

    Whenever I go to change my resolution,
    wether it be through windows or through nvidia control panel,
    I can only go up to 1600x1200 which is one lower than I need!
    I had the exact same problem when trying Ubuntu Linux,
    The only OS that it seems to work on is XP (Haven't tried Vista)

    I would love to stay on using Windows 7 but unless this is sorted I'll have to go back to XP!

    I'm not sure wether it's recognizing my monitors as CRTs and limiting them to 1600x1200 or something,
    but can somebody please help!
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    Are your video card drivers up to date? If so then you could even see if LG has monitor drivers for your LCD's (not that you usually should need them).
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    Windows 7
    Thread Starter

    I Have the latest drivers for my 8800GTX Ultra
    and as far as I can see there is no drivers for my monitor?
    I guess it relys on the OS maybe?
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    Windows 11 21H2 Current build

    Nah, My Acer monitors running at native 1680 x 1050 even before I got the 'drivers' installed - something else must be part of the problem....

    Which drivers are you using for the 8800, 180.48, or one of the Beta drivers?

    Also, which W7 build?
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    Windows 7 Beta 1 b7000

    Same problem here with an Acer AL2016W and ATI 3450. Running either the beta Catalyst drivers from ATI, or the in-the-box driver from Microsoft will only get me up to 1600x1200, not a widescreen resolution. My monitor's native is 1680x1050 and works fine in that resolution in XP, Vista, and Ubuntu. Trying to get this going on the 7000 build.

    If I go into advanced settings I can find a list all modes option and manually select the 1680x1050 option, but 7 will set the resolution to 1400x1050 no matter what I select.

    For now I'm running in the next 16:10 resolution down (1440x900) but I'd really like to be able to run in the native resolution, like EVERY OTHER operating system will let me.

    What gives?

    Ok figured out a band-aid of a solution. I installed the beta catalyst (driver and control center), installed the driver for my monitor from XP (from Acer), and then installed the catalyst driver for vista (driver only). Then right-clicking on the control center icon in the notification area, selecting "set desktop area to" (bypassing 7's resolution screen) finally did the trick. It should not be this difficult...
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    Windows 11 21H2 Current build

    You're right - it shouldn't be at all.

    I suspect that is why ATI seems to be behind in getting drivers out for W7 - cause it is a PITA to get W7 to read the cards (and any input from the cards) correctly.
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    Windows 7 Beta 1 b7000

    And I also understand this is one of the headaches you deal with in a pre-production development cycle, I'm not expecting miracles. Just is sort of frustrating when everything else works so well, and the screen/card work fine under Vista and one of the many things Microsoft's been touting is how anything designed to work with Vista will work with 7.

    I guess just a little patience for now, and using the band-aid solutions in the meantime.

    To the OP, I'd try using a Vista driver for your card and then using the nvidia control panel to set the resolution. Nothing I tried ever seemed to effect 7's resolution settings panel. There's also another setting I found buried in the advanced settings that allows you to show every mode, regardless of if your monitor could handle it. I couldn't get that to show up in the first screen resolution panel, but when I clicked "List All Modes" in the adapter tab of the advanced settings, it would list the 1680x1050 option. The trick is just don't set a mode your monitor can't handle.

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    Windows XP, Vista and 7

    Hey all,

    I have a Medion MD96015 notebook (laptop) which I tried numerous drivers only to have my resolution be squashed or like you say smaller than its native resolution.

    The Solution:

    As easy at it seems I located and installed the right driver for my graphics card from nVidia (GeForce Go 6100) and left the resolution at the highest. Next I went to Start > Control Panel > Auto Updates and checked for updates. under Extra updates (Optional) I had to tell it to install updates it found for that nvidia graphics card/driver and everthing was FIXED!! Remember it will not install them automatically with auto updates as they are optional extras... retarded? yes i know.

    Hope this helps.

    Have tried Win7 64-bit and 32-bit and have had so much trouble with drivers, installs, and resolutions. Sure it runs better than Vista memory wise, but dont be fooled.. it will give you just as many other problems.
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    Windows Seven Ultimate 64

    Please Help me

    Hey, i have installed windows 7 ultimate 64 bits and i have a laptop ( Hp pavillion dv6 1120ep ) which has a ATI Moblity Radeon 4560 and the problem is the following:
    When i try to play some games that require a 1024x768 resolution to have full performance, like counter strike or call of duty, my screen only accepts the original resolution ( 1366x768 ). If i try to change to another one it changes... but it doesn't adapt, it remains exactly a 800x600 window with black screen on the sides, if i change to 1024x768, the same thing.
    I'm asking for someone that knows how to fix this to help me out.
    I already updated the drivers and BIOS.
    Thank you.
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    Windows 7 Ultimate x64 ®™

    Danielzinhow said:
    If i try to change to another one it changes... but it doesn't adapt, it remains exactly a 800x600 window with black screen on the sides, if i change to 1024x768, the same thing.
    Are you changing the resolution in the game?
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