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    ZenixNet said:
    6950 came today, plugged it in, installed drives and it works beautifully. With all the issues I had with my previous card I prepared for hours of headaches trying to get this one to work.
    Good to know Zenix! you can post your new card in the "Show us your rig" thread
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    Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

    I also just switched cases from the factory 8100 case to the CM Storm Enforcer. When I take some good pictures I will post them
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    windows 7 x64 pro sp1

    i have a turbolink atx-cw500wp4 12v
    max dc output +3.3v +5v +12v1 +12v2 CURRENT 12A/6A
    17A 25A 16A 18A -12V -5V +5VSB

    is this a daul rail PS? and would it be good for a decent gaming card
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    Win 7 Ultimate x64

    Is it a dual rail PSU? It claims to be. Is it any good? If it is built anything like its smaller brother the TL450W I wouldn't trust it to power a light bulb, never mind running a computer,

    Apevia Turbolink ATX-TL450W-BK Power Supply Review | Hardware Secrets

    We are amazed to discover that power supplies with fake wattages are still being sold in the United States and, of all places, at We thought it was illegal to sell this kind of junk in America.
    The Apevia Turbolink ATX-TL450W-BK is sold as a 450 W unit, but it can only deliver 240 W. Having a fake wattage is the smallest of its problems: it is a piece of junk that can damage your computer, since it provides noise/ripple levels above the maximum allowed, as it doesn’t have the required filtering coils in its secondary.
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    windows 7 x64 pro sp1
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    Win 7 pro sp1 64bit

    PSU calculator

    Hi everyone,just thought i'd share some info on PSU's.You really need to account for a lot of other hardware like how many & what size fans,HDD's,CPU ect.Here's a good link to calculate.
    eXtreme Power Supply Calculator
    I'm running cross-fired Sapphire HD 6950's witch are built on the 6970 PCB and are factory OC'd and require more power than ordinary 6950's.To run them both i had to jump from 750 watt's and opted for 1050w.The Ultra LSP 750 ran 1 gpu but got warm(Not Hot)though.
    Ultra makes good,reliable(so far)PSU's imo.Maybe not top of the line but best warranty w/registration.I have 3 LSP series,one(LSP 550) runs 24/7 in HTPC with a x2 Phenom unlocked to a x4 with a HD 5550 gpu,several fans,a blu ray/dh dvd and standard dvd-cd/rw.
    Got off topic about why i registered.I'll have to get to it tomarrow.Anyway,Hope this helps some.

    Forgot to say that you need to know the requirements for your Graphic's card like how many external power connectors.Some only have 1 6 pin PCIe.some have 2 6 pin PCIe,some have 1 6pin & 1 8 pin connector and all have certain 12v amperage requirements.
    Last edited by Roller; 03 Jun 2012 at 03:17. Reason: forgot to add spec's to consider.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    I really like Corsair I've got a HX520 watt, powering a GTX 560, 2 Monitors (1 HD), 4 HD drives, and 2 Burners, works flawlessly.
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    Win 7 pro sp1 64bit

    The HX1050w has really impressed me so far.It's my first Corsair PSU and has 7yr warranty.It's so quiet and the whole rig feels much smoother than before.2 more monitors are in the future.That HX520 has been going good for quite awhile.First came out in 06 i believe.That's reasshuring.
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    Windows 7 Ultimate x86

    One question sir,
    i want to buy Geforce GTS 450 it is compatible with my PSU but i have intel dg 31 pr motherboard can it support my new graphic card or not????
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    Tarique68 said:
    One question sir,
    i want to buy Geforce GTS 450 it is compatible with my PSU but i have intel dg 31 pr motherboard can it support my new graphic card or not????
    If your PSU is a knock-off brand, doesn't have a 6-pin PCI-E connector or doesn't meet the +12V rail amps requirements for the GTS 450 (which is 22A) then you probably need to upgrade the PSU, don't buy cheap ones, remember that a faulty PSU can make you lose hundreds of $ worth of hardware...

    ~500W should be more than enough... Corsair GS500 (80$) should do the trick!
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