upgrade from windows xp to windows7

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    andrew129260 said:
    ----- Integrated graphics with upto 64mb shared memory for video -----

    With that crappy integrated graphics in there, I disagree. I think upgrading to a cheap $50 graphics card would be worth it.

    Depends on what your using it for though. But even web browsing these days opening multiple tabs would studder horrendously on that integrated gpu. Watching youtube videos? Forget about it.

    I disagree, again. If they plan on doing anything with this pc, (involving more then simple document creation) they need to upgrade the graphics. No modern programs or websites will work well on that low end gpu. There will be a ton of lag.
    If they are going to buy a $150 ssd on top of more ram might as well buy a new pc.
    A simple new cheap graphics card will improve things tremendously. And windows 7 will run like crap on integrated graphics, especially with such low ram. Its up to 64mb of ram for gpu, that's up to. Can't address any more.

    Also the user states they already have a 160GB sata 7200 rpm drive in there system specs. If they already have a hard disk, no point in upgrading to a ssd. Sure they could, but they would not notice much improvement. The video card is what brings everything on the screen, if you got a fast ssd and a crappy graphics card from 2001 you won't notice much of a improvement.
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    Do i have to partition my drive?
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    No, just format it and install windows 7. Make sure you backed up your data first and read the link I gave you on upgrading from Windows XP to 7. You will lose all your files if you don't back up.
    You cannot directly "upgrade" xp to windows 7 and keeps all your files and settings. You must format the drive wiping out xp and then install windows 7.



    See here for more details:

    Clean Install Windows 7

    I am curious, what hardware upgrade path did you choose? Did you upgrade the graphics card?
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    Good morning Andrew.No i have not changed the graphics yet,what you saying is when i do the clean install windows7 will automatically create a partition?so when i install my programs it will be on a different partition?.
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    Please read the links thoroughly that I gave you. When you clean install windows 7 it will format your drive leaving only 1 partition. When you install windows 7 it will install with 1 partition (although it does create a separate system reserved partition but that's not important) All of this is explained in the tutorial.

    That one partition will be where everything is stored. Operating system and programs. You will lose everything when you install windows 7. I highly suggest getting the graphics card FIRST before installing windows 7.

    Again, all information is in the links I gave you. Go back and read them completely.
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    Andrew. Sorry to bother you when you say Hd7750 is it hd7750 pci express ?What is ax7750 is it the same?I am confused
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    You're not a bother.
    The 3 links I gave you were pci express 2.0 low profile cards. Meaning they don't take up much room and are low powered. As long as you get one of the three cards listed there your fine.
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    Hi Andrew? I have upgraded my Graphics card to EVGA NVIDIA GEFORCE GT 620 2GB GDDR3 VGA/DVI/HDMI.Part#02G-P3-2629-KR Chipset.This is really good it is so clean.I saw some videos from youtube it is much much better than before.I also installed 3gb ram.2x1gb,2x512mb.I will buy 2 more 2x1gb to finish.OK what if i want to install bigger hard drive is that possible?Thank you very much you have been very very helpful.Have a pleasant day.
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    Thanks for the kind words :)

    A bigger hard drive is possible, question is do you need it? Another question is do you want it to be faster or have more storage?

    If you have the money now you should look into a solid state drive. If you want more capacity then speed, you can get a larger hard drive sure, no problem.

    But, I did say this before: If you are going to buy a $150 ssd on top of more ram might as well buy a new pc.

    I personally would not have gotten more ram and a better hard drive on top of the video card,

    (the video card is a cheap update, but dumping more money then that into it I felt wasn't worth it)

    I felt like a new cheap pc would be a better option. Since you have already done this however, go for a solid state drive for faster speeds, or a bigger capacity hard drive if you need the room and space.
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    w7 ult 64 and w7 hp 64 X 2 mint 64 8.1 64 10wtp 64

    I didn't see any information about whether the cpu is 32 or 64 bit.
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