Strange Windows Behavior after New Monitor

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    Strange Windows Behavior after New Monitor

    Don’t know where to put this. Still running Win 7 Pro 64. My monitor failed 2 days ago (7.26.22) and I got a replacement same day at Best Buy. Since then I’ve been having strange things happened.

    First to notice is when I wake the computer from sleep, All open windows now overlay each other in the upper left corner, covering less than 1/4 of the screen. I have to peel each one off and resize/position it to where I want.

    Then, while awake, if I Minimize a window, and go back to it shortly, it opens where it was. But if I wait a little bit, like type out an email, then bring back the other window it now opens in the little window in the upper left.

    Worse is when I try to open a program in the Task Bar, it blinks like it’s going to open…and nothing. Click again, blink and nothing. And no signs of it in Task Manager, either under Applications or Processes. This has repeated happened with two programs so far. But some open normally like email and Windows Explorer but in the upper left corner and not in last used position.

    I can only guess that’s it’s looking for a specific monitor or output, but I don’t really have a clue. The old monitor, Dell U2711, was hooked up by DVI cable, the new one (below) is hooked via HDMI cable. Maybe that’s the difference??

    (New Monitor: “LG – 27” UltraGear QHD Nano IPS 1ms 165Hz HDR Monitor with G-SYNC Compatibility – Model:27GP83B-B”)

    I’ve updated my nVidia GeForce GTX 970 drivers, no change. On reboot I paid more attention to a popup my monitor gave me: basically it says I shouldn’t be running at 1080 but should be at 2560x1440, which is what my monitor is (and the old one was).

    But with no mouse or keyboard up yet, I can’t select or change anything on the popup. (and guessing no video card support yet either)

    I also looked in Device manager and the only monitor that is listed as “Generic PnP Monitor”.

    I finally found the little joy stick on the monitor and could not find any menu settings to start it at a specific resolution, only choice of input; HDMI 1, etc.

    I’d rather not but I could almost live with the hassle of resizing/repositioning all the time but no way can I accept programs not opening.

    I have no idea what else to do. I’m desperate…LOL. Any ideas or suggestions?

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    Suggestion? Just one.... take the monitor back to Best Buy and demand a full refund.
    Then go buy a Name Brand monitor from another reputable store.
    Make sure that Windows sees the new monitor and sets it up in your 'Device Manager'. If Device Manager is still showing your old monitor, then
    Uninstall it, reboot and let Windows find and install the new monitor.

    I learned my lesson about Best Buy years ago, and the last thing I bought there, in an emergency, was a box of 3.5" Floppy Disks.

    Good Luck,
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    I think LG is a name brand.

    I don't do gaming or indulge in fancy monitors, perhaps ask at the LG owners forum.

    LG's Best Value 1440p Gaming Monitor - LG 27GP83B Review - YouTube
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    had fun with my LG monitor too.
    Allthough its essentially PNP, as you have found it only installs the basic MS driver. your going to need LG's own for that monitor

    i could only find a w10 driver
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    torchwood said:

    had fun with my LG monitor too.
    Allthough its essentially PNP, as you have found it only installs the basic MS driver. your going to need LG's own for that monitor

    i could only find a w10 driver
    Yep, it was the driver! Thanks. I found two drivers on LG's web site, one said Win 10, the other said just Windows. I picked that one. I had to Google on how to install it, and it was easy. I've done only one test putting the system to sleep, and all windows (I had a bunch open) opened in the last used position.

    My next test was to start a program in the Task Bar that wouldn't open before, and it did.

    I haven't rebooted yet but I'll take a chanced and call it good.

    Thanks, Everyone, for the tips and help.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Well, it seems I may have spoke too soon. On my first test I let Sleep go for 3-4 minutes and things worked normally. I had to go do some errands so this time around it was in Sleep for 2 1/2 hours. And all the windows piled up in the upper left again.

    I just did a complete shutdown for about 15 minutes then a cold boot. All my standard programs I fired up (email, browser, Windows Explorer, etc) opened correctly in the last used size/position.

    The good thing is my Task Bar test program is still now opening.

    Don’t have time right now to do an extended Sleep test; I need to use my computer…

    We’ll see what happens then…
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    Strange Monitor Behavior UPDATED

    This is a corrected version of a problem I have. In a similar thread I posted totally wrong symptoms which I apologize for; I just didn’t know. Sorry for any confusion.

    With the computer still running, and the monitor goes to Sleep or Off, and then Wakes up, all open windows now group into the upper left corner of the monitor sized a little less than 1/4 of my 2560x1440 monitor.

    Also, with the computer and monitor On but with windows minimized and I don’t open them for a while, they too will go to the upper left corner.

    This only started when I got this new monitor (below). The old monitor was hooked up via DVI; this one is hooked via HDMI.

    Any and all help appreciated!


    Win 7 Pro 64

    GeForce GTX 970 – drivers updated a few of days ago.

    New Monitor: “LG – 27” UltraGear QHD Nano IPS 1ms 165Hz HDR Monitor with G-SYNC Compatibility – Model:27GP83B-B”

    Old monitor: Dell U2711

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    Hi All. I bought a 10' DVI to HDMI cable and problem solved. I figured it was a timing issue with the system sensing which output to use. Since things worked with DVI with my old monitor I felt it was worth the try. I had to go with 10’ as the 5’ cable that came with the monitor was very close to not going between the computer and monitor: an inch shorter and it would not have worked.
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